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  1. Xeronious

    Night Hunter During The Day

    i would like to have a zombieinvasion without starting that game mode the nighthunter will be able to walk around freely around in the invaded world (including day time) trying to kill every living thing there is During the day the night hunter will change into a Viral (or something els) Cant tendril locomotion Cant howl Can pounce but not with ur tendril locomotion Cant be detected by the player (if the player gets close to him the player wont react to his pressence and the music do not change) and all ur attacks will be weaker During the night u get all ur powers back but with slight changes (or if u find a good dark place) u cant insta kill with ur pounce (and the living will be able to push u off) ur melee attack will be stronger cant be detected on the radar the night will be longer (same length as daytime) the human player is freely to what he wants (sleep,quests) exept going to a diffrent place (for story/side quests) doing so will disconnect u from the zombie invasion. and all zombie's and human's AI are back unlike the normal zombie invasion feel free to make some sugestions