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    Deadly_Jack got a reaction from Kvothe2094 in What Kind Of Easter Eggs Would You Like To See Happen In Dying Light, Personally?   
    OK this is from my earlier Easter Egg ideas from my suggestion to add museums and gun-stores  in the game, soo here they are. 
      1. The potato launcher blueprint can be found in a museum on display  with the description on its case saying (The most dangerous salad tossing weapon alive.)  (added as a pun by the museum owners before the zombie outbreak). (Easter Egg joke weapon).   2. The Sawed-off-Double-Barrel Shotgun with the writings carved on it with its unusual design (Evil Dead: The Army Of Darkness. Possible Easter Egg) is displayed in a glass case with two Machetes hanging off it from both sides like a cross with 6 packs of quarters around the weapon (Possible Resident Evil: Afterlife  Easter Egg). Its in the same museum where the potato launcher blueprint is located.   3. The Tommy Gun can be found in a Police station's evidence lockup room, far back in the room in very old containers, still in prime condition for use (some ammo barrels can be found in a seperate evidence containers and a possible old school gangster Easter egg )   4. The blueprint for the Pipe Shotgun can be located in the sewers (inside a nuclear fallout shelter/bomb-shelter in the sewers, Possible Metro Last Light  Easter egg). this weapon is fully customizable.   5. A sheathed katana next to a big glass case full of severed zombies (possible The Walking Dead Easter egg).   My other Easter Egg ideas from another list   1. The (Freddy Krueger) themed melee weapon can be found over a dead child-zombie's head. In a urban houseold, when the player goes  upstairs in a childs play-room, a whisper says to the player (make.. th..em rememb..e.r..) (Only on nights in the game when the moon is  out, the weapon appears on the dead child-zombie's head) the dead child-zombie lies motionless in the center of the room and after the  player grabs the weapon, lightning flashes twice outside of the window of that room and the lights go out, for some seconds and then comes back on with a large creepy bloody writing slowly appearing on the wall ahead of the player that reads with a Freddy Krueger themed voice  saying loudly (Heeeere's.... FREDDY!!) followed by a loud classic horror maniacal laughter as the player runs for the exist scared and  emotionally freaked out. (It's a in-game Easter Egg for Dying Light) Lol Hope ya like it.   2.The (Sleepy Hollow) themed weapons can be found in a public park area. At the far north-west end of a park near a small cliff and a small forest of 26 trees, there is a old statue of a Horsemen from the turn of the century covered in vegetation, but (only) on some misty nights  where random lightning strikes behind the old statue without a cloud in the sky in the park. The vegetation on and around the statue disappears,  revealing a small patch of pumpkins near the base of the statue with some candles lit all around the base into a odd star pattern. When the player ventures to explore this location on these special misty nights in the far north-west end of this park, he/she will see a bright wavy glow of  candles comming from the small forest and might go in to see what it is and he/she might find this old statue of a horsemen from the turn of the  century. When the player gets closer to the statue, he/she will see bodies of some zombies and bandits layed around near the base of the statue with their heads missing, when the player looks near the base of the statue, he/she will find the Axe weapon (the weapon of the headless horsemen who is Death, one of The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse in The TV Show: Sleepy Hollow) splaced on one of the pumpkins near the base of the statue and the Sword weapon (the weapon of the headless horsemen on his grave site, next to the Withering Willow Tree from the Movie: Sleepy Hollow) is through the small forest of 26 trees near the cliff, the Sword is stuck on a tree and right below the placed sword, there is a body of a headless bandit with a pumpkin next to the body with its hand resting on it. When the player has collected both of the Axe and Sword weapon from the statue  location and start to leave the park, there is a loud sound following them now from the small forest, it's the sound of a horse running behind you followed with the sound of a sword unsheathing with the running sound coming from behind you, just louder and faster as you run for your life, for the park exist and as you almost reach the exist, the running sound is upon you, followed with the sound of a slash of the sword with a blood curdling screams of a man running, just before the moment his head has been cut straight off his shoulders. The player has reached the park exist and he/she just might look back for the sounds behind her/him and see a pumpkin-head with a face of terror carved straight into it, laying on the ground just  reaching the outside of the park exist. As the player sees the pumpkin head carving, he/she might go back to that statue location to explore again  that very moment and if the player counts the bodies of the zombies and the bandits at the statue location, he/she might find the same amount of  pumpkin heads next to the base of the statue (with faces of someone running away in utter terror from something carved in to them), the player might also find the positions of the bodies eerie, as if they were running away, running towards the direction park exist, this will give a real cold chill down his/her spine and they might think back to the sounds of the horse and it running after the player followed with the sound of a sword unsheathed and the screams of a man running in the same direction of the park exist as the player did. And Lastly if the player would look at the statue of the horsemen from the turn of the century, he/she will notice something shocking, the statue's head is missing, replaced with a head of a pumpkin looking down at the player motionless with a face of someone with a creepy smile with eyes glaring at him/her, carved into it with a candle lit inside of it, also the player will find candles lit inside of the pumpkins with faces of someone in terror, looking at him/her with a motionless stare near the base of the headless statue, and then after the player just runs like hell, scared and emotionally freaked out. (It's a in-game Easter Egg for Dying Light and the Sleepy Hollow themed weapon only appears at misty nights in the public park area but rarely). Hope you all like this one as well. Lol       and this is it for now, I'll post more later x3.
