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  1. ohmygodie

    Eu Version Dying Light Still 1.01?

    1.02 just released ! The Whole Story trophy still glitched...
  2. ohmygodie

    Eu Version Dying Light Still 1.01?

    Any official news on this ? EU ps4 version is still 1.01 (France here) Can you at least tell us if this version of the patch exists ? has it been through submission/certification ? or just what is preventing release ?
  3. Hi. I love to be invaded randomly by strangers, but only want to do quests and stuff with people i know or actively invite. It would be awesome if we could set our game/party as private (invite only) / friends only / LAN for coop BUT AT THE SAME TIME time publicly visible for invasions. The 'always' / 'at night' / 'never' option for invasion is perfect to fit the current mood, without changing the party settings. Adding an "invasion max frequency" option could be cool too, like it's done for the challenges. Something like 'once a day/night only' / 'several times a night/day' / 'no rest' (current setting i guess, several times i've been invaded as soon as the previous invasion ended) What do you think ? Thanks.