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  1. AWBloise

    Virals Won't Stop Spawning On Me, Ps4

    I had just secured some kid hiding in a closet. I was heading SW from there and it was almost night. No safe houses close enough for me to reach in time. I found a building with one door I could open and close. One side of the building had a long, straight, table with computers. The other side had an "L" shape corner desk with computers and a lootable statue. There was also a light trap outside that I could activate. I had a viral on me when I closed the door. He kept trying to attacking me even after the door was closed. 2 more virals turned red and did the same thing all night. One viral glitched through the door, but I killed it. After that night, 2 virals kept spawning and coming straight for me even when I was nowhere near being in their sight or sound path (Unless I was near a safe house).... Update: I had to go all the way back to the start of the mission "Meet With Rais", but they no longer seem to be spawning. I was almost at the end of "collect the protection money" mission chain.
  2. AWBloise

    Virals Won't Stop Spawning On Me, Ps4

    I just started playing. I'm only 6 lvls in to each skill tree. 2 Virals are manageable at this lvl, but I my weapons break too fast when they keep coming. Also, I have to turn on a substation that has about 100+ infected. When I go there, about 5 virals come for me at once (Im guessing the 2 virals agro the other virals there). When I kill 2, 2 more come. I don't have the skills, hp or stamina to fight off that many at once. The only brief pause I get is when I'm near a safe house. It's annoying. Maybe if I was near max lvl and had better weapons/skills it'd be more fun.
  3. Virals won't stop spawning and coming for me. They know exactly where I'm at even when I'm inside a closed building. They always spawn in 2's. I've tried standing in a hidden corner and melee killing them, they just keep spawning and coming all the way across the map for me. I've tried sleeping in safe houses, they spawn after I get a little ways away from the safe house. I've tried starting from an earlier save point, doesn't work. I've tried closing the game and reopening it, doesn't work. I don't know what to do. This game is impossible to play when you have never-ending virals coming at you. They also agro all other infected when they come at me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Playstation 4