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    Deadly_Jack got a reaction from estranged520 in Do You Want To See Splitscreen In Dying Light? Vote On The Poll In The Link Down Below!   
    Hmm Split screen in this game will be... odd.
    i still think this. a no vote from me.
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    Deadly_Jack got a reaction from SynticZ in Disagree With Night Senses   
    Agreed with ZombieGreak2, if you don't wonna use it then make the conscious choice not to use it. Other then that, all i can say is give it a try, just
     don't be quick to assume that the Nightsense ability will be a waste of game feature. You might find you're selves using it a lot more then ya think.
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    Deadly_Jack reacted to ZombieFreak2 in What Kind Of Easter Eggs Would You Like To See Happen In Dying Light, Personally?   
    I would like to see an assassins creed easter egg like the one in The Witcher

    I also wouldn't mind an easter egg that is a secret room and features concept art and a couple of things about the development of the game.
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    Deadly_Jack reacted to ZombieFreak2 in What Kind Of Easter Eggs Would You Like To See Happen In Dying Light, Personally?   
    Also any weapon that is really fun to use such as a weapon with really high knock back or launches zombies straight up into the air
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    Deadly_Jack got a reaction from HaNYolO in Splitscreen- Dying Light?   
    Split-screen for this game? Odd idea, I'm not in favor of this.
    But crazier things have happen in this world, and so we will see what happens after the game comes out fully.
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    Deadly_Jack got a reaction from LaCr0 in Your Style Of Play In Hellraid?   
    Hmm, if possible i wonna be a Brawler in it, with some knuckle related weaponry, Brawler style (punching kicking style) like in the
    old Anime ( Fist Of The North Star: Kenshiro)
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    Deadly_Jack got a reaction from SynticZ in Dying Light Has Been Nominated For Ign's Gamescom People's Choice Award   
    Dying light for the Win Baby. FOR THE WIN! O.o
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    Deadly_Jack got a reaction from MalikFrost in Whats The Players Purpose/focus In Game?   
    Agreed, Wait till the game is out and find out for your self, Kinda like skyrim, just go with the flow.
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    Deadly_Jack got a reaction from XxKIA-RAPIDzZxX in What Are Your Expectations?   
    You said it bro. you said it... NOW GIMMA MA BROMACE Dx
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    Deadly_Jack reacted to XxKIA-RAPIDzZxX in What Are Your Expectations?   
    I love the suspense that I know Dying Light will provide and sharing it with friends is the best thing ever, the possibilities are endless. Showing off new unlocked parkour moves, Sharing a new weapons, helping lower level friends with their tasks, chasing air drops... etc, etc. 
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    Deadly_Jack reacted to XxKIA-RAPIDzZxX in Round Of Applause To Techland   
    Just LOL...
    ps: I heard earlier.
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    Deadly_Jack got a reaction from XxKIA-RAPIDzZxX in First Ever Public Gameplay Of Hellraid Is Being Streamed Live This Weekend!   
    Soo... much... melee-ing... happy-ness..
    Jackie likes...
    Jackie wants..
