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  1. WelshWastelander

    Trophy Bugs Need To Be Repaired.

    Thanks for the replies guys, I'm not crying for the trophies just simply asking if there is a fix in progress. I just want to get patinum to be done with Dying light and move on to The Evil Within. I can't start a new game until one is 100% completed and everything has been earned (if that ain't gaming then I don't know what is) I also admit to having a bad case of OCD when it comes to my games. Just pissed that I spent £70 on a game that shouldn't have been released before they tested for these bugs. There isn't just a few bugs but a lot of bugs which makes this game far from complete. Thanks for this info, much appreciated. I am not crying over these trophies nor am I losing sleep. I just wanted to know if something is being done for this bug. As for the coop and online parts I couldn't care less about. I play a game for the story and for fun, not to have some little kids singing justin bieber into their mics while I try and concentrate on the actual game. I have played coop with a friend which I really enjoyed tbh. Just like the Sega and Nintendo and Playstation 1, retro without online features was always true gaming. Nit this Battlefield, Call of Duty, Assassins Creed, Fifa etc :-(
  2. WelshWastelander

    Trophy Bugs Need To Be Repaired.

    Hey ladies and gentlemen, I'm new to the Techland forum. May I just say that I love Dying Light, it is one of the finest games I have played in a while. I am just curious as to when there will/may be a patch for the PS4 Digital version of Dying Light in the UK (EU) for the bugged/glitched trophies. I have tried a few times on NG+ and starting fresh. Completed this game 100% almost 4 times now and these trophies haven't popped for me. The Side quest trophy (completed but no trophy) The Safe zone trophy (completed but no trophy) The Rais' nen trophy (completed but no trophy) The Collectible trophy (completed but no trophy) The Quarantine zones trophy (completed but no trophy) I have the latest patch installed (1.01) I am just wondering if Techland have forgotten about the bugged trophies on PS4 or are they working on a patch to fix these problems? I have searched the internet and found very little information regarding this issue. Could someone please shed some light for me because I am not in the mood to play through again and not get the trophies again. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling on my PS4 but that didn't fix. Thank you for taking the time to read my topic.