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  1. Been playing from day one. After patch unable to play in coop. Players join the game and can run around, chop zombies heads off open doors all that kinda stuff But the other player in the game is unable to see them, unable to revive them when they go down. All they can see is the zombies head explode and can hear then once and awhile when they hit something. If you go to the slums the screen blacks out and will not load until the other player leaves the game same if you go to old town. You cant even quit the game unless ALT F4, but if the player leaves the game you get full funtions back and game plays like nothing happened. This post started in steam and was replied to by Techland I did everything the Techland asked create a Dxdiag file, copy Dump files and copy Log files and send them to include your steam user name/id and URL you posted in steam. NOTHING! Yes we are gamers and tested everything we could think of to fix it our self. roll back drivers, turn off SLI, turn off any programs we have running for safety, checked our connections, So yeah we know this much it is not our rigs. This all happened after your patch. So here we are, we purchased this game for the coop player only and now we cant play the game we purchased. $60 for the game and $20 for the pack. Im talking 5 plus ppl over 45yrs and built there own rigs 20 something years of gaming. Would like some help in this issue