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  1. Seriously a blue military rifle does the same as a legendary one.
  2. PuppetMaster

    Everybody Dance Now Achievement/trophy Glitched?

    The trapped tarps. I actually just got it. Guess I wasn't holding my tongue right the few times before. LOL
  3. I've tried this numerous times & it will not unlock. Anybody else having this issue?
  4. Achievement Hunter doesn't take into account everyone who bought dying Light. Just those registered to their site. On the playstation console its self they track everyone & it says .01% have gotten it. So it's possible to do.
  5. PuppetMaster

    Uv Light Needs A Huge Nerf.

    A Simple fix would be to disable survivor scene.
  6. PuppetMaster

    Stop Got Damn Dash Boarding!

    that is all
  7. I can't even get my season pass to work & I bought the UE.
  8. PuppetMaster

    Ps4 Preorder Season Pass Not Working !

    Same problem here as well.