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    Yeah, it is beta because the light shaft is smaller than the default light but there ´s a light attached to the player that Is not realistic and not scary. Also because there ´s too much scripts and it is confusing When you mod. But it should not harm the mod or map. I hope this is what you wanted to change in your map. For my map i want some kind of alan wake flashlight Effect also a smaller light shatf so that there ´s more jump scares when you are in the dark, also more tension.
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    Yeah, inside your project there ´s only the inventory_gen_workshop.scr but you need to take the game files into your project. So find the dying light /dw/data0.pak and extract it somewhere with 7zip then, copy the data/scripts/inventory Folder into your project folder. Then find the inventory.scr and edit the first flashlight in the script (Flashlight_Basic)and change the light angle and range. But the game ´s scripts folder is full of files that the mod Don ´t need. I already made the beta mod but i need to remove all files That don't affect the flashlight to keep the project directory As clean as possible. I modified those lines into the Inventory.scr FullLightAngle(15.0); DimLightAngle(15.0); FullLightRange(15.0); DimLightRange(25.0); There's the link for the mod i made:!09BGSB5T!Av5Mob3pIfHdxxDBLCo201KWrFQC-iqCUcRrF20MuOs4 (this is a beta mod so it needs to be cleaned until there's only needed files in it) Look inside red dead planet, how techland devs added The gravity mod during their gamejam because the map creators asked them to apply the mod in custom maps. They added the whole odephysics folder (odephysics game folder) inside the project/data folder of the custom map Then they edited the physicsWalkfly.scr or some script. I mean there ´s only one or two files they modified for the mod but the files are linked with some methods or include And import functions . This is why modding custom maps need all the files that are linked to be applied in the map. Not just one file like in game mods cause game mods Are installed in the game path where all the game files are stored. I mean that we can mod custom maps and add any file we want to modify anything but we need to add all related files That will link our mod to the game or the custom map Player will read the data0.pak files instead of our mod And this will not work when you test.
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    For the flashlight you can modify it but you need to add new files into the project/data folder. I ´m making a mod exactly for the same reason, i feel like the default flashlight is like a lighthouse . So i managed to modify it in the inventory.scr but you need other files to apply it in custom maps. So it ´s not finished yet but i can confirm it is working.
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    Respawn Problems

    Did the player is falling under map? Seems like when you spawn under map. I saw some checkbox in the spawnpoint attributes, UseNavMesh for more precise spawns. Also if the player is falling underground, i noticed it never Happen with terrain, only with floor objects.
  5. cr1m3

    What's Invoke And What's This Message?

    1: no 2: Debugpos is always spawning the player at the same point. But you can add many debugpos and then choose Where to spawn in the play with invoke window. And yes, the game should be connected with the tools. compile (generate) the code again then press play and go back to the tools Once the game is running and you should be able the select some phase then press the little guy 's invoke button.
  6. Until the tools get fixed or not, i uploaded all the assets previews for dying light , dlc and data folder. Here:
  7. What is the update about? Is there any release note about this update so that we can know what have been changed also if old custom maps need to be patched of fixed?
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    Invalidparams - A Parameter Is Incorrect

    Hey, glad you're back. I had this issue before but i thought it was fixed so maybe the latest update is causing this again? But i had a fix:
  9. cr1m3

    Do I Need Dying Light For Pc?

    You need to buy dying light pc version to create custom maps. Pc game and tools are tied together and only techland Can add such custom maps on consoles.
  10. Did you tried to click on document then open map? Cause if there ´s more than one map file, you need to select them manually to load the map.
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    Quests And Phases Between Maps

    Make sure that you have two folders in your quest Folder. One folder named as your first map and containing The first map ´s pxsl script And another folder named as your second map and containing the second map ´s pxsl quest script. So your quest folder should contain; Map1/map1.pxsl And map2/map2.pxsl . Now map1.pxsl code should be like: QuestsDefinitions -level=map_01 quest Map1Quest1 -final=false ,BLOCK _ -obj=<<pass through portal>> ,goto _ mapPortal Portal_to_SecondMap -distance=3 And map2.pxsl code like: QuestsDefinitions -level=map_02 quest Map2Quest1 -Leading_portal=map_portal_name_from_first_map -parent=Map1Quest1 -final=false ,BLOCK _ -obj=<<next objective>> ,take _ QuestInventoryItemDi puppet quest Map2Quest2 -final=true -parent=Map2Quest1 ,BLOCK _ -obj=<<last chapter interactions>> And if you want the player to get back to map 1 for doing someting,You ´ll have to continue the code in map 1 with leading portal. Ps, you can try without leading portal, maybe it works without it and just by parenting the next quest to the prevoius one... But if you want the player to return to map 1, change the map2quest2 as -final=false And use -final=true only for the very last quest the player Need to do.
  12. If you tried all solutions in the links above,Try to take your mapName.exp file and copy it then rename It as your map file "" and try to load the map.(keep the source exp file as it is, you will have two exp Files, one as a fake map file and the other default exp) Make some backup of the whole project before. If you can load with the fake map file (exp renamed) You will have all object selection groups unselectable. Or you could try to create some new project with the same name as your broken project (move the broken project in another directory temporary) and replace the map file by your broken project map file. This is only experimental suggestions and there ´s a little Chance that you can retrieve some data. Exp file is the compiled version of the map file. So in previous engine, it was possible to use the exp As a map file to load your map in the tools but some objects references are gone and not editable . (Exp file is the file that is loaded when you play ingame So it is not meant to be edited as the source map file). I assume you already tried to fix this with bak files One by one .
  13. cr1m3

    What's Invoke And What's This Message?

