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  1. kleerkoat

    Thank You For April 1St!

    with all the chupacabra you devs take, I'd just like to thank you for yesterday. it was fun.
  2. kleerkoat

    April Fool Effect: Do We Need That?

    proof that gamers will complain about anything.
  3. kleerkoat

    Better Switching Of Weapons On Console?

    glad i'm not the only one. ;-)
  4. i'm really surprised there isn't a skill for the lock-pick and camouflage.
  5. kleerkoat

    Dying Light Dev Tracker

    damn! that is awesome! thank you! where's Battlefield? ;-) edit: i just threw five bucks at you, good luck man!
  6. kleerkoat

    Better Switching Of Weapons On Console?

    i got enough stress in my life approaching 40. ;-)
  7. kleerkoat

    Better Switching Of Weapons On Console?

    cool. thanks for the replies. that vid looks freaking stressful as hell. lol
  8. it really breaks the continuity having to stop running and hit the direction pad buttons to change weapons/secondaries.
  9. ahhh, so simple, so unnecessary. ;-) thanks.
  10. kleerkoat

    Dying Light Companion Ipad Mini Issue

    i'm not seeing some stats, like the xp and cash rewards for a mission. iPhone 6. reinstall didn't help
  11. on PS4 it say hold square to change weapon, what does it do? doesn't seem to do anything. ty
  12. kleerkoat

    Companion App Tweaks?

    was thinking, shouldn't the time it takes go down as the scouts get stronger? the time it takes doesn't seem to compliment the items received imo it's a great concept and actually keeps my interest in the game when i'm not playing. ty
  13. yes, I'm at 15%, about 20 hours (i take my time and explore a lot, I'm not in a rush). I still don't go out at night from PTSD from trying to when I started playing. when it starts getting dark those minutes running to a safe house actually throw me into a mini-anxiety attack. only game that has elevated my heart rate to where I felt stressed and anxious was Last of Us. I got a little numb to that. But in this game I get scared as he77. I think it being first person has a lot to do with it with no peripheral vision or every zombie showing on minimap.
  14. kleerkoat

    This Game Is Too Hard!

    i gotta say, this is a good community, normally we would have gotten flamed for admtting this stuff. ;-)
  15. kleerkoat

    This Game Is Too Hard!

    last night I took things a lot slower and figured out the melee attacks and making sure I ran like a sissy to safe zones before dark. leveling up my skills to the second level helped out a lot. i have to admit, those runs to safe zones were some of the most intense feelings I've had playing a game. basically, it's a tough learning curve figuring out what you can "get away" with. like the first play through a Metal Gear game.