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    cr1m3 got a reaction from George_Ars in Devtools Useful Tips & Tricks   
    Text tutorial ´s list:

    Safezone and Uv light burn volatile

    Pvp spawnpoints fix

    Interior disable fog and wind

    Focus zoom on object

    Automatic door

    Workshop embed logo or gif or images

    Unlockable doors and boxobjectenabler

    Dialog tutorials

    FBX model import

    Reflective Puddles (Floors?)

    Zombie spawns delay

    Package sharing and audio import
    And pvp maps

    Card reader

    One time character animation

    Exploding AI

    Number of meshes

    Searchable area

    Portal to another map


    Zombie activator

    Viewport fix

    Grouping objects

    Give weapon to player


    Envprobe fix


    Assets previews


    Animated spawners

    Quest phase examples

    Map migration

    Custom loot and credits

    Third person view

    Waves quest scripting

    Meconv Freezes

    Drop attack on zombie spawners:
    Npc animation:
    Npc weapon:
    Objects visibility distance:
    Make a small hole in terrain:
    Searchable trash can (second post):
    Rendering menu:
    Remove huds (last post):
    AiDeadBodySpawnBoxAuto info(second post):
    Fix old maps brushes(old tools version):
    Floating trees when buggy touch it:
    Advanced quest with choices tutorial:
    Coop items for one player only:
    Zombie jump through windows:
    Multiple envprobes:
    Techland akademia basic tutorial:
    Sensor varlist post processing:
    BBCode guide for techland and steam forums:
    Change ai conflict side:
    Ai cover points:
    Thanks to Cabozzl, Joluk, Rickmetalster,
    DonSpike,Rick Grimes, Rabid Squirell
    And all the others who help the community.
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    cr1m3 got a reaction from SPYmaps in How to add weapons ?   
    to add weapons into your map (ones that player can pick up),
    place some item spawner then, open the attributes window when this object is selected and choose the item type.
    (you can find the item spawner in the assets browser under the common collection).
    (by default it is an ammo box).
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    cr1m3 got a reaction from Xx_FRoST_xX in Developer tool not work.   
    Maybe make a backup of your map then
    delete all movies from the map to check if it crashes.
    Also maybe try to delete the xml quest file
    and generate a new one.
    Also try to export those movies into another map to test if some movie is broken.
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    cr1m3 got a reaction from Kareem_Hani in New Parkour Ideas!   
    The wall run skill exist but it is disabled.
    By modding the game you can activate it
    but this is not working well with the double jump enabled.
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    cr1m3 got a reaction from Dazpien in Music is still playing problem   
    try to set the level ambient music to none
    in the level attributes :
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    cr1m3 got a reaction from Kareem_Hani in what should i do with my old dying light   
    You could buy the season pass, and you ´ll have all dlc content also The Following Dlc.

