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  1. n1kon, I do believe that I have, however, I may not have. There are currently no active side quests available for me to do, and none appear on the map as white exclamation points. Do some of them not reappear? Maybe I just need to go talk to some of the other individuals, like the witch, to see if there are other quests available. Also, if re-updating to 1.4.0 would fix the issue, would the achievement simply reappear when I log into the game? Best Regards, Jman
  2. Techland Developers and Support, I have successfully installed patch 1.4.0 to my Dying Light in my Steam account, yet after playing the game, a number of my achievements remain stuck, and unable to be unlocked. The achievements that are not functioning properly are Now It's Safe (stuck at 11/17) and The Whole Story (stuck at 41/44). Hopefully, there will soon be a patch to fix this issue, but if there will not be, please help me find a different fix, as I would love to fully complete the game. Regards, Jman Also, if there is a fix among the DL community, please help!