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  1. Maverick-Werewolf, of course you're not the only one - look out there, on Steam, forums, etc. I really don't understand the need of the devs to create the whole new expansion just to kill a nice, pleasant protagonist, whose motivation, for a change, is not his egoistical drama (aka my wife is dead and my child is kidnapped), but the desire to save PEOPLE, to help them, to save the world even. Well, it's at least how I see Crane. And now what? Is he gonna be replaced with no regrets? I can accept that at all.( Also it feels like a terrible mistake of game design, it breaks the conection. I've read before that people actually wants a hopefull ending for the DL game, because it FEELS like it can and actually should have a hopefull ending. Anyways, just saying.( Because devs and publishers will NEVER do that, never listen, never try it. they are so scared of doing anything like that, probably because they think it would affect the sales... Sales are everything, blah.
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    No Answer To Techland ?

    But what's most unpleasant thing is that there are info like "Hey, we at Techland are listening to our players and ready to implement the content that you'd like to see in our future games." Smth like this I've heard a couple of times. :/ But in reality it's more like "We're adding cars and bows in the next DLC, now tell us how you love it." And that's all. I must admit I had a better opinion of Techland... I mean cars and bows are always great, but it's not everything...
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    No Answer To Techland ?

    Well, it seems like they are not very supportive when things come to tech problems... VAC situation on Steam too.
  4. Not many people liked the endings of DLC, so I hope Techland would hear people and DO something about it...
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    Dying Light - (Fanart) Sketches

