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  1. Connor Martyn

    Your Style Of Play In Hellraid?

    I would love to be a crazied blood thirsty maniac wielding two swords. But I'd settle with a giant rolling tank using a massive two handed sword or great axe. Both seem cool. That or a bludgeon mace with a nailed shield?
  2. Connor Martyn

    Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.

    Hello everyone! Ive been looking forward to playing this game as soon as I heard about it coming to the Xbox 360 (aeons ago...) but now that its being pushed upto the next gen level, I'm even more excited! I honestly think this game could be a real show stopper once it rolls out, especially if some of the suggestions this community has been putting forward get implemented. So, as this thread is for suggestions, here are my own two cents: (1) Loot Drop Collection/Pickup Audio. please Correct me if am wrong but am sure I read that there will be tiered loot, I.e. rarity based from whites to oranges? Now, if that is correct, I only ask of once simple thing. Please please please please please add audio to the top tier loot. The game Too Human had this nailed down to a tee. Hearing the red loot drop pick up audio sound still sends shivers down my spine to his day! (2) Leaderboards. Simpler is better! Time scales are key and variety is essential! Too Human again had this perfect: Kills, Highest Combo and Loot - Daily, monthly and all time. Hellraid could have Kills, XP and loot? I'm just spit balling here. (3) Loot Drop signifiers. Borderlands buggered this up badly by having colour lines spew up from the ground, causing massive performance issues and inaccurate colours due to them mixing at ranges. Now, again too human had a good system of floating colour squares that automatically got picked up. Now, I understand that neither of those system or features would sit well with the overal setting and attire of Hellraid, however just hear me out. What if you were to add coloured glows around the items, giving them a clear indicator of what rarity it is? The elemental effect could still work, as they'd contrast with the standard colours of white, green, blue, purple, orange/yellow and red. I'll be back with more suggestions and ideas soon, I just thought that bombarding you with lots isnt a good idea as other people have suggestions worth reading too! Have a great day!