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    Safe Zone Campers

    If you can see them, you can pounce on them in safe area...although you'll die once you kill one.
  2. Big Boi TGA

    Free Be The Zombie Mode?

    If what Pete said doesn't work, then try going through the in game store. That's how I downloaded it.
  3. Big Boi TGA

    This Is How The Game Should Be Played

    No, I understood what you're talking a out but every developer is against exploiting bugs. You'll most likely get reset or suspended/banned from playing BTZ.
  4. This game mode is created completely in favor of the humans. When I first got invaded when playing the story mode, I was curious why the Hunter was so easily to beat. The more I play the BTZ Mode, I realized that it wasn't the person playing as the Hunter that just wasn't good, it's the coding. The only attack that can do anything is the Pounce attack, but that can be interrupted by the UV Light/Flares. That wouldn't be such a bad thing is the UV Light didn't have such a long range and such a short recharge time. The Ground Pound and Tackle attacks should be like when get hit by a Goon, knocked on our backs for about 1-2 seconds, not just tossed through the air to either land on their feet or get back up instantly. Not to mention the fact that they're still able to use their UV Light the whole time to prevent a Pounce attack. This whole game mode as it is would be fine if there were more enemies for the humans to avoid or be forced to fight. Until some changes are made to improve the balance, I'm done playing the BTZ Mode.
  5. Big Boi TGA

    This Is How The Game Should Be Played

    What's you're PSN Username, Jaxvex? Don't be surprised if/when you get hit with a reset. You just showed them video proof of YOU exploiting a bug!!! How stupid could you be?!?!
  6. Big Boi TGA

    "be The Zombie" Needed Improvements

    That wouldn't be a problem if the regen timer on the spit wasn't so long.
  7. Big Boi TGA

    "be The Zombie" Needed Improvements

    So they can jump back in the water and I've wasted my spit? They f-ed up this game mode bad! The ground pound doesn't charge quick enough because you attack first THEN it charges, not to mention it does nothing (if you get hit by the goon's area of impact on the ground in story mode you're on your a- for a few seconds), the UV Light has too far of range and recharges way too quickly, there's no avoiding a drop kick, the humans have weapons that can 1-2 hit you so if you don't pounce on them then they're difficult to kill but the UV Light prevents that since the hunter's energy takes so long to regen (I hit someone with the UV blocking spit and before my energy regenerated, his UV Light was ready.)
  8. Big Boi TGA

    Ran Into Some Cheat Today...

    I was facing one guy tonight and he was doing this same stuff on Xbox One. He was good with the UV Light, so every time I tackled he teleported away before I was able to kill him.
  9. Big Boi TGA

    "be The Zombie" Needed Improvements

    I was facing two guys in Old Town and while they were in the water, I waited for them to try and come out...when the first one was climbing out, his buddy hit me with the UV Light when I tried to pounce and then the guy I was pouncing hit me once and I was dead.
  10. I've mastered the Story Mode by maxing out my Stats and completing it 100%, including all of the challenges! So I decided to check out the "Be A Zombie" Mode and at for the few matches, I enjoyed it, but then I started noticing some things that could improve this game mode. The list is as followed: *decrease the range of the UV Lamp *remove the ability to use the UV Lamp in the water (I didn't think that was possible until I experienced it myself) *along with the last one, remove the ability to use the UV Lamp while climbing the side of a building (how could someone do that when they're free climbing a building?!) *increase the effect of the ground pound attack (the Night Hunter is meant to be the strongest of all the zombies and yet this attack barely has any effect.) *increase the health of the Night Hunter (weapons with 1000+ damage just take one or two hits to kill a Night Hunter) **EDIT** We should also be spawned in with 2 of each spit and 2 UV Blocks if we've gotten those upgrades. **EDIT2** Slightly increase the recovery time when humans are hit by the tackle and ground pound attacks. (A guy evaded my tackle so I did the ground pound and while he was still flying through the air, he was able to use his UV Light to stop my pounce and kill me with two hits before I was recover from the Interrupted Pounce.