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    I don't even see why people are complaining about survivors being in the water. You can still kill them... They are sitting ducks and cannot kill the Night Hunter...
  2. So first off, I jumped right on Night Hunter as soon as I completed the tutorial. Only took a few hours to max it and it felt so powerful. During that time, I was unaware that survivors could 'sense' you and place a blip on their radar. Below is just a list of suggestions that I think would balance the game a little more. Being as there are glitches that have stacked the favors into survivor's hands... - The ability to 'sense' the Night Hunter needs to be removed. Seriously? This is a survivor horror game and you can see exactly where terror is coming from? Doesn't make sense at all. Let the Night Hunter glow orange, but DO NOT let the survivors see a Night Hunter on the radar. - Respawn timer for the survivors needs to be increased. Only by a few seconds. - Cooldowns of the Night Hunter abilities needs to be decreased. Night Hunters have to defend the nests, cooldowns provided takes too long. - The UV light needs to drain faster (3-5 seconds max) and maybe decrease the Night Hunter's energy bar a little less. It's already dumb enough that a survivor BEING POUNCED can interrupt the Night Hunter's kill. It's supposed to be a TEAM game, but there have been a few times where a survivor has soloed me because of this. - Survivors shouldn't be able to evade the Tackle ability. Night Hunters can't evade the Drop Attack or Drop Kick, so this is a little unfair. - Spike traps should have a marker on the map for Night Hunters AND Survivors. Just a small zig-zag line should do the trick. - There should be more AI zombies during invades (percentage based on how many survivors are playing. 75% decrease if only 1 Survivor, 50% if 2, 25% if 3 and 0% if 4.) - Night Hunters should be able to cling to walls while holding L1. Just a cool idea. - Nest's health should be based on number of hits, not weapon power. People easily 2 hit the nests because of weapon duplication exploits. - Survivor's weapons should lose durability when being invaded. I don't even see why they don't anyway. - It would be cool to be able to pull survivors with L1. Not too far. Maybe 10 or 15 feet. - There needs to be at least a 20 minute timer for survivors to kill the nests. I've been in many games where the survivors would just stay in a safe house. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Just a few ideas to balance the game out a little more. Invading is already in favor of the Survivors, even in a 1v1 (unless they're brand new to the game). Please comment your ideas or suggestions below. I'm interested in reading Survivor AND Night Hunter ideas!