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    Hazuzi got a reaction from zanswer in Dying Light Pvp Needs A Serious Fix.   
    Are you chupacabra KIDDING ME????
    Respect is EARNED NOT OWED! (Man verdient sich Respekt, es wird nicht geschuldet ohne Verdienst!) and YOU never earned as much as a smile from me, let alone any respect. And I am flattered you think me this young, no I'm 30 and as jcks said, level is no indication for skill not for Survivor not for NH.
    I want a balanced and immersed gaming experience, for example I am also playing Fallout 4 and I am using over 200 mods, from which most add to the Realism of the world, like being able to craft the weapons given enough skill/the right perks, I mean
    The Kid can build you all weapons from normal Ballistic ones to Energy Weapons so why the hell shouldn't you be able to at level 100+ (2 characters also no indication of skill, just time)
    Now making the NH and the S more diverse in their attacks, like Claw attacks from the NH do more damage because that would balance with the fact that the S has Guns against which we, the NHs, can't do nothin' since we don't have ANY damaging distance attacks what so ever, plus it would be immersive since no clothes of Crane's are armored in any way (there you have the armor mechanic i spoke of in an earlier post)
    If I pounce a S I am basically tumbling into him and throwing him to the ground and yet as it seems all a S has to do is turn around even though the animation looks different, it just strikes me that MANY things have been increased in "time needed until next attack" like the missed GP or the time the NH needs to start regenerating or until the "Energy" for Pouncing has regenerated or even starts to regenerate. For me it takes away from the fun and adds twice as much to frustration.
    I am not asking to simply make the NH stronger, I am asking for diversity in Attacks and possible Defence Strategies, If all it takes is a Flare to unbeatably shield yourself from a NH, so you need something for that as well and I am not talking about the UV Block (which gets disabled the moment you pounce giving the S another Edge over the NH without reason, because that would go into the Hunter category, Noticing the UV light no UV spit and then using UV Block and Pounce an S would need to think of a strategy to counter that but there is no need since basically everything the NH can do can be AVOIDED, not defended, avoided rendering any attack useless besides the allround sucky GP.
    Had a match last night in which I GPedwhich hit and killed the S BUT the S scored a hit on me AT THE SAME TIME, killing me, HOW is that even physically possible, I ask you?!
    I have been gaming for 26 years, I got my first game boy when i was 4 from my mother and have had several systems over the years and played all kinds of games, I've seen everything and I've done everything in most of those games.
    I bet you're someone that doesnt play Battlefield because you can actually lose when you suck, which you do and you have no friends to team up with, ME, I have no problem with loosing as long as it isn't a game mechanic that makes me loose because there were too many kiddies (yes this is an insult in context, meaning immature individuals who cannot fathom the possibility that loosing is a part of life and should be taken as a reason to get better) instead they complain that it is too hard to beat, I remember those days when you had to get someone do it for you because you were just not good enough. I have the PS3 Games "The Last of Us" and "Metal Gear Solid 4" Currently on ice since I am on specific missions on the highest difficulty and just cant get it done, which I am okay with, I will try at some point and i might get it done then or not I am ok with that.
    You on the other hand have propbably never seen a game where you had to actually use a healing item instead of auto heal á la Call of Duty since Modern Warfare 1.
    And since you turned it into a personal debate instead of giving constructive criticism of my suggestions (or at least i haven't seen anything besides "Get gud"-chupacabra from you) there you have it.