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  1. Hijacker

    Hunter Is Way Too Overpowered :(

    Try to play a 4 player vs zombie and hope opposing a good one, with the latest patch it's way harder than what it was. The nests are really tougher, the zombies are more agressive, with a constant pressure from the hunter games can now be really intense, and force you to be good at cooperating.
  2. Hijacker

    Night Hunter Infinite Spit Needs To Be Patched Asap

    I do realize it but I started PvP on the late and have at this time something like 50 cloak potions, around 100 nades (and the parts to make a lot more), 200 or so of zaid flares. I don't count the speed and NV potions as real farming items, as you can have 50 in not even 10 minutes. And to get your survivor to the max lvl, you have to have farmed these items, even not on purpose. Waiting for your NH video, I hope your friend doesn't suck :/
  3. Hijacker

    Night Hunter Infinite Spit Needs To Be Patched Asap

    Well, as a hunter no matter what the dmg you can take or not, a single human who's good is almost unstoppable, as it's quite easy to hunt & kill the hunter, ravage the whole nest in 5 to 10 seconds and be at the next nest during the respawn + travel time of the NH. Camo or cloak potion, speed boost (or hook), NV potion, a couple of nades and voilà . I'm not even talking about having a friend with me on TS, the NH will have a tough time. Quietus did you manage to make a video of your hunter in action? I'd really like seeing if a NH can stand agaisnt a good human player. So far all the videos I've found are mid/high level NH against low/mid skilled humans.
  4. Hijacker

    G.r.e. Mistery Box...

    It contains the Korek machete blueprint. Spam F until it opens