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  1. Hi there Techland! Just wanted to drop by and offer my suggestion for mod implementation because 1.4.0 is not the right way to go if you want to keep modders playing. Obviously you're concerned with keeping a non modded gamer happy with the game as well, so allowing modded games to connect to non-modded is an obvious no-no. However, and this is where you guys messed up, most people modding aren't concerned with what mods others are running. We get off on new mods and hearing about what others are playing with. We love the idea of co-op modded gameplay. Currently your setup is causing a schism within online gameplay because any difference in file is causing us to not be able to connect to online games. My suggestion is that you allow modded games to connect to other modded games, period. I know you guys are all talking about this at the office so please bring up this suggestion at the next meeting and see what can be done. Thank you for this awesome game, and thank you for keeping modders in your thoughts. Sincerely, Joffie87 & Other Modders
  2. Joffie87

    Suggestion For Calming The Modding Community

    Fair enough. I would have to say then graphical mods need a free pass. Be they UI, or ones that change the effects in the game. For instance, I like turning off chromatic abberation. Or what about modding the UI to fit better on the occulus rift? Cheat mods are just the easiest to produce without mod tools so thats what we see right now. I guess my point is if it's this messed up right now, when modding hasn't really taken off, how can the current model hope to support a mod communtiy? Maybe instead of my first suggestion, instead it would be better for each host to have an option menu where they can choose types of mods to allow.