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  1. Nameless1der

    Teflon® Survivor (Aka Shield Glitch Without The Shield.)

    I've stuck a zombie that a survivor was fighting once, brought it right to him. Complete accident, but soooo satisfying
  2. Nameless1der

    Teflon® Survivor (Aka Shield Glitch Without The Shield.)

    Speaking of things happening in mid-air, I've got a question, (slightly off-topic) though it requires first, a short story. I took a little break from Dying Light for a while, not too long, but long enough to miss a couple patches. Recently, my friends started getting it, so I started playing it again, and of course, I went right back into BtZ. Now, prior to the short break I took from it, I would always look out for grappling survivors, or survivors who looked like they were going to use the grappling hook. (because I know it's hard to resist) And those survivors would be my targets because there was no way they could interrupt the pounce. Since I started playing though, I'm seeing people UV while using the grappling hook and stopping me before I even can get a pounce off. So is this something that can happen now? Or was it always a thing and I was just lucky?
  3. Nameless1der


    For me, I try to ONLY search for 4 or 3v1 games. For me, 1v1 is the hardest, and 2v1 is pretty difficult too, and here's why: as a survivor in a 1v1 or 2v1, you can know pretty well what's going on around you. With one player you don't have to communicate with anyone, and with 2 you only need talk to one. Any more people, and there's a lot less order, and communication is more difficult. All of a sudden the other survivors are like "Hey, why the heck is Nameless1der over there kicking dead zombies onto spikes?" And then boom. Nameless1der is dead. And in any situation other than a "pro" team of four (and even occasionally with a "pro" team) it's a lot easier to start chaos among the survivors. Even if you just focus on and mess with a single player a bunch, that player can start to get paranoid and then someone will eventually slip up. Now it doesn't always happen, and I'll admit I have gone games killing very few humans. I may have even gone games without killing any, though I can't remember if I have.
  4. Nameless1der

    Survivor Glitch/cheat Locations

    Also, worth noting I suppose that after the video, the final survivor actually died by falling through the world. I guess that's what you get.
  5. Nameless1der

    Survivor Glitch/cheat Locations

    Yeah it seems that way. I don't know if I'll be able to post the other videos, but I'll explain what went down. The first situation happened under the big fortress in old town, the survivors were hiding under/inside it. So the only way for me to get in would be to swim in, the same way they did. Well, that went over really well. Every time I tried either I got Killed from above or (somehow) EVERYTHING WOULD EXPLODE. And not like, grenade explode, more like, lag-my-game explode. The guys I was playing with were being nice about it, there was a lot of friendly banter going around, but it was still annoying. They were also able to shoot me and throw Molotovs from inside and hit me. Didn't understand that either. Another one happened in the Slums, there were a couple guys inside the lower level of one of the small broken shacks. This was one that I know you could not get into the lower level of. And of course, from behind metal garage doors and brick walls, they could shoot me and throw items out. It was after this one that I realized there's no point in uploading all these videos because every time I upload/edit one I'm going to run into three more games where I HAVE to forfeit because the survivors refuse to play. It gets really annoying, especially when I know it will negatively effect my stats and I can't do anything about it and then I get things like messages calling me out as a quitter. How am I the quitter? The other guys made the game unplayable for me. It's not quitting if I want to play the game right. Also, I did watch the video and do want to apologize for the poor quality of it. I did edit two videos together for it but my editing software is about as bad as it can get. So I guess through the editing it destroyed the video quality. Sorry 'bout that.
  6. Nameless1der

    Survivor Glitch/cheat Locations

    No point beating around the bush for this one, players have found more ways to exploit certain locations in the game. I have a few videos to prove it, so I'll let them do most of the talking. One thing though, that's not included in the video, at one point prior to the beginning of the recording for this video (Still don't understand how the PS4 recording system works) there was a guy hanging out in the tall apartment looking building next to the tower (which I'm pretty sure you can't get in) and he jumped through the wall and murdered me. so that's a thing. I'll just explain when to pay attention in the videos and let you all watch for the most part. Also, I seem to have forgotten how to put a video here...So I'll just throw in the link instead. They're doing some weird things in the tower the whole time, the first odd event occurs at about 10 seconds (By the way, sorry about the editing at about 15 seconds) The next event occurs a few times throughout, when the UV pours through boarded up windows (May not be a glitch, I was just unaware) The final and probably most obvious event occurs at the very end and is impossible to miss, so I'll just let you all enjoy that I do also have another video involving Old Town and that massive church/fortress place, not sure when I'll get to posting it though. If I find any others I'll see if I can post em on here.
  7. Nameless1der

    [Bug]Ground Pound

    I too, on occasion bully those lesser zombies into submission. They need to know who's in charge around here. Maybe that's why there are so few whenever I hunt...
  8. Nameless1der