    It is like if you own the enhanced edition.
    I mean i have the base game plus the season pass and i have all dlc, patches, features of the enhanced edition.
    So if you own Dying Light (base game),
    you can just buy the season pass to make it like the enhanced edition, it will be the same thing at the end , it’s just the price that will change .
    Assuming that the season pass still can be bought.
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    cr1m3 got a reaction from doomguy in Custom Hints   
    I found an interesting thing about hints.
    The common_text_all.bin file is containing
    all menu, objectives, descriptions...
    of the game.
    Also the loading prompt who says that custom maps does not represent the core
    game quality...
    So, you can mod it with the  Dying light bin unpack and repack exe.
    You need excel to edit text then repack.
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    cr1m3 reacted to Gedsher in The problem with launching all players   
    Hi Frost
    I was having this problem so I posted on the community page in steam and got this:
    How to Play Dying Light Custom Maps Now
    Go to Program files(x86) Then:
    Steam\steamapps\common\Dying Light\DevTools\DyingLightPlayer.exe"
    Double Click: DyingLightPlayer.exe and the game will start in the custom
    maps mode.
    It still doesn"t work through the steam page so I just put a shortcut on My
    Steam has to be running when you do this
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    cr1m3 reacted to Xx_FRoST_xX in The problem with launching all players   
    At the last update, "drop # 1 content" The players lost the client launch button for user games.
    We have to run the client from the folder with the original game.
    Please correct this problem, ordinary players will not be able to play custom games due to this problem.
    Yours faithfully your Frost.
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    cr1m3 got a reaction from MattDL in The problem with launching all players   
    It seems that Techland forget the custom maps Community, even if it is small, so much effort was put into creating hundreds of maps
    in more than 50'000 hours of work or even more.
    So please, update the game to let people play custom maps again.
    Also fix the map list window (just two lines of code) and make this window available from game menu too
    so that thousand of people will know they can download and play hundred of custom maps instead of 4 of the best maps.
    And thanks Gedsher to explain how to start custom maps.
    Edited because i was upset about the situation...
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    cr1m3 got a reaction from I30R6 in Just some questions   
    There was some fbx export plugin in the beta tools but i don ´t know if rigged meshes were exportable with this pluging, maybe just basic meshes.
    Now the tools doesn’t have this exporter
    Someone exported Kyle Crane and Jade
    into L4 Dead but i don ´t know how.
    There ´s no  possibilities to export meshes
    easily from Dying Light.
    Also Models creation cost a lot of money
    so Game studios don ´t want that users export assets into other games.
    When you install any game you accept the agreement licence so those materials are copyrighted.
    But you can extract models with rippers or with photogrammetry techniques
    if there ´s no other way of doing it but don ´t share any asset that you extracted since
    this is not legal.
    Except if the company allowed this.
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    cr1m3 got a reaction from doomguy in Need help scripting a race   
    Hey, there ´s buggy scripts into your
    project data folder under:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dying Light\DevTools\workshop\My_Project\data/presets
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dying Light\DevTools\workshop\My_Project\data/scripts/vehicles
    You can modify them with a notepad.
    if your project folder does not contain those scripts, look here, under
    Dev Note for the developer tools buggy update
    Into this map, there ´s a sort of refuel feature, but not like into a race.

    in this other map, you have triggers to respawn buggys like in many 
    other maps .
    he used a dead pigeon model
    for the trigger but it works .
    Now i know all this stuff does not
    do exactly what you want to achieve
    but this could help.
    Also those maps have a buggy race that is more realistic than other
    buggy maps:
    (cute creative girl )

    Also maybe you could find some interesting details on buggys in
    custom maps:

