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  1. George Tatoulis

    Ran Into Some Cheat Today...

    Ok I've reported this to the team. Thanks for reporting this. If you have any further details feel free to pm me.
  2. George Tatoulis

    New Exploits/hacks On Consoles? Regenerating Lives & Warping Humans!

    Ok I've sent this to the team. The missions are paused during BTZ but if specific mission triggers are still active I could see this happening.
  3. George Tatoulis

    To All Those Complaining About Underpowered Zombie

    The aim assist is for melee battles. One of the things we were trying to combat in close quarter combat with the Hunter is that it got very hard to keep track of the hunter and even harder to hit him. Imagine a case where the hunter is in front of you then leaps over your head. He then hits the human from behind and then leaps over you again when you try to turn around to see him and so on. We had Hunters win entire games just by playing leap frogging over the Humans constantly. It wasn't interesting for the hunter and it was frustrating for the humans. The aim assist helps the humans keep track of him in those kind of confusing cases and get a few swings in. The Hunter is not intended to be at advantage when he tries to slug it out with melee attacks against a human's melee attacks. He will take more damage and die. In general our design for BTZ was to discourage fights where both parties hack away at each other in melee range as the combat system didn't lend itself to interesting fights at that range. All his moves are designed to push back and create space to set up his next big attack. As for the drop kick, it uses a lot of the same logic as the Hunter's tackle. He can do that as well. We might adjust the numbers of how it activates but again we want to see how the patch affects balancing before making any further changes.
  4. George Tatoulis

    To All Those Complaining About Underpowered Zombie

    jcks likely what you are experience is latency inherent in any networked game. It's really quick to turn one's camera in the game and there's no way to replicate this over a network fast enough. On his machine he turned to face you in time but on your machine it looks like he turned to face you much later in the pounce sequence. If we relied only on what the Hunter sees the humans would never be able to do a last second interrupt. DoctorPurrington: The humans have full control over their camera during the interrupt window but they can't move anymore.
  5. George Tatoulis

    Dying Light Dev Team. Is Dying Light Peer2Peer Or Dedicated?

    The networking model is peer to peer. One player will 'Host' a session but all that player is doing is managing the player lists, what map to load, campaign progress and such. Ownership of game objects and networking load is distributed amongst the peers so no one player will be at an advantage over another.
  6. George Tatoulis

    To All Those Complaining About Underpowered Zombie

    This is not true. Here is what happens. Hunter initiates Pounce and there is small window where humans have a last second chance to interrupt. This is denoted by a white flash on their screen. The game does nothing at this point to have the human face the hunter. If they don't react fast enough the pounce is confirmed and the hunter gets the kill. In this case the human's body is visually rotate to look at the Hunter even if he was looking the other way. If the human does get the interrupt then the again the humans visuals get rotated to face the hunter. So either way the human is rotated to face the hunter as a result of a pounce but the game does not assist the human in seeing the hunter until after it is too late to do anything about it. The reason for making the human always face the hunter is to get animations to line up and to help players understand what just happened.
  7. George Tatoulis

