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    I hate you techland

    So. I made the mistake of buying the dead island definitive edition game so me and my wife could coop. Nope not happening you can't invite friends to play only quick match with randoms. Got a refund from Xbox when the tech did a quick Google search and seen how many hundreds of parts you ignore about this game breaking issue. Now I buy dying light. Hey this game is newer. Maybe they worked that out. Nope not at all. I loved the play style of this game so I did everything I could to make it work. Messed with port forwarding and my router dmz and even tried to lan. Nope. I called techland customer support. I was told I was the next phone call in line (probably the only one) for 45 minutes. Again I was adamant I wanted this to work. The woman who sounded very groggy like she woke up from a nap said oh ya there's nothing we can do about that. You're never going to be able to play with your wife until the next update. Wasn't that update promised years ago? I see some pretty old threads on this site still referencing it. Anyways when I asked when the update would be expected to launch she snorted and said ya I have no clue. Go chupacabra yourselves techland. You will never get another dime from me. I can't believe you can just turn your back on people like this. People that legitimately want to play your games and make them work and your support team could care less. Can't even pay this in general discussions for some reason so it had to go here. I hope your entire Dev team reads this. I truly hope you never release another game again. If you do... I'm DEFINITELY not buying it.
  2. MisterFisterV5

    Is It Just Me Or Does The Hunter Feel Overbuffed Now?

    Hmm sounds like a lot of people who only play hunters on here its all good get all the buffs you want then when nobody wants to play anymore you can cry about how L337 and MLG you are to yourself because you wont be able to find a game when its as unbalanced as it is because nobody is gonna want to play so be butthurt trolls all you want and cry noob and oh you just need to get better instead of seeing the real problem here.
  3. So since the games release me and just one other friend only play with each other and a night hunter. The progression of his buffs could clearly be seen whereas we weren't getting killed at all on the games release then just a few times a match to winning some then losing some(preferred) to just getting completely annihilated. We have 150+ wins against the night hunter and now we can't get 3 nests down??? What the hell is going on? here a few things that I've seen personally and think are garbage. 1. Once the night hunter pounces you he can cancel it as if doing a leap frog but doesnt pounce the other player instead you just die alone with angry thoughts as he immediately vaults 40 feet in the air. 2. When the night hunter pounces someone if you wipe out all of his health it show him die but then he's back again right behind with 0 health? 3. The night hunter has so far pounced me 5 times and through the miracles of christ almighty himself has somehow also been able to ground pound when he lands on me sending my friend flying off the building. 4. The hunter can pop his UV protection and constantly spam his tackles which take precedence over the dropkicks as I've had my animation countered multiple times. 5. Being pounced while literally taking a dump directly on my flare?? come on now 6. Being attacked while in a safezone is supreme trash he's being constantly UV'd why can he still pounce? 7.Bomber zombies spawning in your face to instantly blow up? gtfo 8.Ground pound after ground pound after ground pound to a tackle then...you guessed it...ANOTHER GROUND POUND while he chases you down with UV immunity as he is faster than you....seriously? pop a cooldown on that garbage. 9.Make the penalty for a missed tackle similar to a failed ground pound I've had to evade for close to 5 minutes before because it was failed tackle after failed tackle. 10. Make the nests have health equal to the number of players in the area because if you're playing solo and a night hunter invades your game might as well accept the loss and move on. 11. The zombies have wayyy too much health 5 hits with a double sided axe to kill one runner zombie is just dumb. 12. Being able to tackle immediately after using his tendrils to climb up a wall is utter chupacabra. I was on the last nest that had walls on all sides and he camped inside for the win because I eventually ran out of medkits and he won. All in all I would be fine with just putting a cooldown on the hunters ground pound or if you're in the air be able to avoid (logic??? nah chupacabra that) and not being able to be attacked in a safe zone. It's utter trash that I can get killed while in the shop or looking in my stash real quick. I'm uncertain why people are still crying that he's underpowered just because they aren't winning EVERY game. I'm fine with a 50/50 W/L Ratio but out of the 10 games I played today I lost all of them and we're veteran players we just couldn't do anything against all this jacked up stuff. It's going to eventually turn to where everyone sets the game to private so that they can't get invaded and then nobody is going to have fun with this concept. PLEASE STOP BUFFING THE HUNTER!