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    cr1m3 got a reaction from Katoya in Transparent or animated textures - how to?   
    you found two of the most problematic 
    features in the tools.
    for the transparency, import a custom mesh then, open the material editor, double click on the material name.
    There ´s no technique to make this directly.
    I know it sucks.
    but there ´s maybe custom fx emitters
    if you can add your own textures to it.
    (Never managed to add custom textures into fx but maybe i should have to to restart the tools at the end of the tutorial
    to see if they were reloading)?
    Also the material editor should let you switch images on a surface like in the game asset screen, you can change the tv skin and you can see jade and other images appearing one after one.
    But on custom meshes only cause game assets are locked in rpacks.
    Also maybe with the quest code phase,
    if i remember there is a code phase to change object skins or this is in the boxobjectenabler (sensor) class
    or in the collisionrecievier object class
    (place a modelobject then change his class into collisionrecievier.
    Or make a movie (bik i guess )
    and replace it from the game intro movie.
    Or maybe there ´s another way to trigger
    real (divx) movie when you want but maybe this is hardcoded ?
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    cr1m3 got a reaction from Katoya in Transparent or animated textures - how to?   
    Yeah, you can ´t access game meshes materials.
    But you can see the material techniques
    in the attributes window under info tab.
    Open the object group then select the object and open the attributes window then, 
    info tab and look all techniques.
    Also i saw some smooth alpha or soft alpha setting in the material editor,
    maybe this does something.
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    cr1m3 got a reaction from Katoya in Transparent or animated textures - how to?   
    I know that if you make a hard shaped texture with some parts that are textured
    and other parts as alpha channel (background) , it works when you set the good blending option.
    No need to modify other settings than the
    blending technique.
    But this is not a gradient transparency texture.
    Also at a certain level of opacity , the texture simply disappear when you test in the tools.
    But i was able to add gradient transparency textures to
    some mesh and i can ´t remember if i just
    edited the material blending or something more in the material settings.
    This engine have problems with transparent gradient when you look the sky, it is invisible, i guess this is because the sky is not a sky box with texture,
    this is a dynamic weather system with
    decal layers that move and scale.
    Also the sun is causing problems.
    There ´s useful informations in Dying Light meshes.
    Put some mesh on the map and open the attributes window then, go to info tab and expand the materials.
    You ´ll see materials and in a small window on the left, you ´ll see material techniques used.
    This is hard to know which technique is used but maybe you can notice the differences when some technique is used.
    I know that some glasses or windows (game models) have smooth transparency textures
    so looking in the material info could
    help to identify the technique that is 
    applied on the mesh material.
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    cr1m3 reacted to doomguy in Some How To Examples   
    added a corridor wave thing example.
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    cr1m3 got a reaction from doomguy in Custom Hints   
    Try to locate those strings in the full game data with agent ransack.
    make a full copy of the game folder
    somewhere and extract all data0.1.2.pak
    with a zip archive extractor (merge all data
    then type some loading screen text you ´ve seen in agent ransack and you may found where it is located in the game folders.
    also look inside data speech folders.
    ( i mean the data pl, data de, data fr... localized language folders and paks)
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    cr1m3 got a reaction from doomguy in help with phases in between maps   
    I wish i could help you but i ´m missing 
    Call me on steam sometimes so that
    i don ´t forget and i ´ll try to help you
    when i have some time.
    we need to start the teleportation
    code and portals from scratch .
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    cr1m3 got a reaction from LuridFTW in Object Previews Won't Load?   
    Because the preview generator is broken
    since one of the latest tool ´s
    I guess it never ´ll be fixed.
    There you can find some previews :
    Make sure to place all your previews there:
    Ps: I shared all mesh previews but steam
    erased the link.
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    cr1m3 reacted to doomguy in Problems with developer tools!   
    maybe you don't have the original game? you need to game to have the tools.
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    cr1m3 reacted to doomguy in Some How To Examples   
    updated with a list of weapon damages, to be easier to choose which weapons to use, and when.
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    cr1m3 reacted to doomguy in forcing picked up weapon to be active weapon   
    hey y'all
    does anyone know how or if we can force a weapon that the player picked up to be the active weapon the player is holding?
    i'm having problems emulating this.
    i'm moving the player's inventory to the stash when picking up the weapon i want him to have, and that makes the weapon become the active weapon like so:
    ,take _ QuestInventoryItemDI Shotgun -show=false ,inventory-to-depot _ ,give-weapon _ -weapon_id=Firearm_ShotgunAGen -count=1 this works well.
    i want the player to use the shotgun for a part of the map, and he can access his stash when that section of the map is complete. (i'd rather have the player keep his inventory and just automatically have the weapon he picked up be the active weapon, but i haven't been able to do so!)
    the problem with this technique is that the stash's content returns to the stash when the player dies, after he's accessed the stash and retrieved all his items, even after the stash has been disabled.
    any ideas or help on the subject?
    any ideas on how to block the game from moving the player's inventory to the stash again? or automatically be holding the weapon the player picks up? 
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    cr1m3 reacted to doomguy in forcing picked up weapon to be active weapon   
    well, i figured out how to stop the player's inventory from moving into the stash again, at death,
    still would rather not use the stash to force a player to activate the weapon he picked up but still
    here's a working example:
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    cr1m3 got a reaction from JoranDost in Dying Light Map - Risen   
    it is easy to have good ideas , i feel 
    this for myself.
    But making them alive is another thing.
    Also considering the amount of time 
    you have to spend on it accordingly 
    with constant motivation is important.
    I like your sketches, keep em simpleand remember what was your first idea or
    Don ´t be scary to remove some stuff
    cause creation is evolving with time.
    Also i had some nice idea, i was thinking
    of Dying Light game quests and i thought 
    that devs did not go deep in quest enough, i mean once you have the pitch,
    you have to kill someone or trigger
    something then, the quest is done and you never felt any emotion.
    So my idea is to start a quest as an adventure, a single adventure, short
    but really detailed and immersive as a man asking you help and you accept
    but you have to face something , you want
    to know this man, you want to help him,
    you want to go deeper.
    So my idea is kind of a qalking dead
    episode where you meet the black guy
    with traps everywhere and he is a little
    bit angry and...
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    cr1m3 reacted to JoranDost in Dying Light Map - Risen