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  1. There should be a check box in boxObjectEnabler ´s Attributes to block revert or something like that . It should make boxobjectEnabler sensor box with permanent changes or actions. Cause if it ´s not checked, The actions are gone once you get out of the boxobjectEnabler sensor.
  2. cr1m3

    Quest Help

    You have side quests and they are child of one quest who does not contain interaction red phases. So for normal quest, parent each one with the previous quest. Now for side quests , they are only available when his parent quest is active.
  3. cr1m3

    Navmesh Inside Pipes

    For the navmesh inside pipes, try to select some pipe and open his attributes window. Under object field, check navmesh transparent. Now, place some floor mesh inside the pipe at the bottom. Now, open the floor mesh attributes and under object field, Check navmesh or navmesh road. Make sure the floor width is not going too much outside of the pipe like this : (_) . Build navmesh again and look what it does. For the movie sounds, if you use a cutscene, it will cut game sounds. But you can make it smoother by editing the yellow sound movie keys by changing in and out method in the right panel of the movie tool when key are selected. You can also put an ambient area around the movie spot And set the ambient sound volume to a lower value. Not sure if you can set the ambient area ´s sound volume.
  4. Text tutorial ´s list: Faq Safezone and Uv light burn volatile Pvp spawnpoints fix Interior disable fog and wind Focus zoom on object Automatic door Workshop embed logo or gif or images Unlockable doors and boxobjectenabler Dialog tutorials FBX model import Reflective Puddles (Floors?) Zombie spawns delay Package sharing and audio import And pvp maps Card reader One time character animation Exploding AI Number of meshes Searchable area Portal to another map Performance Zombie activator Viewport fix Grouping objects Give weapon to player Movies Envprobe fix Triggers Assets previews Navmesh Animated spawners Quest phase examples Map migration Custom loot and credits Third person view Waves quest scripting Meconv Freezes Tips Modding: Drop attack on zombie spawners: Npc animation: Npc weapon: Objects visibility distance: Make a small hole in terrain: Searchable trash can (second post): Rendering menu: Remove huds (last post): AiDeadBodySpawnBoxAuto info(second post): Fix old maps brushes(old tools version): Floating trees when buggy touch it: Advanced quest with choices tutorial: Coop items for one player only: Zombie jump through windows: Multiple envprobes: Techland akademia basic tutorial: Sensor varlist post processing: BBCode guide for techland and steam forums: Change ai conflict side: Ai cover points: Thanks to Cabozzl, Joluk, Rickmetalster, DonSpike,Rick Grimes, Rabid Squirell And all the others who help the community.
  5. cr1m3

    Sound Emmiter Problem

    Hi, Try to set all values to default and just let the sound name. Make sure your sound emitter have the soundEmitterSimple class on top of attributes. To set values back to default, select a value then press "right shift + del" key. Now, test ingame even if it's working in the tools. If it's working ingame, change other values one by one and test ingame each time you modify some value. Just change volume and min and max distance. (Set higher values in max distance than 20) Try with 800 or -1 for infinite distance. (To play sounds in the tools, check the test box In the bottom of attributes). If your sound emitter does not work ingame at all;
  6. cr1m3

    Side Quest

    Hey,To make a side quest, Make one main quest: MyMainQuest then write the side quest code: MySideQuest ... Now, type this on the same line as the side quest name, After quest name, type -parent=MyMainQuest. So the side quest will be the child of the main quest. Now make the second main quest and parent it with The first main quest too, the same way as you did with side quest -parent=MyMainQuest. Now your side quest will be available only during his parent Quest = MyMainQuest. You can hide side quest or show it even if quest tool will Prompt with "side quest should not be visible" or something Like this warning. Open ingame quest menu to activate invisible side quests. There ´s some example code: <<<?xml version="1.0"?>>> QuestsDefinitions -level=questtestmap quest MyMainQuest -final=false ,take _ QuestInventoryItemDI Wallet -obj=&WalletObj& quest MysideQuest -final=false -parent=MyMainQuest ,goto _ HumanAI BobChar -distance=5 -obj=&bringWalletObj& ,reward _ bob EncExperienceNormal quest MyMainQuest2 -final=false -parent=MyMainQuest ,bring _ bob Firearm_Rais_Gun -obj=&BringPistolObj& ,reward _ bob EncCashNormal quest MyMainQuest3 -parent=MyMainQuest2 -final=true ,goto _ SpawnPoint MapStart -distance=5 -obj=&WalletEpilogObj&
  7. cr1m3