    Here's A Fun Idea

    I GOT MY SILLY LITTLE A.I. HUMANS! WOO! THANKS TECHLAND! For real though, this update is turning out to be pretty good so far. Y'all are doin a good job. Everything seems more balanced, my games have actually been coming pretty close, and it's a lot less one-sided for both sides. Keep up the good work. Also, thanks Sam for your input. After reading your comment I read up more on the patch (before it came out). And I really like what it's done.
  9. Nameless1der

    Great Idea To Improve Use Of The Hunter's Nest

    Imagine being the hunter and attaching your tendrils to the back of a speeding hummer.... DUDE.
  10. Nameless1der

    Upcoming Patch

    I do like the changes, at least the one's I've noticed: Flares take more time to throw Death from above happens from higher heights I believe the range and width of UV has been slightly reduced Hunters energy returns at a faster rate (I think) No one hit kills, seems to be around 3-6. Nests take more time to take down Zombie A.I. seems to be more responsive and deadly (more like campaign virals). Little A.I. humans for me to "play with" in the lobby (yay!) ALSO EDIT: The Hunter can no longer leapfrog from insane locations (boo, but, I get it.) One thing I did notice, and I don't think this is a glitch or in need of patching. I believe one of the developers wrote a post on it (I don't remember where, sorry) but that would be the death from above still seems to home in. But if I'm not mistaken, that is most likely a difference between what I am seeing and what the survivor is seeing and what is actually happening between us. Either way. I had a match today and they seemed more balanced and I had more fun. But thanks Techland. Keep up the good work guys, you know I'm gonna keep playing. EDIT: Funny story: At the beginning of the first match, I was watching that nice little video you made just to see what's up, by the time it ended, I was greeted with a UV light and some survivors wishing to do some not so nice things to me with a crowbar. It is a good video for new hunters, helpful too.
  11. Nameless1der

    Upcoming Patch

    I got a question about something real quick. Or, at least I'd like your thoughts on the matter. I do understand that they're putting a cooldown on flares, including the airstrike ones. Also that they are giving the hunter a warning about the air strike. But here's what I think, and this is what I'd like your thoughts on. Should the airstrike work if there's no line of sight from the sky to the flare? My thoughts: No. I've played/seen many games where the survivors camp in a building under me, or are walking under a bridge, drop an airstrike flare, and boom. I'm dead. One time it happened and my PlayStation freaked out and kicked me out of the game entirely. (Probably not the airstrikes fault, but it was inconvenient) Edit: I say this purely for the reason that "it makes sense." I understand that the airstrike is in the game and as such it can be used in multiplayer, and I've seen it end badly for the survivors more than once. So I'm not saying it needs to be removed or anything, that's up to the guys in charge. Just for the sake of "it makes sense," that's what I think.
  12. Nameless1der

    To All Those Complaining About Underpowered Zombie

    I keep seeing people saying that they as hunters always win 1v1s. I don't know if I'm just weird, or maybe I haven't really figured it out yet, but as a hunter I'm literally the worst at 1v1. I lose consistently. I always go with games of 2+. I don't know, maybe I'm some sort of hunter master of chaos or something. Or maybe it's just because more people=more room for error. I've just always found when I do 1v1 the survivor's always just staring me in the face and I can't do anything. I don't know. And I do realize that this comment may be slightly off-topic, but I've just found that I work better fighting against a team than one person. Even the most organized team makes mistakes. Example: One time I was playing and doing alright, but the team was doing good too. They got down to the last hit on the final nest and decided to taunt me by drawing me in and killing me. I'll admit, they succeeded a few times, but then when they began getting cocky they began making a lot more mistakes. I think one even downed himself with a grenade, and one tried rushing me with a crowbar and no UV light (the final kill). I don't really know for sure, but maybe I'm just a different kind of hunter.
  13. I ran into the same thing once before. And after reading what you said about that mission with the lady it makes sense. I even posted it on here once before, but here's the link to the thread with the video in it where I explain basically the same thing you're talking about. Except on my video after getting 2 kills I was unable to get any more due to the glitch.
  14. Nameless1der

    Advanced Tips For Hunters

    I think I know what dasorrow means. Personally, I play on PS4, so dasorrow, please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I once saw a video of a survivor who I believe was playing on PC. It seems as though it's a lot easier to spam survivor sense on a keyboard than it is on a controller. Stack that with the fact that it tracks for about 5 seconds and I could see your problem. Again, not sure if that's true, but I feel like it makes sense to me.
  15. Nameless1der

    Advanced Tips For Hunters

    The other day I was playing (as the hunter) and I found myself in a few sticky situations with one or two survivors and (accidentally) figured out something that works. Granted, if there was more than one survivor this strategy often ended in death, but it also occasionally gets a kill. What I found was you can activate your UV shield then drop near a survivor with a ground pound ready. If they're not the brightest survivor, they'll try to take you down then. That's when you release the ground pound and their light, if it's on, will go off, allowing you to pounce them in the air. Again, if there are other survivors around, this can often end in death, but even if it does you may get an easier kill. Again, not the best strategy, but whatever works I guess.