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  1. alireza888

    Developer Feedback

    Pounce, Groundpound, Aerial Groundpound, Spits and claws won't work on them How are we supposed to kill them? I have some ideas for balancing the BTZ: decrease the range of uv light and it's battery life if the zombie crouches humans can't see them on the radar this can balance the BTZ decrease the detonate time of the spits and their cooldown i noticed if you pounce on a survivor exactly from their above they can't interrupt the pounce with flashlight make this thing work for the pounces from behind make a 4 or 5 second cooldown for Survivor ShitENSE Add limit for throwing flares (Only 1 flare at time) Decrease the damage of survivor's weapons Make dropkick counterable like tackle
  2. alireza888

    Please Set New Hunter Vs Human Settings

    In my opinion 1v1 matches are way too harder than 1v+1! There are always noobs in 1v+1 matches so you can kill them rapidly and win But the cloak potion and camos are so much frustrating! And the uv flashlight is like a uv laserpointer
  3. alireza888

    Please Remove Camouflage And Cloak Potion!

    They know when you're at the nests right? (ShitENSE) But you don't know they can simply sneak near you and B00M you're dead! The Duplication glitch is ruining the game
  4. Really? Night hunter can't stay out of sight of humans for 1 second but Humans can drink cloak potion and camouflage for infinite times?(Thanks to kurczak glitch for cloak potion:|) I played a match last night everything i could see was a ? mark on the HUD:| PLEASE REMOVE THIS chupacabra! humans already have HELL lot of advantages:|
  5. I know that there's an option in friends list to invade our friends But what about ps4? I've been searching net for 3 days but nothing:| Please HELP!
  6. alireza888

    Is It Just Me Or Does The Hunter Feel Overbuffed Now?

    1-It's a skill and you're not supposed to be happy :| 2-Buuuuugggg 3-It's a skill "Ground pound pounce" 4-You can dodge tackles by simply jumping but he can't counter your dropkicks 5-He grabbed you before taking any effects from the flare. This happens quite rarely 6-Seriously?! You're not supposed to be in the safe houses! And devs will probably remove safe houses in the March patch 7-RAAARREEE! You probably ran to their spawn point 8-Just dodge back and then run! 9-Seriously?! There's a huge penalty for tackle counters: "The NH is locked in counter animation and you can simply rain death on him from above! 10-There are only two nests in 1v1! A charged attack can destroy them in one hit 11-AREE YOU SERIOUS! a kill runners in BTZ in one hit with hunter's machete:|:| 12-Get over with it! Also from what i'm reading you're a f*cking noooooobs! Humans have hell lot of advantages against the hunters! The f*cking hunter needs buff! Why the hell humans can see the hunter on the map 24/7?:|
  7. alireza888

    [Pc] Can`t Find A Game Since Tuesday

    I can barely find 1 game in the browser! I wonder why they stop playing all at the same time:|
  8. Remove the f*cking sense! The survivors are the real hunters right now! Add a flare limit (Based on number of survivors) Decrease range of UV light! Seriously it's a flashlight not a laser pointer! Add a time limit for destroying nests (I really hate those cowards that stay in safehouses) Decrease detonation time of spits Let the spits and uv shield recharge on successful pounce Don't remove all of the zombies on an invasion Increase the health of the nests based on the damage of survivor's weapons!(Two hit to destroy a nest?!) Disable the safehouses on an invasion Fix the f'ing matchmaking! Add an ability for NH to stick to the walls! Decrease the time of pouncing Add a few volatiles near the nests
  9. alireza888

    "night Hunter" Pffft Don't Make Me Laugh

    BTZ is nothing like it's trailers! I think they must add more things to NH rather than removing things from the humans
  10. alireza888

    2-12-15 Update Notes Ps4.....

    I'm really frustrated of lvl25 bug! also they probably fix the weapon variety in March update
  11. alireza888

    Techland, Worst Patching I Have Ever Seen...

    The only problem i have right now is Freaking LVL25 bug:|
  12. alireza888

    More Connectivity Issues After Patch 1.03

    PS4 I couldn't play even one match in my 80 hour playthrogh
  13. This game has hell lot of connectivity issues! From day one i had problems with BTZ and i still have them! I can't evem join one match without receiving (Connection could not established) (The game you're trying to join is no longer available) and... Many players have maxed out the night hunter annnnd i'm still LVL1 :| Also before patch 1.03 i could easily join coop games but after it i always receive errors:|:| PLEASE fix this in March patch
  14. alireza888

    Flares Ruin Be The Zombie

    Unfortunately there's no other tactic for 1vs1! But sure it's a HUGE problem in 1vs4(3 or 2)