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  1. So here's the deal: My GPU (560Ti) died over week ago and I'm stuck with GTS450 for a while and I have no spendable budged for a new card. I've tried using following config to gain some FPS but it's not good enough: Resolution(1280,720) Fullscreen() Monitor(0) TextureQuality("Low") VisRange(0.5, 0.5) ShadowMapSize(1) SpotShadowMapSize(1) GammaFloat(1.00) GrassQuality(3) AmbientOcclusion(0) MotionBlur(0) AntiAliasing(0) NvidiaEffects(0,0) DisableDWM(1) EnableFilmGrain(0) Version(1) This config results in like 30-50 FPS in the game. (http://i.imgur.com/PC0WYCm.jpg) However, it seems if I mod the game and disable shadows completely (varlist_performance.scr) I get pretty good FPS (50-60) and sometimes it's stable at 60. (http://i.imgur.com/zLeM8Ln.jpg) The BIGGEST problem is: I won't be able to play The Following with friends if I mod my game. I would probably have to find some hacky way around it... memory editing but it's just a lot of work. Has anyone tried to achieve something like this? At least to disable the shadows globally? I've tried setting ShadowMaps to 0 because it usually disabled shadows in other games but it seems to crash the game here.
  2. jacklul

    A Challenge To Night Hunter Players After Patch.

    With the changes mentioned in upcoming patch notes 1v1 will still favor the human.
  3. jacklul

    [Pc] Can`t Find A Game Since Tuesday

    Got into game, it was 4 polish people party, I rekt them, they called me a cheater and flamed so much, shortly after I joined them again, 2 of them ragequit, 2 guys who stayed told me stories about my mum etc. That's sad that I can only find games like these.
  4. jacklul

    [Pc] Can`t Find A Game Since Tuesday

    That's because more and more people are either disabling invasions or just stop playing this mode because of balance issues or cheaters...
  5. jacklul

    Developer Feedback

    Quickly switch your game visibility to anything but not Public when you see "Hunter is coming" message.
  6. jacklul

    Developer Feedback

    This. Some ideas from my side: (still thinking of new ones while playing) - I do not like that hunter is invulnerable on successfull pounce, killing him should leave the pounced person on the ground, incapacitated. - Ground Pound can be insanely spammed to death with survivor in the corner, needs cooldown & indication on the hud. - Multiple pounce needs a limit to max 2 humans pounced (one left on the ground and second killed), no more than that. If you hit ur UV spit on all humans, getting rid of 2 in a row then another 2 will be fine. - Tackle is too easy to avoid by just spamming space, needs tweaking/changes. - Survivor sense: In BTZ put a few seconds cooldown on it and change it so it doesn't show position on the map and through walls unless you had visual contact with the hunter while activating it. - In 1v4 situation cooldowns on spits and UV block should be a bit faster. - Before game release you advertised this mode to be filled with zombies, while currently zombies appear to disppear when you get invaded, only few zombies are around the nests, WHY IS THAT? - Limit the items humans can use per life, this applies to: medkits, grenades, molotovs, bombs, and most importantly: FLARES. - Grappling Hook needs nerf in this mode, and overall in the game anyway. - Camouflage needs nerfing, or change it so it doesn't reveal human location in long distance but it does outline them (but don't show nick) when close by (of course, when you do your 'reveal howl'). - Hunter is very weak in 1v1 situations, this really needs tweaking, humans has too much advantage here, I won 99% of my games as human vs hunters (even vs cheaters). You could always disable 1v1'ing and make this mode for minimum 2 humans. It was made for this anyway?! - Horde spit is useless in Old Town most of the time. (that damn rooftops!) - Animations blocks are annoying, for example after human evades your tackle or your pounce is interrupted, if in bad spot you result falling for few secs off rooftop to the ground and die by death from above from human. You also miss Ground Pound (and result in long recovery and die) when executed near tackled person near the wall because he's still playing recovery animation, sometimes same happens if you try to Ground Pound human who is playing animation after falling from certain height.
  7. jacklul

    Filter Based On Number Of Survivors

    Quick Join should get the option to select what 'perfect match' you're looking for: 1v2, 1v3, 1v4, more than X...
  8. jacklul


    Joining game where people cheats is just annoying and frustrating. Here, have a look at these sample cheaters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGu0EQ5eAq4 (at least 2 of them were cheating, one of them had speedhack turned on, probably CheatEngine) - why I didn't ragequit, read below. teleporting around, uber big health bar / unlimited health, 1 hp nests... Here, I will confess to something: before 1.4 patch I used spit exploit to counter speedhackers (encountered lots of them), that made them ragequit nicely. I even beat some unlimited HP / Hunter Stamina cheaters without any boost, they also ragequit. Should I prepare CheatEngine cheats table now everytime I want to play and to counter cheaters by becoming a cheater myself? Everyday more cheaters appear in BTZ mode, it's time to do something with it... Cheating is the most common issue on PC, why didn't you implement VAC support? (Dead Island without PvP mode had it) It's easy to implement for developers (at least that's what SteamWorks documentation says). Maybe you could also implement another network visibility option: selected steam group, so people could create own communities for BTZ (where you can simply kick out and ban cheaters from) making finding games better, not to mention it might be nice start for small competitive scene. Matchmaking still needs tweaking, public list seems to return random results with each refresh (same game entries show randomly, hide on next refresh, then come back again). Maybe you could add option in Quick Join to search for games with more than 1 (or specifically for X) player(s)? And also that it retries on join error... I would really love some answers from Techland. Regards, Concerned Player ------------------------------ Just to be clear, I don't say it's bad game or anything, I think it's great and I love BTZ mode, but it's just that cheaters sooner or later ruin the game if you don't do something about it. I'm not just a random crying guy, for years I supported MovieBattles II modification and now I'm officialy helping the dev team, it kinda went dead after cheaters ruined it because devs didn't do anything about it, so raged people just left. I don't wanna see this happen to BTZ.