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    Gemly account

    Same issue here, i go to get the old rusty, but then it wants me to log in. Im logged in just fine here. But when i put in the same details i used here, there, it says they are invalid. Im PS4 but i havent even gotten to the bit where it has you select platform... ***EDIT*** I managed to get to teh old rusty... it gave me a docket code. WHich redeems on the docket site, for any platform. easy. However... you cant log in on the docket site. Its fubar and sits there loading forever.
  2. I stashed mine prior to patch, tehn pulled them out specificly to try to use them to level legend... i havent tried stashing since. Ill try it tho and see if it does the same to me, if it does we can toss that up as an issue.
  3. Just went through the entire dlc... and its great! Just a few issues i ran into that could be easily addressed. Legend Level XP loss. This is beyond aggravating. I had a hoard of packages save up and got to 177 nearly instantly. Yea that could be called cheating... but hey at least i didn't dupe my way there. HOWEVER.... now it takes 4.3 MILLION exp to level once. I had a duper help me get to 180 but it took a little over 63 STACKS OF PACKAGES TO DO IT. that's a bit ridiculous. How are we supposed to get levels naturally when you lose all exp upon death? The only way to combat it is to play on nightmare and have three pugs for the 30% but IF YOU DIE YOUR SCREWED. Please lower the amount of xp needed OR make it take away a flat percentage of EXP instead of ALL OF IT. Weapon Repairs. I, like nearly anyone else who plays the game a lot, have the perk that gives you a high chance to not consume a repair on a weapon while repairing it. Prior to the patch it was working great. Now i burn through weapons faster then i can find decent replacements. The perk isn't working. the ONE TIME it worked throughout the play-through, it kept the weapon alive one more time. Simply raise the percentage of chance it works. Arrows/Bolts getting stuck under the ground. Not really a biggie but still quite irritating. just make them have a tick counter that puts them in a pack like the money/loot bags after you rek a zombie. Bozak Dockets not redeeming. Simply that. Fix for that should be obvious. Beyond that, the dlc felt better then the base game! Hopefully there's more to come! That ending tho... im torn, Techland. Im torn.
  4. It was more of a bump so that they can see it, not a bump for them to fix it RIGHT NOW smart chupacabra. Then again i dont really expect you to have the brain power to figure that out on your own.
  5. Nekonomable

    Lf> Bow Duper.

    Normaly Im not one to bloddy beg and be useless... but I cant solo, nor can i seem to find a damn lobby of people who can beat the Horde. All I want is that bloody bow. Message me on PSN @ xlNekopowerlx if your a cool cat that can help me out with the issue, either in the form of dupage or in the form of being an eternal badass and helping me get thru the 20 trials.
  6. Nekonomable

    Lf> Bow Duper.

    Great, thanks for the tip tho at leaste. I cant seem to find bloody anyone to even attempt this chupacabra. youd think theyd have a matchmaking at this point, cheers.
  7. Nekonomable

    "night Hunter" Don't Make Me Laugh...

    Bring your high end hunter to my world. Ill show you how weak you truely are. I walk around with public and anytime turned on for a reason. Hunters are not to be feared. Only to be hunted.
  8. This wont work against someone who has nigh inf airstrikes. You cant get close. the few times you can get them, do not outweigh how fast they tear through nests.
  9. Nekonomable

