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  1. cr1m3

    Tutorials re upload

    Thanks guys ;)
  2. cr1m3

    Tutorials re upload

    Hey, i just re upload some tutorials on Dying Light developer tools here: Tutorials
  3. Expand the error message in the validator then copy to desktop. Now, paste this in notepad and look the files also where they are placed. But this is a huge list, maybe you have both previews into your project and into the developer tool’s parh. If so, remove the previews from your project. And let them into the tool’s path so that the previews will be shared across all of your projects.
  4. cr1m3

    How to add weapons ?

    Hi, to add weapons into your map (ones that player can pick up), place some item spawner then, open the attributes window when this object is selected and choose the item type. (you can find the item spawner in the assets browser under the common collection). (by default it is an ammo box).
  5. Such objects have probably cloth parts on the mesh, maybe special bones to create the moving cloth effect. that can be edited in the mesh part cloth script. But idk if it’s possible to import such system in the tools with the basic fbx importer. One thing that’s possible, is to add some material on the mesh and set the wind effect on some parts of the umbella . like the clothes of some dead bodies are Moving with the wind force. To add wind effect on a custom mesh ‘s material, select your custom object in the tools then, open the material editor and double click on the material name then, find the wind material effects to enable them. Also i think the devs are using bones to implement clothes on the mesh like this: But bones are not exportable with the fbx plugin that we have. Also skinned meshes or rigged meshes are not importable with this plugin, what make impossible to animate any custom model .
  6. cr1m3

    [FR] Help

  7. cr1m3

    Devs don't care about devtools?

    1: airdrops seems really complicated to create . So if i woul make some airdrop, i would create a movie to move the aircraft and drop a parachute then make appear some crate with red smoke. Because spending days to figure out how to create live airdrops would make me waste my time. 2: ? 3: i never seen driving Ais but i didn’t finished the following dlc so i guess it exist. A think this they created the illusion that some ai is driving , i mean ais can’t drive any car in this game , this would be a great feature but i guess they faked this event with some trick or movie. Did you have a link to a video showing this? I would be happy to see this.
  8. cr1m3

    Quest/script Help

    Voice 2d is when you want to make the player to speek instead of some npc. » ,radio-dialog _ voice2d Talkingplayer notice it uses the voice2d not an npc name ......... because there is no npc its you! Talkingplayer will be whatever group name you used for player » Try to install this map in your tools and see how he did the radio dialog:
  9. cr1m3

    imprting call of juarez gunsliger assets?

    Hi, coj gunslinger was on chrome engine 5. And it seems that the msh file format have evolved in the chrome engine 6. So maybe this is just a few details in the msh file that are different.
  10. cr1m3

    UV lights?

  11. cr1m3

    Developer tool not work.

    Did you fixed the problem ?
  12. cr1m3

    Developer tool not work.

    Maybe make a backup of your map then delete all movies from the map to check if it crashes. Also maybe try to delete the xml quest file and generate a new one. Also try to export those movies into another map to test if some movie is broken.
  13. cr1m3

    Developer tool not work.

    Did you added some movie actor into a group? If so, remove any actor that is used in movies from any group. You mean that someone else is having the same issue? Is this happening only when you add a movie phase then refresh? Did you checked the crash log?
  14. cr1m3

    Spawn Weapons?

    Hi, edit the default_player_setup.scr in your project/data folder.
  15. cr1m3

    Decisions And Reactions In Movies

    Maybe this could be the answer: