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  1. before any one starts ranting about my english, its not my first language, OK. now to the point what do you think is first thing i noticed? it´s not chandelier,it´s not satyr(that guy under chandelier),sword-no,skeleton-no its that what skeleton has in his hand (the sword is ok, and satyr´s axe too) my first though was "WTF is this thing" now let me tell you what is wrong with this thing has 2 edges(nobody would ever use double bitted axe in battle, unless you are lumberjack and you are ambushed by wolves(he would surrender to bandits)who came with idea of double bitted axe in games?) is huge as F***(keep in mind that your character is human)´s one handed 4.its edge looks blunt,almost rounded´s heavy for sure, why is skeleton using it(skeletons have problems to hold together just by themselves, that´s why you see them in every other game with light weapons and that´s why they never carry building materials(in hands) and most the work is done by zombies) i think players are tired of this cliche we don´t need buster sword we need functional,simple,brutal weapons (hint for developers:nothing close to Skyrim weapons;) ) if someone disagree with me, tell me what is wrong with this weapon ok that is sword letme show you and axe just add spike on back,both ends of shaft make sawtooth on top of the blade(believe it or not, it was common(it ripped flesh and blocked other weapons in case of collision))it is still functional, simple and if you added something i said it is also brutal and cool looking just please no weapon abominations