    Upcoming Patch

    Ok I've collated a more detailed list of changes that I could find that are going into the patch. These aren't the official patch notes but then again the official patch notes don't have as much details on the BTZ changes! The areas we focused on for this patch was to improve matchmaking, fix exploits, and balance out the combat. General - Fix a case where the hunter death is reported to humans but he didn't actually die. - Fix camera spinning that sometimes happens at the end of the BTZ match. - Fix invasions happening during GRE phone calls. - Rank titles are now shown for both Hunters and Humans. There are all 11 ranks in all. Winning 'enough' matches can increase your rank and losing 'enough' matches can cause a player to rank down. Humans - Adjusted damage scaling across all weapons vs Hunter (no more 1 hit kills against the Hunter) - Adjusted damage scaling across all weapons vs BTZ Zombies (no more 1 hit kills on every zombie defending the Nests) - Adjusted damage scaling across all weapons vs Nests (no more 1 hit kills against Nests) - Reduced elemental damage against Nests. For instance a single molotov cocktail can no longer kill a Nest Volatile. - Nests play hit reactions when being dealt elemental damage. - Elemental damage against Nests will enrage nearby AI similar to the rest of the attacks a human can do. - Added a cooldown for throwing flares to reduce flare spamming. - Added a timeout for players staying in water too long (similar to safe zones) - Increased the height required for drop attack to successfully connect against Hunter. With this change it will no longer be possible to do a drop attack from a tackle evade. - Fixed issue with Humans not receiving proper fall damage from Hunters Tackle - Humans now get a chance to win higher quality weapons based on successfully killing hives during BTZ whether they win a match or not. - Amount of XP awarded for winning a BTZ mission is scaled based on survivor rank - Rather than having a set time between invasions humans can now choose how many nights to wait before being allowed to be invaded again. Humans can still set the frequency to 'Anytime' as before which will allow invasions to happen as soon as possible. - The popup at the beginning of the BTZ mission is now a video that describes the mode in more detail for new players. Night Hunter - Improvements for BTZ matchmaking - Added grenade notification for incoming air strike attacks. Note that air strike flares are affected by flare cooldown as well. - Removed UV block cancel of missed Ground Pound recovery (consoles) - Fixed Infinite Spit exploit (consoles) - Fixed angles that determine which pounce animation to play to reduce the instances where the hunter clips through geometry during pounces. - Fixed rare issue where the Hunter sometimes spawns inside safe zones (Ouch!)
  8. George Tatoulis

    Suggestion To Survivers

    Yes one of the main purposes of this change was to make it impossible to do Death from Above off of a failed tackle attempt on level ground.
  9. George Tatoulis

    Suggestion To Survivers

    The new tunings for Death from Above is such that a car is not high enough to initiate it anymore. A bus however is tall enough. The general rule now as of the latest tuning is that if you need to do a full climb up animation to get to the height its probably high enough to do Death from Above. We wanted to make it so that humans have to be set up more to get the attack rather than just do it on reaction.
  10. George Tatoulis

    Upcoming Patch

    The spit recharge intentionally scales with the number of human opponents and is not a glitch. As people have guessed it is to help the zombie scale up to deal with more threats.
  11. George Tatoulis

    Upcoming Patch

    In case people have missed the announcement this patch should arrive March 10 which is next Tuesday (in conjunction with the new DLC and hard mode).
  12. George Tatoulis

    Upcoming Patch

    UV range and night sense cooldown is definitely on our radar as something we can potentially use to balance the game if the need arises. With the patch they will be exposed to our server so that we will be able to adjust them on the fly in the future without going through a full patching process. However we want to see the result of the combat balancing first before we adjust any other factors in the game. We acquire data on every match played and we will be examining the results of this patch before making further changes. Asymmetric gameplay is a new and challenging area to balance especially when you add in all the open world tools that the humans have at their disposal. Thank you everyone for your suggestions on this forum. I'm glad to see people interested in the Be The Zombie game mode and its future.
  13. George Tatoulis

    Upcoming Patch

    With respect to air strike flares they are a type of flare so they will also get the cooldown. In addition explosion damage against the hunter is mitigated more so it will take several hits to kill him now. Third the explosive indicator will appear for air strike flares now so you will now the hunter will be warned when an air strike is incoming. We currently do not have any plans to change the human drop kicks. The general counter for the hunter is his mobility and that groundpounds outrange the drop kick range (and take priority). No one human can chain drop kicks against the hunter. The hunter recovers first and can be charging a ground pound during the fall animation so that he can release it before the human can come in for another drop kick. Alternatively, the Night Hunter can tendril locomote away before the human gets to him again if the drop kick pushed him far enough away. If there are several humans then they might be able to chain drop kicks but in this case the hunter could have been killed much quicker with regular attack so changing drop kick would not prevent the Night Hunter's death in this case. We currently do not have plans to change the human's night sense. We have the ability to do so but our focus right now is to balance the damage and combat mechanics first before trying to manipulate the human's ability to track the hunter.
  14. George Tatoulis

    Multiplayer Ports And Timing

    I've forwarded this on to our networking leads. Thanks for the detailed analysis!
  15. George Tatoulis

    "night Hunter" Don't Make Me Laugh...

    I started a topic to talk about some incoming changes that are coming soon in a patch. One of the changes will reduce the human's damage against the hunter.