    It looks like a drawings of a children from the game... Not good at all if it's a drawings of an adult, but okay if a child drew it. Then again, a child probably shouldn't play such a violent game as DL.
  6. I'll rise this question here, because I've been investigating it and I know that not only me, but numerous people are wondering where Brecken is, during the events of The Following DLC, so... Where is he? Is he dead? Did he die sometime behind the scene? Why Lena is in charge of the Tower now? Why nobody even mentions him in DLC, not even once? That's so weird because isn't he an important leader or something? He's a deuteragonist of the full game or what? Any ideas? Any info? Please! It's such an annoying plot hole...(
  7. Yes, I support it completely! You are so right. What was that terrible, stupid endings! Bad decision from devs side, definitely. But I'm afraid the devs won't listen to us...((
  8. Oh well I don't know what facebook friendship is. Is it that bad on that site? XD Anyway if there is a woman who is the hero's LI (or hinted) in a game then she never stops randomly "hiyaing" him, so I assume only LI charcters can do that without slowing the pace of the game down, because, well, plot. XD
  9. It's also feels weird because before Crane enters Zone 0 it's obvious that he became good friends with Brecken and you nornally don't just stop comunicating with your friend and comrade without a reason. The radio comunication is allright at that time, so I really don't know how to explain why Brecken is not calling Crane any more like he did a lot in the first hal of the game. You know, for ex. when the doc is kidnapped and if you don't go after him right away and go the opposite direction Brecken would call you and start saying that "You'd better go after doctor right now.") Also remember how he was calling Crane in the beginning of the game with all this "Omg, Crane, we need the medicine, someone is turning here, omg, Crane, hurry up, Crane, do something, mate!") He's such a pathetic leader, I love him.)
  10. I felt that too and wanted to discuss this matter, I mean Brecken is second important character after Crane, at least it feels like devs intended so... And as for me, I think too that him missing after Crane enters zone 0 is actuallly a plot hole, yep. And yeah, I actually miss him a lot, I was hoping that after the game's end Crane could go to the Tower to hug Brecken in all bro style and say something like "Hey man! We did it! Can you believe it?! Because I can't!" This, this scene would make a perfect post-ending moment when the two of them would stand together on the roof looking down at the city and just for once feeling hope kinda like the craracters from "Plague" in that brief moment. Idk, I really, really want to see Brecken again, he's my fav after all.)
  11. Thanks for the opinions, guys! And yeah, it seems like Crane is easy to be decieved on these social things, like that time in the side quest about the baby is being born when in fact it was just a drunk party going. I actually gave a good lauch at that one.) Just imagine how Crane would mention to Brecken something about him dating Lena and Brecken would be like "Wut? What are you saying, mate? I'm not dating anyone." and they both would be very confused. And the fact that Brecken left the tower, left suvivors, left Lena just to hide Crane by himself in the docs speaks volumes, imao. He has much more chemistry with Crane than with Lena, because i doesn't feel like he has any chemistry with Lena at all. And as for Antizin... He maybe left it with his first set of clothes?)
  12. Hello again! I'm curious about a couple of plot things. First, I wonder about the following thing: I've been playing DL and once on my way to Brecken's tower I've met the lame guy there (you know, one of these events when Crane can listen to what suvivors have to say to him) who asked Crane to deliver a love message to Lena. I don't remember exactly what he said, but the thing is he is in love with Lena who's been taking care of the guys' mother, and he fell in love with her, but he's too shy to confess his feelings and that's why he wants Crane tell Lena about him. But Crane refuses to be an errand boy for this man, he also adds that Lena is dating Brecken and THIS is what confuses me, because before this moment I didn't even have a slightest idea that they are actually dating. Did I miss something? I mean I play very thoughtfully, listen to all NPCs, do all side-quests, but really, the news about Brecken and Lena being an item were a huge surprise for me. Crane says something like "Everyone knows that Lena is dating Brecken", but then again, if everyone inside the game knows it then why the heck I, the player, don't know a thing about it? Is there any profs in the game about their relationships or is it just Crane tells a plain lie to stop this pathetic and coward guy from distracting Lena from her important work saving lives and bother her with his stupid confessions? What do you think? Also I wonder about the flask of Antizine that Crane saved for himself in the beginning of the game when he's destroyed the drop. Why he never uses that one for himself? I mean he COULD save both himself AND Jade, why the heck he didn't use it? I mean it looks like he never use it or mention it, or maybe I've missed something here againl? Or is it just a plothole? Well, sorry, if these questions are kinda stupid, I just want to know all the details about the new favorite game of mine!) JP
  13. Well, hi everyone, I'm JP and I'd like to share my thought here, in the hope that some of DL developers actually see and read this message.) I don't post often on forums and I had a lot of doubts about posting this, but I guess this is the time when you enjoy the game so much that you crave to thank the developers personally, to share your gratitude and let them know how much fun their game brought to me. Dying Light is not the first game from Techland that I've enjoyed. But this is game that made me actually say to myself "Hey, this is almost ideal game!" And I must add that being an active gamer, I haven't said that in a long time. You know, this weird feeling like this game was made specifically for me? This is this case of Dying Light. The thing that made me really angry at first was that a lot of people blamed Dying Light's plot for being clichéd and it's characters for being "cardboard". And nobody actually tried to understand why developers decided to use clichés rather than try something particularly new (I'm sure that the the writers at Techland are perfectly capable of creating absolutely fantastic and fresh plots). It's obvious that they did that because of the publishers influence. I mean, hey, creating AAA title is hell of responsibility, this type of games takes a lot of effort and money to produce, so they just couldn't take the risk. Sometimes it's not even a choice. It's pretty understandable for me. On the other hand even that "clichés" (I don't agree with that opinion at all, btw) are made into a very deep and thoughtful world with perfect dynamics and believable settings and if you have at least a tiny bit of imagination, the characters that some call "cardboard" starts feeling really expressive and real like it happened to me. Man, Brecken always made me want to hug him in an attempt to console the guy, both by myself and by Crane.) And also it's very sad that Jade's character didn't get the understanding from people that the writer put into her chacacter... Why people so stubbornly keep on seeing only the "clichés" and so rarely try to look deeper? Anyways, I might say for sure that I've enjoyed the set of characters Daying Light presents. For most part because they are not that egoistical pseudo-dramatic hysterical people who don't listen to anyone and consider their personal drama the most important one among other people's loses. Sure, DL characters are quite emotional when time comes, but in a good way. It never made me roll my eyes or facepalm, because their reactions always felt natural for me and because Crane's words was almost always the words that I'd say in the same situations. What's also important for me is that the developers didn't add any unnecessary, vulgar and explicit $ex scenes here. Well, I should explain this: it looks like a tendency now, to add this kind of scenes in recent games for ex. Far Cry 3, or Metro: Last Light, or new Wolfenstern. And this is what truly disgust me, this is what made me refuse to play this games, this tiny, but really repulsive thing that made the game experience feels like virtual rape, because, clearly, I don't want to see this and don't want the playable character that I control to have an encounter with the woman I actually hate. So, dear developers of Techland, I say thank you for not adding to your brilliant game any of this terrible and vulgar stuff! You give a great example of an adult game without this terrible and unskippable intercourse scenes. Please take a word of advice of a hardcore gamer here: if you ever consider adding scenes of intimacy in your future games, please make them optional, like the situation where the character can refuse woman's offer of her body and let there be an option where the hero can say something like: "I'm sorry, but I don't want to sleep with ya, bye." Now I have something to say of a more controversial topic and I say this because I have a trust in Techland, I believe that these are the people who can actually listen. So I don't want it to sounds like a trolling here and also I'm not a crazy supporter of anyone's right - nothing like this. But you see, adding homosexual characters to the games can be a really interesting thing. I'm not suggesting these flamboyant, half-comical men who think only about anal intercourses and wear pink thongs. I'm speaking about the kind of men that The Walking Dead comics offer, these Aaron and Eric type who actually behave adequately and seriously kick a$$. They are homosexual, but look how capable and likable they are! The thing that they love one another doesn't change actually anything for the plot itself, just add a nice spice and the originality to the story, and this is what I'm talking about when suggesting adding this kind of characters. Make them sincerely love one another like Camus in "Plague" says about human love, add this acute bromance and this would definitely touch the hearts!) And nobody would even try to open their mouths to mention anything about cardboard. Alrighty then, this was my little "please don't do" and "please do" things. ^___^ Once again, for devs - thanks so much for your game! You did a really great job and I must say the experience of playing DL was truly incredible! I wish you all he luck with your future project (and I really really hope there will be many!) and hope that you'd consider the things I've said here. Because using anchored story patterns is safe, but risking may bring even better benefits. Just consider, ok? Best regards, JP.