    Moving The Buggy

    Maybe force the player to use a trigger on the elevator Platform so that he need to get out of the buggy. Then put a fake buggy that will appear on the platform And be moved by movie. Once up, make the buggy spawn appear on top Of the cliff or whatever. Or with a cutscene movie that fake buggy elevation Then, spawn both player and buggy on top. Using the buggy spawner trigger in quest may let you spawn it or maybe it ´s possible to set the buggy respawner To automatic.
  8. cr1m3

    Animated Objects

    The devTools does not support animated rigged models import. For making a quest that continue while movie playing, Use this code: ,AND _ path ,wait _ ... ,disable _ path ,movie _ myMovie01 For playing animations, you can only use game assets That have animations under attributes anim tab. To start such animations, use some code phase. Or one time animation object class.
  9. There ´s also the cloak potion that make player invisible to Zombies like when you cover your face with zombie Blood by pressing v. Find the cloak potion in the itemspawner under type list. I don ´t know the exact name ID of this item. Then the player could drink it and be invisible but maybe There ´s some quest phase or varlist variable to trigger This effect at a certain moment.
  10. cr1m3

    Npc Comment/conversation Without Npc

    Hi, You need to create a dialog then use the quest code to Trigger this action ingame:
  11. You mean the checkbox in object attributes or when you browse object classes with the class button. Some object classes are not working with this engine cause Outdated, but a lot of them works in DL. So to find what class developers use in DL, i suggest To read some quest code they let unpacked in game data. Search for pxsl files or their compiled xlm output to see When and how they use classes in the game.
  12. Freeze grenades do this but i don ´t know if you can apply this function to a trigger. You can block zombies with invisible barrier. You can also make them change their enemy side ( conflict side ) in their presets or with some sensors. Not sure but boxobjectenabler class or collisionrecievier Could let you change their conflict side. I dunno how they made player invisible to zombies In the following dlc but i guess they used the quest code With change conflict side phase to do that. You could do the same with quest coding . ,use _triggerObject zFreezingTrigger And then find the conflict side changer phase in the phase List by typing , coma in code.
  13. What you mean by advanced class? Did you have some script example.
  14. cr1m3

    Navmesh Problem!

    Your navmesh sould not go under buildings or bus or making big shaped squares around objects, it should make smooth lines like this: I mean making objects as navmesh transparent is useful when you need to tweak the navmesh or allow it on certain areas but you need to set your house ith navmesh transparent unchecked like before and changing back navmesh flags if your navmesh cell size was changed cause this seems to be your issue on screens above. But not like this: Click on restore default then, lock edit again: If you let the navmesh pass under houses or bus , the zombies could go inside closed buildings also making glitches also virals and volatiles will see you through walls and alarming others.
  15. cr1m3

    Navmesh Problem!

    This is not normal. The navmesh should not have square like that. Did you changed some settings in the navmesh window? Someone said to unlock terrain then lock . And if your brushes remove navmesh, try to add brushes with the brush tool instead of placing meshes. But i guess you used the brush tool already? Also in the brush tool, you can double click on Brushes to edit advanced settings and flags. For the bed, you need a quest: Or as Rafal Polito said, " To make sleeping bag, use sleeping_bag_a.msh from Assets in meshes section, and change class from ModelObject to RestingPlace."
  16. cr1m3

    Navmesh Problem!

    Uncheck navmesh transparent .You can also check navmesh road for floor objects Or navmesh connect for climbable objects, balconys. You can also add hided mesh under the ground surface And enable navmesh on it. Then, build navmesh again and unload then load navmesh preview again to see changes. Then if your navmesh is really broken, share your map.
  17. cr1m3

    Navmesh Problem!

