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  1. Pete Donnelly

    We are back on the 1/12 Update, temporarily.

    Should be fixed now!
  2. Pete Donnelly

    BTZ Update 04/05/2018

    We make changes based on a combination of 3 things: 1. Stats 2. Our experience (so yes, we play) 3. Feedback Sometimes all 3 align and point to an obvious solution... Sometimes they don't. We don't make changes based on knee jerk reactions to any 1 of these things in isolation though. They each need to be weighed and compared to one another. Cheers!
  3. Pete Donnelly

    BTZ Update 04/05/2018

    The new BTZ/Invasion balance patch should be live now! Details below: Survivors increased flare duration 3 flares and 3 medkits gifted each respawn medkits/ammo/craft parts can be looted from hives additional gold tier weapon rewards (previously, only fantasy weapons could be won) slight increase in uv light distance for 2v1-4v1 Hunter reduced knockback from hunter melee explosion range for uv disable spit and horde spit returned to previous values increased spit/uv block cooldowns in 3v1, 4v1
  4. Pete Donnelly

    Be The Zombie Balancing Update - 12/1/2018

    Hey everyone, I've been reading all your posts and would like to invite you to comment here on how you feel about the current state of BtZ: Thanks! Your feedback is important to us!
  5. Pete Donnelly

    BtZ Feedback Wanted: 03/21/2018

    I just want to start by saying I've gone through the forum and read a lot of the feedback you have all posted recently. I've been playing the game in it's current state and have opinions of my own as well. We're looking at putting out another tuning patch soon and I want to create this post to gather some input. To make this as effective as possible, and to ensure that your opinion is heard, please use this template for all responses in this thread: WHEN I PLAY AS SURVIVOR #1 thing I like: #1 thing that bugs me: WHEN I PLAY AS HUNTER #1 thing I like: #1 thing that bugs me: OVERALL #1 thing I want: I will be reading other posts so if you want to get into discussions about specific aspects of the game, please create a new topic in the forum. I will read it. If it is written in an civil and constructive manner, I'll be sure to comment...if it's written in a whiny, hate mongering manner...I'll probably just ignore it. And please remember: Survivors and Hunters need each other... or else there is no game... let's not try to alienate or demonize either side with our critiques. ...and yes, I know telebombers are the worst Thanks everyone!
  6. Pete Donnelly

    Register for Global Playtest!

    Sign up here for access to the Global Playtest!
  7. Pete Donnelly

    Dying Light PC tournament

    Good idea! I'm sure everyone here would love to see highlights from the matches! I know I do!
  8. Pete Donnelly

    Dying Light PC tournament

    Yea, that's too bad about the event timing I look forward to checking it out next weekend though! Also, we've been working hard on something that might interest people on this forum... should be able to share some details soon!
  9. Pete Donnelly

    Content drop #0 now on consoles

    You can get it here!
  10. Pete Donnelly

    How do I get the new free DLC on Xbox one?

    Good news! If you're seeing that message, it's because you already have it! Content drop #0 and #1 that is. If you are asking about the Gemly weapons, you can pick up those free weapons by creating an account here:
  11. Pete Donnelly

    Dying Light PC tournament

    Awesome! Great idea. I'll check it out!
  12. Pete Donnelly

    Finding servers should also be an option for xbone players

    Need to ask Microsoft about that one
  13. Pete Donnelly

    Be the Zombie New Abilities/ BUFF Ideas

    That sounds pretty cool! I like it!
  14. Pete Donnelly

    Should Instant Tackle be brought back?

    No one said this. What I did say is you have to be intelligent about where you use it. Again, the video I posted above shows many good examples if you watch the whole thing through...
  15. Pete Donnelly

    Should Instant Tackle be brought back?

    My claims are based on stats...compiled from 1000's of games. Since the latest changes, the Hunter is stronger than it's ever been. This is a fact. I still appreciate your guys' opinions about how you feel about the game balance. Like chickeninja said (I'm paraphrasing here) it is important that a character feel fun, or attractive to play. This requires careful balance in a PVP game though: What might make one character fun to play, could possibly make the other side frustrating and less fun to play. Both sides need to be considered at all times. Here are some stats for those of you that are interested. These are only since the latest tuning on PC (when iTackle was removed). This is for top tier, evenly matched games: 1v1: Survivors win 45% 2v1: Survivors win 56% 3v1: Survivors win 49% 4v1: Survivors win 57% P.S. Survivor sense issues should be fixed now. Reload bug needs to wait for a patch.