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    Battle Royale Mod?

    How about a Battle Royale Type of game mode? Like the one in ArmA 3. A bunch of players gather and wait at a contained area like a parkour playground type of thing and must wait until a minimum amount of players log on. Once minimum is reached, all players teleport into a plane that will proceed to eject all players a thousand feet above the town. All players would then parachute down commandeering themselves safely onto the ground or a building and begin the bloody free for all. Players would parkour around town in and out of buildings searching for loot to craft throwables and search for weapons in order to defend themselves from other players. A gps will be given to all players and will display a large circle that represents the safe zone. The safe zone will continue to get smaller and smaller as minutes progress and those who are out of the safe zone after a warning timer has depleted will be rendered unable to walk and will die. This forces players not to just stay hiding in an area and forces them to actually make contact with each other. There could also be random bombing zones and horde zones (where a mass group of zombies spawn). Whoever is the last player standing will be declared the winner. Think of a bunch of players fighting to stay alive, dodging bullets by free running, being taken as hostages, being ninja and assaulting from above while a player is looting or lockpicking, chaos, adrenaline, and good laughs. This mod would require: Support for more than just 4 or 5 players (at absolute least 24) and an option for less zombies or no zombies at all would probably help with ping and performance. Maybe block off more sections of the map if that helps performance as well. Even redirect stray parachutes to stay within the specific portion of the map, A modeled gps or map would be needed. Steerable parachutes would be needed. Text that would appear displaying how many players are left whenever a players dies. VOIP. So that talking into your mic isn't globally heard and only in your proximity. And of course code and script to make this all happen. I really think this would be unbelievably amazing in this game especially because of the open world free running in this game.