    This is a group of objects you are trying to select.Look under class section, it is a selectionObject. To open groups, go to the objects list (3 crates icon) And right click on your group. Choose open to open the group. Now, you can select any object in the group individually And change his attributes as i said in previous post. Once you edited object settings, close the group To have a proper map build process. If you still can ´t open the group cause open button is greyed out, choose duplicate group and rename the clone group. Or destroy hierarchy but this will break your group and let seperated objects. Or there ´s another way to change attributes in closed groups, not sure if it will apply the settings, Open the objects list and expand group hierarchy Then, select the object in the list then, open the attributes window... If you want to know more on groups, i made tutorials on it: Ps: In the objects list window or directly in the viewport, You can select many objects ( left click + ctrl or drag mouse in the list or viewport) with the same class (modelObject or ...) and change their attributes in a row so that you don ´t waste time to edit each object attributes.
  18. cr1m3

    Navmesh Problem!

    Try to set the navmesh directly inside the objects attributes Under object field, you can check or uncheck navmesh Options. Also let default settings in navmesh.generating tool.
  19. cr1m3

    Customizing Common_Skills.xml

    The only scripts affecting the custom maps are those located in the templates folder: I wonder how they link those scripts to the custom maps, Maybe just by putting them in templates or somewhere in a script or hardcoded in some exe or dll? Someone asked devs if they ´ll add modding support for custom maps: (this part "I have talked with one of the engine authors and he said he will try to fix it. ") Also when you start the tools, in the very firs window, there ´s a drop down list to choose mods but it seems blocked to vanilla game. Maybe devs never had the time to implement this option and they never do it?
  20. cr1m3

    Envprobe Not Darkening

    I had envprobes that were Breaking once you build or restart the map. Maybe terrain can cause this as Lynds said? So i had to migrate to another map. Once you create groups, never include the map module in any group.(the map module is the blue icon object on top of the objects list) Also never include movieActors that are linked to a movie or both map module or movieActors will crash the tools. Make 8k or 10k object groups max .
  21. cr1m3

    What Has Happened?

    This could happen when autosave is enabled or when you have two maps in the same project. You ´ll have to open the map manually. To do so , click on document then open map. This happens when there ´s more than one file in your project and the tools wont decide which map he needs to load... So, if you want to skip this step, disable autosave under tools , options then backup your project manually if you disabled autosaves. Now, delete autosaves folder inside your project folder to let the tools load in a row.
  22. cr1m3

    Extreme Light Bleed?

    Some meshes material let the sun light pass through. Since you can ´t edit the game assets materials ( except for custom models) , there ´s other options. First in the object attributes window under object filed, you can change the shadow radius , there ´s 3 settings 1,2 or 3 . 1 set a short shadow and 3 set a long shadow range. But if shadows are disabled in object ´s material, the shadow settings wont work. So, put a primitive cube behind the visible wall or any other Object that cast shadow ( use a low polygon mesh for the optimisation). Or there ´s shadowcaster object , it ´s invisible and it cast shadows from sun .( uncheck collisions in the object attributes under object field to avoid blocking player when the shadowcaster is covering large areas and is crossing Other rooms or roofs).
  23. The files been overwrited cause dying light data3.pak is there for modding the game , the devs made this for adding mods inside the data3.pak. The game installer is putting this pak with empty place holders so i guess the following install do the same. So backup the vanilla data3.pak so that when you want to Play multiplayer with friends that dont have any mod or the same mod as you, you can put this pak . Otherwise the game will prompt that you have no multiplayer cause of modified game. And if you want to recreate some mod, backup it too and share it with friends so that they can join you.
  24. cr1m3

    Expand Navmesh?

    Try to set walls as navmesh transparent. Or walls with navmesh transparent and floor with navmesh Transparent then add one floor mesh under the actual floor And set it as navmesh road . The hided floor will replace the visible floor for navmesh calculation. Also testing with attractors to see if many zombies wanna Run in this hallway.
  25. cr1m3

    Expand Navmesh?