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  1. Rafał Polito

    Idea For A New Tool In The Devtools

    You can make groups using CTRL + G.
  2. Rafał Polito

    Sound Probleme Have An Idea? Old Post Dont Work

    You don't must create second topic for this same issue. We are reading all topics, but not always responding immediately, because we are testing issues and searching solutions, so be patient. You can read in FAQ how to move objects from one map to other. What sound card do you have?
  3. Rafał Polito

    Need Help Overlapping Textures Rather Than Model

    To group meshes use CTRL +G on selected meshes. Not all meshes are supporting coloring - because of performance reason. Every single variation of coloring is additional memory use. We are currently working on importing custom meshes and sounds.
  4. Rafał Polito

    Annoying Noises

    Currently you cannot turn off this.
  5. Rafał Polito

    Reducing The Performance Hit Of Grass

    We are fixing Tiny objects - tool to sow grass. Placing normal meshes is very expensive.
  6. Rafał Polito

    Sound Probleme Have An Idea

    This errors are not the reason. Check wheather you have sound in normal Dying Light game.
  7. Rafał Polito

    Sound Probleme Have An Idea

    First of all check in Viewport menu in editor Mute Level Sounds flag. To play sound in editor to test it use Test field in Sound Emitter.
  8. Rafał Polito

    Sound Probleme Have An Idea

    Have you changed something in game Options?
  9. Rafał Polito

    Need Help Overlapping Textures Rather Than Model

    For this specific mesh you can in Attributes window in Matrix tab, set Spiners steps to 1.65 (this is half the size of this wall) and use arrows to move this wall. Which skins have you used on this meshes? You have this meshes in groups? If yes - make sure that you have seed = 0 in Selection object tab in Attributes window for this group. Just paste this ID in Objects window filter on very top.
  10. Rafał Polito

    Fng - Help With Making Brushes.

    We are fixing this.
  11. Rafał Polito

    Map Compile Crashes Editor.

    We released some fix to compiling terrain. Check this now.
  12. Rafał Polito

    "object Has Wrong Flags"? Navmesh Won't Recognise My Floor?

    Maybe you have hided water by filters?
  13. Rafał Polito

    "object Has Wrong Flags"? Navmesh Won't Recognise My Floor?

    In Attributes window for this meshes go to Object tab and uncheck Physics collisions, Raytrace collisions, FX particle collisions, check NavMesh Transparent and Change Shadowsmaps from 3 to none. Not worry about this. DialogSpeaker is usefull when ou want play some chatter by enemies. Go to Optimization menu and select Show Objects Grid. Check wheather your whole map is inside this grid. If not - select map at very top of Objects window, next go to Attributes window and tweak grid using values in Objects grid size section in Edit Terrain tab.
  14. Rafał Polito

    Medkit Blueprint

    Change ItemSpawner class to CollectableObject to place blueprint on map or add for example: Item("Craftplan_MedKit_Large_Healing", 1); to default_player_setup.scr.
  15. Rafał Polito

    Map Compile Crashes Editor.

    How many terrain blocks have you added? Probably to much and your PC is trying to build them all. What's your PC tech specs?
  16. Rafał Polito

    Missing Textures When Editing Terrain

    The reason is not saving your map and we also found this bug. We will fix this.
  17. Rafał Polito

    Map Teleport

    You can link Portals with SpawnPoints, not direct with other portals. Just enter name of SpawnPoint where you want to teleport. Also chose map in m_Map field. To make portals on one map, use LocalPortal in same way.
  18. Rafał Polito

    Envprobe Making Area Lighter When Darker Wanted

    Use priority for this envprobes to override global values. Your solution is little bit tricky and next time when you will generate all envprobes one more time, you can forget about this specific one. This area should also have no holes where sun light can go in.
  19. Rafał Polito


    Można użyć bez questów. Dopiszę to do FAQ. Najwazniejsze jets pole m_SpawnPoint gdzie trzeba poddać SpawnPoint na innej mapie, a z listy m_Map wybrać mapę na którą chcemy się teleportować. W polu m_mapHint możesz dodać ID tekstu ze skryptu, podobnie jak w questach. Tekst ten pojawi się w grze.
  20. Rafał Polito

    Respawning Items

    Items are respawned only when map is reloading.
  21. Rafał Polito

    Night Time In Devtools

    This is second way to do that.
  22. Rafał Polito

    Dead Bodies Disappearing

    You cannot turn off disappearing and this is builtin into game engine at low level.
  23. Rafał Polito

    Dead Bodies Disappearing

    Dead bodies after killing AI? You cannot turn this because of performance reasons.
  24. Rafał Polito

    Can This Be Available On Console

    We will see what we can do.
  25. Rafał Polito

    Animations For Npc's

    In Movies in Window menu. We are preparing tutorial about animations.