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  1. Early Access for "Crawl" just came out - now there's an interesting multiplayer mode, let the other players play the bad guys! There's that PvP thing again! EDIT: For me, being involved with the early stage of a games development is very exciting. Being able to spurt out all you're fantasies in the hope of being heard and hopefully seeing them bring about a game you will love is a great feeling. That said, it dosn't matter what you think is cool or "right" for the game if you don't have a general understanding of where the developers are coming from and what they hope to achive. Personally I am comming at this game from the perspective of a huge Diablo 2 fan and more recently Dark Souls - so I imagine simple but robust leveling, extensive replayability, randomly generate dungeons, a hardcore mode and on top of that tough tactical gameplay based around stamina and timing. And smashing sh*& up and feeling awsome is all a part of that - but there is a thin line between giving the players the ability to feel awsome and making them earn it. I guess this is where my question comes in: Who is your target audience, and what is the core experience you want to give players from this game?
  2. After reading all (well most...) of these suggests I conclude that you guys (the devs) should seriously consider giving the community moding support. I played Dead Island and like it for what it was - but if the community had been given just a little help I think it would have been amazing! I remember guys trying to get more zombies to spawn in, increase difficulty etc, but it was always a little janky. I wouldn't mind some insight into the issues surrounding giving players moding tools . That being said, my suggestion is rather simple, but is something that seem to be overlooked for whatever reason. Fully customisable HUD. Being able to choose what part if the UI to display or not, individually. including switching on/off mini map and those (IMO annoying and redundant) item icons that appear over the top of the items themselves.I will have a proper read of the suggestions (a couple caught my eye - flail? Hell yeah!) and see what I can come up with.