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  1. sty3ler06

    New Patch Fucked Night Hunter

    People chupacabra and moan it's too easy before and are bit ching and moaning now it's too hard lol craziness makes me laugh I still think the night hunter is easy to beat still needs balancing more I think
  2. sty3ler06

    The Whole Story Glitch Trophy Question.

    Right just found this in main menu go to extras and statistics there is a checklist at bottom for the whole story achievement and shows which are completed and which ain't. Them you can load a new game from mission extraction find the side quests and complete them for the achievement. Hope this helps people
  3. Sorry people will take this down now hoping for a fix ASAP so just wanted to make devs aware
  4. sty3ler06

    Lost All My Weapons & Items!

    Go to your weapons stash mate at a safe house should all be there
  5. Ok so I'm in this group on Facebook it's a great group xbox one uk if you want to join! But.......... They have posted this video up of this glitch after the first patch so I'm going to share here hoping that the devs can do something about this as soon as possible because this is a joke and can cause unfairness across everyone's games so come on devs a few more bugs to sort to keep this game going for as long as possible. Please do not use this glitch it is a joke and will mess with not only your own experience but huge problems across everyone's games Dying light- Unlimited money glitch *After patch*:
  6. sty3ler06

    Developer Feedback

    Nests should be based on number of hits not depending on damage of weapon as one hitting 4 nests nearly per night hunter life is a joke!, I.e 25 hits per person per nest (4 people 100 hits) increase zombie count around nests need a huge horde not 3 zombies and odd rebar zombie stupid, night hunter should take alot more hits and scaled to amount of people. As for humans uv light is over powered zombie should still move faster than humans after stamina drain to avoid being the one hunted all the time there is no fear being the humans they are always hunting the zombie rather than running or hiding, bombers should injure humans not instakill maybe 2 bombers, uv flash light spit is fair enough and great addition doesn't need changing maybe provide more spits for night hunter aswell, FIX infinite spit glitch as that's stupid, death from above after jumping over night hunter should be removed as it's too easy, area ping should be timed maybe 5 secs before next ping as constantly pinging and knowing where hunter is, still provides no fear! These fixes need applying soon before people are fed up as it's already happening and people are getting extremely frustrated including myself