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  1. Douglis

    Subtitles Request

    So, I'm Brazillian, and the job from Warner to translate the game is amazing, as well as the local voice acting. Although, I would also like to see how is the game in english, but to change all game menus and subtitles wouldn't worth the effort. Is there a chance that Techland patch the game with English voice acting and menu and subtitles in Portuguese?
  2. Douglis

    Stupid Question

    Thanks !
  3. Douglis

    Stupid Question

    So, I've got this 100% world that I wouldn't like to chupacabra up, maybe NG+ someday, but not now. Anyhow, there's the Polyamory achievement, it's the last one for me, but I don't want to lose my world as it is. So my question is: if I join a random coop game online, would it affect my world, or only my character level, money, itens , etc. ?
  4. Douglis

    Dumb Idea

    Yeah, you're absolutely right, without those implements would be kind of a disappointment Yeah, well, it's funny and all, but I would like to see my character evolving, while I destroy all the hordes that come. Plus, new skills woudn't really be bad at all.
  5. Douglis

    Dumb Idea

    Okay, so, here's my problem: I'm an idiot. The thing is, I've been playing for days since I finished 100% of the game just to get to the maximum level of all three skills, so I won't receive any exp for anything I do. Until there it's all okay, I've already finished the game, but then, something hits my head like a baseball bat: DLCs. ''The Bozak Horde'' and ''Cuisine & Cargo'' are basically about exp, but I won't get any since I'm maxed out, thereafter I will only play them to do something with the Season Pass. So, what about an Idea for Techland? Add in Season Pass more levels, like, level 30 or something, just to players that already beat the game have some fun too.