    Jackie counts the seconds away of NOT HAVING HIS FIX GIMMA GIMMA
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    Deadly_Jack got a reaction from Hell_and_Dungeon_1994 in Super Hyped   
    Gotta have it.. Gotta have it all.. GIMMA GIMMA GIMMA GIMMA GIMMA!!!! Dx
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    Deadly_Jack reacted to HaNYolO in New Footage.
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    Deadly_Jack reacted to IzzyOtaku in New Footage.   
    A couple of things I got from the video:
    More variety of guns-I like.
    A new type of "special" infected possibly at 00:48
    Character Customization-Not sure if this is only for Co-Op only, or it can be done in Single Player as well but I liked it alot, could give my character new armor outfits like those of the bandits or make them look like Agent Smith. Was a really nice touch
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    Deadly_Jack reacted to ZombieFreak2 in New Footage.   
    Why do techland have to keep teasing us like this
    Also my suspicions for the craftingay be confirmed as there was a flame electric pipe
    Also takedown moves possibly near the end of the video at the beginning of the night section
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    Deadly_Jack reacted to Hoik in Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.   
    After reading all (well most...) of these suggests I conclude that you guys (the devs) should seriously consider giving the community moding support. I played Dead Island and like it for what it was - but if the community had been given just a little help I think it would have been amazing! I remember guys trying to get more zombies to spawn in, increase difficulty etc, but it was always a little janky. I wouldn't mind some insight into the issues surrounding giving players moding tools .
    That being said, my suggestion is rather simple, but is something that seem to be overlooked for whatever reason.
    Fully customisable HUD. Being able to choose what part if the UI to display or not, individually. including switching on/off mini map and those (IMO annoying and redundant) item icons that appear over the top of the items themselves. I will have a proper read of the suggestions (a couple caught my eye - flail? Hell yeah!) and see what I can come up with. 
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    Deadly_Jack reacted to ZombieFreak2 in Type Of Gadgets For Dying Light   
    Grappling Hook! I don't care what people say about it, it looks awesome and fun!
    A Zipline gun would be cool. You can use it to shoot a zipline from a high point to a lower point.
    A wing suit like in Farcry 3/4.
    A light grenade (flash bang type of thing but doesn't blind) it creates a patch of light to distract zombies. Similar to a flare.
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    Deadly_Jack reacted to Paweł Modliński in Ideas And Feature Requests For Hellraid Developers.   
    @Royal Palms Resort Guide
    We're very familiar with Xaviant's work on Lichdom: Battlemage, those guys are doing a great job on magic system and looting. As for the specter- and ghost-like enemies we don't have any yet. We already have quite a few undead in the game, so we're aiming for a more 'demonic' feeling with our new enemies, but it's not entirely impossible that we'll decide to include more traditional ghosts or specters.
    We share your opinion that there should be *something* that magic staves do when using the block button, and we have some ideas about what that might be. It might not be blocking though
    @HellRyder and IzzyOtaku
    The agility branch in our skill system will probably not be along the lines of a classic rogue style, since Hellraid is 100% about meaty, immersive combat against hordes of enemies. There simply isn't room in the design for stealth, lockpicking or trap-disarming. Think about the Agility branch more as a movement/finesse combat tree rather than a straight-up rogue from classic RPGs. However, the short-time invisibility to flee and recuperate or to take down one monster within a horde seems like something we'd like to consider.   
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    Deadly_Jack reacted to xonare in Super Hyped   
    Hello guys,
    on behalf of me and few of my friends I'd like to tell you that we're very enthusiastic (super hyped ) about the game and you already bought us with the trailer.
    We can't wait to see how the game will look when it's finished I hope it will be as epic to play as epic is the trailer and first gameplays footage available
    Keep doing the great job you are doing!
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    Deadly_Jack reacted to Hell_and_Dungeon_1994 in Super Hyped   
    Recently there was a 20 minute live stream of hellraid on Chrome engine 5, those graphics are outdated in 2 week time when they present Hellraid running on Dying Lights Chrome engine 6 which will run on the current gen consoles and on pc.

    but thats a good 20 minutes of gameplay unlike trailers. 
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    Deadly_Jack reacted to XxKIA-RAPIDzZxX in A Tribute Of Love For Techland, For Dead Island, Hellraid And Dying Light (With Olivia Newton-John Love Song)   
    That would be great and maybe you could put them in the game, if its possible. (I know its a hard long process getting permission and stuff like that.