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  1. Blackburn123321

    Blunt Weapons Stop Existing Later On?

    I agree, I really wish for a patch on this, I don't want any of the weapons to go away after I reach level 25, I want to play with all the weapons even if they are the lowest damaging weapons I don't want to be STUCK with 5-7 weapons when I finish the game, Please techland:- Fix this in a new update patch and let us access all weapons, at all times.
  2. Blackburn123321

    Thankyou So Much Techland...

    Ah, yes I heard about those guys. I feel bad for them, hopefully soon they'll get the patch too and we'll all be rock n rollin dem V0l@tileZ!!!!! ~Cheers techland
  3. Blackburn123321

    Thankyou So Much Techland...

    Dear Techland, I just wanted to say Thankyou for your hard work and 100% Dedication towards the Dying light Community, you guys are just awesome!, here's is a list of things I wanted to thank you for. 1:- The latest Update patch (Which fixed SO many problems such as (Coop,BTZ,etc) for a lot of people, including me.) 2:- New Outfits, (Love them!) 3:- New Weapons, (Thankyou!!) 4:- Hardcore mode, (Now for this one I want to give you a special Thankyou!!! for making it 100% FREE For the community to play and enjoy!) 5:- Cooperating with and Responding to the community, (You guys do an outstanding job with hearing out our issues, suggestions and complaints here at the forums and I really wanted to thank you ALL at Techland for that) ~Thumbs up for appreciation to Techland!, and thankyou for reading.
  4. Blackburn123321

    Dying Light Coop, Still Crashing/not Working

    Thankyou for your helpful reply, We both have digital copies of Dying light on the PS4, so that's not the problem. And I'll try the reset modem method. However what you said about a new patch coming our way, I REALLY hope that fixes this problem.
  5. Hello again Everyone, I am posting about an issue, in Dying light COOP. We know there was recently an update patch a few weeks ago which was meant to FIX Coop crashing Permanently. However I am facing this problem every day. Here's the thing, I can play Coop with almost anyone EXCEPT my best friend "Hemo9999", Every time I try to play coop with him the game CRASHES. As SOON as he joins my session the game crashes with in 5 seconds and takes me to the PS4 homepage and gives me an error code, However my friend just simply gets teleported back to his game and does NOT get an error code and doesn't get taken to the PS4 Homepage WITHOUT crashing. that means I'm the only one getting the error message and I'm the only one who's game shuts down and takes me to the error message screen Now both me and my friend own Digital Copies of Dying light and love playing it. But we can't play with each other at all because of this COOP CRASHING Problem. ~Can anyone "PLEASE" help us with this problem and possibly give suggestions to fix this issue??? -Thankyou for reading.
  6. Blackburn123321

    Please Mr Techland Put A ...

    Bump bump bump! c:
  7. Blackburn123321

    Be The Zombie Connection Problems

    Thank you again for another helpful reply, but is there "any" way that this connectivity issue can or will be patched/fixed by Techland. Or any other more simpler way on how to fix this?
  8. Blackburn123321

    Be The Zombie Connection Problems

    Thankyou, finally I get a reply for this issue , what you've written sounds very helpful but I have no clue on what to do with the "TC4 3095 ports" what ever you've mentioned. If You can explain to me in a little more brief way about what I should do to fix the continuous disconnecting and not being able to join the "be the zombie" servers. It would help a Lot
  9. Blackburn123321

    Be The Zombie Connection Problems

    Hello everyone, I wanted to post this important matter about Be the zombie mode "Not Connecting/Working properly" on the PS4 version of dying light. Every time I time I try to connect or Join a Server in dying light (Be the zombie mode), I keep getting "Failed to connect/Join Session, please try again after a few minutes". Now I've done some good amount of research before posting this issue on the dying light forum's. I'm not the only one facing this problem. 1000's of other Dying light devoted gamer's are also facing the same problem, we are unable to join/connect to Be the zombie mode servers and it is our request that Techland take this issue very seriously and do their level best to fix this matter as soon as possible. Furthermore if its possible, can you also kindly improve the Co-Op's stability as people are often complaining about disconnection problems after 15-30 minutes of Gameplay. ~Thank you for reading and I hope this post gets enough attention so that the issues stated above can be acknowledged and fixed, Dying light ROCKS