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  1. Rafał Polito

    Dev Tools Crashes

    Please upload your map for example to dropbox and give me a link, I will check it on my computer.
  2. Rafał Polito

    Screen Freezes After Death

    Try to generate NavMesh, SpawnPoints needs navmesh to work correct.
  3. Rafał Polito

    Terrain Moving

    Unfortunately you cannot move terrain blocks. If you want turn off fog and wind inside buildings, place ZoneBox on level, change class to SensorVarlist, create script in your project folder, for example varlist_interior.scr and set value using params in this script: VarFloat("f_game_weather", 0.2) VarFloat( "f_wind_power", 0.0 ) In Attributes of SensorVarlist attach this script to m_VarlistName field.
  4. Rafał Polito

    Meconv Freezes

    Try to compile assets manually. Use Validate and Build -> Build Assets for PC and after that try to upload your project.
  5. Rafał Polito

    Jak Zmienić Ustawienia Video?

    Nie można programować w C++ w Dev Toolsach, bo to jest bardziej edytor leveli niż framework, silnik jak Unity czy Unreal Engine. Co do ustawień, skopiuj plik: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dying Light\DW\out\settings\video.scr do: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dying Light Developer Tools\DW\out\settings\video.scr i pokombinuj z ustawieniami w tym pliku, czy Ci działają i pomogą.
  6. Rafał Polito

    Map Sizes

    It's doesn't really matter whether meshes are in groups or not. Files still must remember where all trees are. More over - when you create group you create new file and in map file you must have reference to that group so the total size of all files could be bigger.
  7. Rafał Polito

    Script Parsing Error.

    Please upload somewhere your project - for example dropbox and give me a link to him.
  8. Rafał Polito

    Looking For Assets

    Which assets exactly? Please attach some screenshot.
  9. Rafał Polito

    End Of Cutscene

    You can set SpawnPoint for cutscene, where player should after after. Go to Attributes window and an very bottom you should find m_AfterMoviePlaces field. Select this field and in viewport, while holding CTRL pracy RMB on SpawnPoint. Choose Add to..
  10. Rafał Polito

    Npc Movement

    Connect Life Places with Life Graph.
  11. Rafał Polito

    Question About Weapons Ammo.

    Currently we are focusing on multplayer mode in Developer Tools.
  12. Rafał Polito

    Terrain Brush High Grass

    This is a bug and we are trying to fix it.
  13. Rafał Polito

    Script Parsing Error.

    This is happening for every new created project?
  14. Rafał Polito

    If Statement Request

    We don't have if statement but we have a phases with prefix ,cnd to check some conditions.
  15. Rafał Polito

    Script Parsing Error.

    Please paste this errors here.