    They Know The Do's, Heres The Dont's

    Right from the off, i mained human. And early game, yea, hunters are a nightmare. But by the time you can start getting sac short swords and katanas... Hunters have no chance. What weapon can one shot a hunter? Easy. Any 23-25 melee weapon with a single medium element, and no upgrades. I run around with 2800 damage blades. One shots hunter. One shots nest. All I need is my flares. Hunter cant do anything. UV spit doesnt stop you throwing out more flares. Ive taken to running around with my game on public, and invasions set to any time, because im not afraid in the slightest. The Hunter is supposed to be the "oh chupacabra" zombie, all it is is "YEY STALKER!" (warframe reference) Gimme them glands huntuh. Its pretty bad when the human is pouncing the hunter, when its supposed to be vise versus. No joke. Humans can pounce. Found that out the other day. Gives one hell of a badass execution too. After completing Human, i jumped over to Hunter. Now ive noticed, I was right. Early game players are easy targets. Anything passed that tho and you at the hunter are screwed. If they arent hunting you, they are making a path of light you cant go in but they are safe. Just had a match where a guy ran around with airstrikes. Only time i could catch him was right befor he tossed a new one, and if he was outside the last one. It oneshots nests and hunters. Ive met people with melee weapons like mine, and flares to boot. Playing as hunter you have no chance against semi decently geard people. Horde spit? Useless if they are not on the ground floor. UV spit only effects Lights and flares already deployed. Id like to do more as hunter then terrorize the kiddies. Yea its fun. But I need to level hunter as well, and you cant do that when more then half of the games you join, they leave, or that any game over 25% completion is death for you. Now, befor you say "wow you must suck as hunter then" leme just state that ive gotten many full wipe games. No nests lost. And some of those were against the higher end players. Im just stating the fact that there is no balance here. Humans have the advantage. Use that to your effect when playing.
  10. Nekonomable

    Is This Game Buggy? Broken? What Platforms?

    Most of the posts i've seen were PC users. I myself play on the 4 and have experianced no problems other then multiplayer connectivity, which was recently fixxed. Those weapons will not carry over into hard mode. Its a fresh restart. From 0. Instead of adding dlc that added content, they added dlc that repeted it.
  11. Nekonomable

    "night Hunter" Don't Make Me Laugh...

    THis is all well and true, but a hunter cant spit out a flare. A hunter cannot compete with a oneshot high end katana that shreads both hunter and nest in one hit. You may have gone on a 20+ kill streak against a nubblete, but try taking on someone with items to spare. NH is just an early game horror. End game NH is a joke, and an easily dispatched one at that. One on one i shread hunters. I wont divulge how. But its not that hard. Hunters are a joke. Inf spit? NEVER seen this, even if i had, spits are a joke as well. UV spit? useless. Ill just pop flares. Hoard spit? Useless. I can run on rooftops, and bombers are slow. If your getting shreaded 1v1 by a hunter, you or your gear sucks. 1v4 is even more laughable when you have multiplue people with decent weaponry and flares.
  12. Nekonomable

    Let Down

    I see alot of entitled children griping here. First off, R1 to jump. Yes it is unusual, but if you take the time to learn and play, it makes a hell of a lot of sense and feels more natural. Second is the whole QQ over repairs. If we had perm dura on weapons, what do you think would happen? The looting of materials would be pointless. Half of the game is looting. With no dura loss you would have to loot and thus the game would be a walk-through. 3rd, Fast travel. Seriously, why is this even an issue.... entitlement! There IS fast travel, not techlands fault your to dense to locate and use it. 4th, Multiplayer stability. Game is new. Network needs work. and thus, a patch rolled out that helped adress the issue. Lo'behold multiplayer is quite effin stable now. THINGS I DO SEE WRONG however. Adding in hardcore mode. Why. Most people dont want to restart their game from scratch and play the same chupacabra we already did, again. We are looking for dlc that ADDS to the experiance, not repetes it. Goons Range. Something about a goon bashing the ground after you dodge back TWICE and STILL HITTING YOU when you about 5-15 feet from the impact... is extreamly questionable. Hunter is far to weak. If i can leave my invasions on "anytime" and feel perfectly safe, Something is wrong. High end Katanas, one shot the nests. Just carry flares, a rifle (in case the hunter wants to camp on a nest a ground pound... yea this has happened, because the hunter realized he couldnt take me) to shoot the nests at ranged if need be, and a modified katana. Hunters are a joke. Ive even managed to POUNCE one from a rooftop. A hunter. Got pounced. By a human. But cant pounce the human. Lol.
  13. Nekonomable

    Let Down

    Well... theres alot to address here.