    This window works when you set a proper debugpos code ,goto <<debugTest>> SpawnPoint Debug_spawn_awakening -distance=5 -show=false ,debugpos SpawnPoint Debug_spawn_awakening (if you have the "E Phase with 'debugpos' needs unique name: _" warning, just comment the code with <<Something>> instead of this"_" ) (all phases should turn into grey color after the debugpos code) And then, you press play button (little arrow next to it) and play with invoke. Now your map will start exactly where you put the spawnpoint(disable respawn in the debug spawnpoint or it will be used instead of your designed spawns and you can also debugpos with only this code ,debugpos SpawnPoint Debug_spawn_awakening after some phase with sensor goto or object) Now to respawn where you want also backwards, press escape while ingame to pop menu up then switch to the editor (pxsl quest editor window) and select one phase then, press on invoke and move player to position...button (little guy icon) and some yellow arrow should appear on the left side of the code margin and now switch back to the editor's map player and resume game. Now the player should respawn where the yellow arrow point in the code. (this will not work each time) so try to press disconnect button then connect again and little guy button again. then check again ingame. If the player still not respawn where the quest arrow is pointing, select another phase and press little guy again and the yellow arrow should move there and after some attempts you should be able to respawn the player. There's an invoke option in the devtools map player's menu but i never managed to respawn the player to the listed debugpos so maybe this could work after many attempts?
  14. cr1m3

    Carryable Objects

    Maybe bring_item phase but i had no time to test. Or add some challenge, both in challenge scripts and quest code. I mean maybe there ´s special conditions within challenge System. The questeditorconfig.scr is containing additional informations on all quest phases.
  15. cr1m3

    Decisions And Reactions In Movies

    The trick i explained above does not match to what you see in the following finale movie. Maybe the interactive movie does something.
  16. cr1m3

    Night Sounds

    I found some interesting code inside those scripts that concern the time warnings. Weatherdata.scr also dw_weather_def.scr both located In data0.pak/data/scripts.
  17. cr1m3

    Decisions And Reactions In Movies

    I know you can use à movieActionExecutor class box object to trigger live actions during the movie. Add this box to movie actors and add some new filter Keys called javaMethodKeys. Now add some actions in the movieActionExecutor actions list. Then type Execute in the javaMethodKeys settings. Execute = first action in the movieActionExecutor actions list and Execute1 = second action Execute2... Now to create actions, double click on action field and choose what you want.(there ´s a limited choice of actions). Now for quick time events, i saw this somewhere, Maybe inside physicalswitches trigger types or in some Sensor or object class but can't remember where. Let me know if you find it.
  18. cr1m3

    What's Invoke And What's This Message?

    My invokes window is always empty.But such a function will be helpful for debugging long quests. (Thx Joluk) Is there some invoke script in projects folders or you can Create one?
  19. cr1m3

    Respawn Problems

    Check respawn and uncheck m_QEnableState Inside all questHub respawners except for the mapStart spawnpoint (disable mapStart once player reaches next Goto destination). Now after each important goto destination Enable a new spawn, disable the old one. Make sure there ´s always some spawn enabled Or it could make serious issues. Personally i do it this way cause i never figured How checkpoint works out. It makes some extra code but it is easy to Debug as long as you place a sensor goto (NEVER use sensor goto object if you disabled the minimap hud because the orange point or objective destination will be invisible and sensor goto will have the orange point in the center of the box so the player will miss objectives often as the hud is hided. And the whole quest will be broken.) (Instead of sensor goto, use a marker object or any model object in your map then, set the ,goto's quest code phase to use the marker so that you can add distance parameter (sensor goto does not have distance parameter). You can use the distance counter tool to check distances in the world. In a strategic place. Also to enable new spawn and disable old one after goto phase So that your code is clear and it divide your Map with chapters and each chapter have its own Spawnpoints. ,goto _ sensor_goto first_respawn_on_tower ,wait _ 0.1 ,enable _ QuestHub respawn_on_tower ,wait _ 0.1 ,disable _ QuestHub old_respawner_on_bridge
  20. cr1m3

    Night Sounds

    Maybe this code could be placed in another context but you ´re more advanced with quest coding. I saw something to block hints in code. How did you made the night and day cycles ? If it ´s in a weather script, maybe there ´s variables for that?
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    Try to destroy the selected group ´s hierarchy to test if itWorks without grouped objects. The group should be intact in the assets browser if you want to replace it. Sometimes logic objects who are inside groups are bugging. I had some issue with boxobjectEnabler inside a group, It was working only one time and once the group was destroyed, all was working as expected. This is not the same issue as you cause i had no validation warning. But having invalid references warning and accepting the build process could give you serious issues and may broke your map. Not totally sure if it could break the map but this is not good When you have linked objects warnings.
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    Notes Popping On The Screen Immediately

    Use a message trigger:
  23. cr1m3

    Is It Possible To...

    You could put some huge night area who will cover the whole Map then enable or disable it when needed if overlapping them cause crashes.
  24. cr1m3

    How To Attack Hive Volatile?

    Did you tried to set biters as pro player conflict side? Also you could try with a single npc = humanAi class And choose some zombie in the type list. Then, go to the windows menu and under presets, create a new preset so that you have this new type of npc. You can change conflict side in this preset to find the one who works better. AiSpawnboxNumber seems spawning humanAi class.
  25. cr1m3

    Colored Objects Problem

    Try to do what Rafal polito said here: But i guess your object don ´t have the usecolor skin. It is some setting in the skn file but you don ´t have access To game assets skn files.