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  1. ygngy

    Help! PS4 Save date problem

    yes. more than 10 months left that's why i can SEE the save data. thank you for help me finding ways
  2. ygngy

    Help! PS4 Save date problem

    when download the old saved date, it shows like this
  3. ygngy

    Help! PS4 Save date problem

    At this time when I installed the game with the SAME GAME DVD on my new ps4 pro The new save date lokks like this, whith EU tag But the old online date looks no EU And can not be downloaded Help me !
  4. Last year, I played the game with DLC Following and saved the game on line This year, I buy a new ps4 pro When I insert the same game dvd and installed the game again And installed all the DLC inclouding Following Then I try to download the save date from the PSN net It always told me I can not use the old save what's wrong?? What should I do ?? Help me ! Thank you very much
  5. my console is PS4. already installed the Bozak DLC. in old city tower, i can see the Bozak post, but can not touch (not active ) or get in the DLC game what should i do ? thank u very much !
  6. ok, solve the problem thx A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!
  7. just start this game and i like it very much (even just start) but i'm stucked not long after the start in "awakening", during the "training" on top of the building, when "long-distance-jump" task is coming, my problem is coming when long-distance-jump player need to hold R2 and whatch the target at the same time but when i do this, i always got a "little-jump" which can not reach the target (far away) i tried more than 100 times, but no one is ok' i'm not a recruit for this kind of game and i checked the web, it seems that someone has the same problem like me what should i do? need your help!! thank you very much!!!!!