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    Multiplayer Ports And Timing

    Devs? This is all for PS4 only, but I assume similar issues exist on other platforms, but the ports likely differ. I have been playing be the zombie mode a lot lately as well as multiplayer. I have noticed the ports it uses are TCP 9304, 9305, 9306, 9307 (9305,9306 for be the zombie specificaly). As I setup my PS4 with it's own IP on the internet and forward all ports DMZ style to it I don't have a connectivity problem aside from when the game or console decides it doesn't know my real IP (which is just plain stupid in todays age, but I digress). When joining multiplayer games the timeout on connecting seems either far too fast or doesn't even try. Let me try to explain. Others who have forwarded these ports on their routers don't have much trouble, but even people who have done so have issues. The timeout values on connecting to games or starting sessions seems quite low. I observed traffic on my router for this process. The initial process for finding a partner for multiplayer ICMP pings after talking to amazonaws hosts over TCP 443 etc to get list I assume. Once this is done and it attempts to join or you try to join the initial conversation goes out to whatever IP they have over TCP 9305, 9306 (not sure why this changes) and then waits for the targets to reply (if everyone in the group doesn't have ports forwarded or has a connection issue this will fail outright no matter what). When the connectivity is "known good" as in I know the people I am joining and have assisted them in making the network ports forward correctly this works almost every time. When it doesn't work, it seems to be a problem with how long it waits for the connection to occur as I observe the outgoing 9305 and then incoming 9305 traffic the incoming traffic comes after the "failed to invade" message at times or it sometimes doesn't even send the 9305 attempt and had only ICMP pinged the target. This seems like an easy fix for at least some cases by increasing the timeout on join by likely double or even a slight amount more allowing time for say upnp or whatever delay the internet wants to provide. If you feel like asking me for more detail I would be happy to provide it Zombie: searches ICMP responses from each then most of the time sends TCP 9305/9306 traffic out and awaits same traffic coming back. Survivors: receive and send ICMP then receive TCP 9305/9306 after some other TCP 443 etc. traffic and send TCP 9305/9306 back to zombie. Gameplay: TCP 9305/9306/9307 seems to be conversation ports for this game and will continue to talk on these for the duration of gameplay with some occasional TCP 443/80 traffic, but that appears to possibly be PSN related in some cases. For those that are bored by all this, just forward the ports TCP 9304, 9305, 9306, 9307 to your PS4 (which should have a static IP in your local network). If you don't know how to do that, perhaps can assist. Edit: So far as I can tell after some research the ports listed here are starting to be used by more than just this game, but this fixed most of the connectivity problems for me. I have also found that at times when you attempt to join a room that no traffic over any ports occurs to hosts other than amazonaws/psn targets and will not even attempt to connect to the group/person you are trying to join. It fails pretty instantly in that case. I hope a fix is in the works for this, by all appearance, simple problem. It is worth noting that upnp also does not appear to work for these ports for people that don't forward the ports manually. I have had mixed results with that myself, but have only used it as an experiment since I DMZ my PS4 with an extra IP on the internet.