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    The Official Modding Tools Thread

    To get your hands on the tools follow thisTopic : But this is a closed beta and maybe it´s Too late... And for the total conversion it´s not possible With the actual tools version.
  2. cr1m3

    The Official Modding Tools Thread

    On my pc the textures work fine in the Editor but when i clicked on refresh all I had hundred of missing textures errors. I reported this to devs but maybe it is a random Bug or as you said KNG an install problem. But since this problem i have disabled both game And tools beta in properties and steam updated Something. Maybe some fixes or the data was reloaded But since the update the tools behave better...
  3. cr1m3

    The Official Modding Tools Thread

    Hello psypol Try to delete devtools local content in steam Properties then reinstalling the tools. Maybe this will fix something? And for the dds i have the same problem. Please report the problems or bugs on Techland devtools mail.
  4. cr1m3

    The Official Modding Tools Thread

    I totally agree.
  5. cr1m3

    Developer Tools Beta

    Thanks for the trick KNG. I guess they add the dll once it´s Fixed. The beta is not the full sdk they ´d Used to make dying light. It´s more user friendly but there ´s Missing parts cause they can not give Their technology away, I mean that the chrome engine is a Proprietary technology. For myself i ´ll send them bug reports And feature request like it is asked in the Mail they sent with the tools activation codes.
  6. cr1m3

    The Official Modding Tools Thread

    Thank you so much for releasing all this Stuff for us. This gonna be awesome!!!
  7. cr1m3

    So...hows The Game Progressing?

    Hi, I remember the team section on hellraid blog And Marcin Zygaldo was in the hellraid devs team. In fact he made a dead island mod that was So cool that it made project hell starting. Now the team section was modified several Times and marcin vanished suddenly from Hellraid team? Now if you look on the hellraid blog (sharpen your Axes, project hell whatever) One of the major artist of the project called Seir (= mateusz piaskiewicz) Still have his profile on the blog team page. In fact he is gone from techland since Last year and he is working at treyarch I guess on the call of duty franchise. In my opinion there's big changes in the team Or the initial team is gone. But the only hope is that the studio have Spent so much effort in the project that It will survive finally...
  8. cr1m3

    Rhino 5 And Revit Model Support

    Hi, Without any level editor you can ´t Import models in Dying Light. You can import your models in some of techland Games like call of juarez 1 and 2 Also xpand rally and some other games. Because techland gave tools and level editor With some of their games but not for Dying Light. Maybe they give us some tools but?... Now for rhino 5, you ´ll have to convert into Dae, obj, fbx... Directly from rhino. And for revit try with fbx. But for now, you can ´t import them in Dying Light.
  9. cr1m3

    Matchmaking Kick :(

    Hi, there's no way to invade people's game as a zombie!! Because if you enter matchmaking, you are kicked from all game sessions. How can you level up if you can't be the zombie? Personnaly i did not finnished the solo game, that's why i don't switch the online mode on for now. I wish there will be a human vs zombie mode. I mean a lobby with humans and zombies searching to play together as Left 4 Dead lobby.
  10. I would say thank you for Your game also for be the zombie which Is great. I ´d never had this feeling in a game Since long time.
  11. cr1m3

    Dear Hellraid Fans

    Finally, the Hellraid forum is back. Could someone give news on the game development. Will the Hellraid official site be active again?
  12. cr1m3

    Spam Invasion

    Could some admin or moderator Remove all this spam on the forum. Please don ´t abandon this forum, Or your fans will go away.
  13. cr1m3

    Spam Invasion

    Thanks for the info.
  14. cr1m3

    The Official Modding Tools Thread

    Hi again, nice to speak with you Luke Dead DeadIsland. I really hope they'll give us good tools for making cool things. Also thank you for the day&night cycle mods you made cause techland considered them in Dying Light for sure. I can't wait for the tools to come and start modding.
  15. cr1m3

    The Official Modding Tools Thread

    Hi, if Dying Light devs plan to make chromed 6 available to public, i have some suggestions. First, i'll explain why you should make it available.(at least a light version) Because just scripting Dying Light as Dead Island is not enough.(In my opinion) It's too limited because you can't make a real change in the game, i mean like a total conversion of the game or new enemies and so on. Give us chromed 6 !! Now my suggestions; 1. material editor. with all functions like variables, shader,normal maps, specular light,textures... Make a list of all material functions. And the possibility to make your own material script with the help of the mat editor. Also the possibility to link the material to any 3d object ingame. 2. 3D model importer plugin. Please make a blender compatible plugin with animation support for people that can't spend 4000 $ in 3ds max. Or make a new dae2msh with anim export. I think this is the most important tool for mappers to add new things inside DL. 3. Code sample examples . I mean python, java or whatever language is used in Dying Light to add new character class or oject class or new hud... You could give us some source code to help mod programmers to make real mods like HL2 complete mods. Creating new classes could give modders a huge range of possibilities. I think that now techland is ready for making big things like Valve did with the modding community. It's time to release chromed 6 within modding tools, 4. Tutorials. Video or text based tutorials, to increase the community skills faster. Explain which script file does what and describe his included functions. Make a youtube channel or make a site like cojmodding was. Choose a good place to get all modders together, a place to share their ideas, mod files, own tutorials and so on. 5. Rules Please make clear license rules. The rules will be the base of the community because mapping or modding could take people a lot of time and if they don't have clear rules on the editor permissions, they will loose their time. Worse, people could break some law or copyright that will put them in real trouble even if they didn't knew they were breaking the law. So please, make a tutorial to explain what they can do or not with the modding tools!!! Don't let people alone and ignorant making stupid things. You could suggest to 3d modelers to prove that they have made their own 3d model. They'll show to the community 2 or 3 screenshots of their model at early production stage. 6. no quest editor. The chrome editor 4 quest tool was pushing mappers to make boring repetitive quests. All missions were almost the same. Make an actionchain manager instead. 7. actionchain manager tool. make a simplier way to link characters, models and sensors with actionchains. Make one actionchain editor that can list all available actions you can create. Then explaining what act_ChangeParams means... It think it's much better to go deeper in the game mechanics this way than making a repetitive quest editor without full control on actions. 8. no simple mode, just advanced mode (expert mode) Chromed 4 had a simple and advanced mode. The simple mode was here to help beginners to step in the map creation. But it's a waste of time to learn the simple mode. Why?, because once you've managed the simple mode's User interface, and you want to turn advanced mode on, you'll need to start learning editor buttons from scratch. Also, with the simple mode you miss most of the engine functions. 9. Full assets pipeline. make possible to add custom sound, music, textures models quickly inside the editor. 10. Fx editor creator. make a tool for editing existing 2d fx and creating new ones. make the same kind of tool mentionned in material editor section. 11. Dialog editor. Make one tool for creating dialog strings that will output text.scr file directly in game folders. Make lips, sound and mimics synchronisation between dialogs by using a timeline tool. Also make one language localisation wizzard. 12. Weather editor. There's already a varlist editor in the engine but it will be very useful to have realtime weather changer in the editor. Also a day and night cycle editing tool that can output in the weater.scr All those suggestions could really accelerate the maps or mods creation process. I know that i'm asking impossible things but for me, this kind of tools would make chromed perfect. If you don't publish the chrome editor 6, forget about this.