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  1. Rafał Polito

    Night Time In Devtools

    Open Varlist window by pressing sun on toolbar and use scrolls but something are currently broken and we will trying to fix this.
  2. Rafał Polito

    Looking For An Asset List (Elevator Shaft)

    In Attributes window in Object tab uncheck collisions.
  3. Rafał Polito

    Importing/exporting Of Assets

    Now there are now tools for export and import assets. We are working on it and don't know exactly when will be this tools available.
  4. Rafał Polito

    Can This Be Available On Console

    Currently we don't have plans for console version of our editor. We released what we have and used to create game. We are creating games on PC editors, not on consoles.
  5. Rafał Polito

    Looking For An Asset List (Elevator Shaft)

    ,take <<Grab the Keys>> QuestInventoryItemDI Keys -show=false ,area ZoneBox BoxName
  6. Rafał Polito

    Looking For An Asset List (Elevator Shaft)

    Use: ,disable-multi <<Disable Barrier 1>> ,o BarrierObject BarrierContain1 ,o BarrierObject BarrierContain2 ,o BarrierObject BarrierContain2 Do this same for ,enable
  7. Rafał Polito

    Looking For An Asset List (Elevator Shaft)

    For ceiling we use: int_low_midle_ceiling_a.msh and catwalk_4m_a.msh and for cables we use string_lift_50_a.msh. I see no mechanism at the top of the shaft. About rain and thunder - we are working on it. Please show your code to fix this.
  8. Rafał Polito

    Developer Tools Are Now Available To Download

    Now not, but It will be possible. We are preparing update.
  9. Rafał Polito

    Looking For An Asset List (Elevator Shaft)

    Which elements doesn't fit to each other? Probably some of them you must scale.
  10. Rafał Polito

    ?how To Make Objects Explode In Quest?

    No, you cannot detonate exploding barrel from code. You must fake this by placing barrel, fx emiter, damage emiter and enabling/hiding correct items in correct time using quest phase ,hide and ,enable.
  11. Rafał Polito

    Multiple Maps: Missing Quest Object

    You cannot use CrowdSpawner in ,kill-multi phase. To use crowd spawner in quest use ,clear-area phase and Clear Area box from object types in Assetes window.
  12. Rafał Polito

    Traps And Sleeping

    How did you finished editing clipping volume? To finish and apply changes for clipping volume use ESC.
  13. Rafał Polito

    No Hud While Testing.

    Show which mod exactly did you used.
  14. Rafał Polito

    Developer Tools: Camera Glitch

    Probably your camera flown somewhere far. Select some object from Objects window and focus camera using F button on keyboard.
  15. Rafał Polito

    Player Setup Question

    First add "runningprof1" skill, and after that install "Lookback". Install skills in same order as they are in skills tree. Thanks for finding this bug in this script! We will fix this in update.
  16. Rafał Polito

    Player Setup Question

    You must also level up your character. Skills requires levels.
  17. Rafał Polito

    Traps And Sleeping

    Unfortunately you cannot clip lights from FX. In game we are trying to not place FX where the light can go through the walls.
  18. Rafał Polito

    Traps And Sleeping

    For lights we have clipping volumes. After placing light go to Dyn Lights tab in Attribute window and press "Edit clipping volume". Scale visible box to not clip the wall and press Esc to exit editing.
  19. Rafał Polito

    Player Setup Question

    Try with Lookback, paste skill id from this xml.
  20. Rafał Polito

    Question About Weapons Ammo.

    We will see what we can do. Now are trying to collect info what people want to do with Developer Tools, to know what to fix and for what prepare tutorials. Particle, FX editor - probably will be available, but this is not a promise.
  21. Rafał Polito

    Droneboi Question 4 - Multi-Hide Code Warrnings

    Replace ,spawner with ,o because ,spawner is for ,kill-multi phase.
  22. ,debugpos are for something else. Place SpawnPoint on map and in Attributes window check m_Respawn field. To resapwn in new palce, you must first reach this destination.
  23. As I can see now, reward system doesn't work in Developer Tools. We will fix this. Deleoper Tools doesn't read correct scripts with rewards.
  24. Rafał Polito

    Custom Animation + Debugging

    Not all in game can be changd by scripts. Some things are implemented in game code and can not be changed. You can make now custom shop. We will prepare some tutorial about this. But if you tell us what exactly you want to create, it will be easier to help you. It's hard to describe all possibilities, because it's to many of them. Not easy way, but it is. Unfortunately not all parameters you can change by script. We will prepare tutorial for this together with tutorial about creating custom shops.