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  1. Solostaran

    Blue Escort Mission

    After quite some time in The Following, I nearly forgot those but finally got one in the slums. So this in not an old urban legend :-) Edit: Got 5 since last time. I just have to walk by the slums for some minutes. If I don't find one, I go to a quarantine zone or in old town (I get one there from time to time) and come back to the slums. Of course, you must have every item you want to refurbish in your inventory. Don't walk away from the quest giver, it will disappear either at the beginning or the end.
  2. Solostaran

    Regarding Some Strange Rocks

    Don't know if an answer can be found here ?
  3. Solostaran

    Dying Light - Easy Mode Please

    With a few legendary levels and good weapons, the normal mode is quite ... easy. In "the following", you just have to clean the volatiles' nests (it is easier at night) and the countryside will become quite calm during the night.
  4. Solostaran

    Normal Game Harder Since Patch/dlc Enhanced?

    A little bit harder and some more virals : ok Camouflage doesn't work against volatiles : nooooooooo This is normal mode, there are two other modes for a harder experience.
  5. Solostaran

    Where Are The Bullets?

    Where I found ammos in The Following : A lot of soldier zombies with ammos in their pockets Some military convoys : train or trucks with ammo crates a special (and somehow hidden) place in the mountains (north from the dam and through the mountains) with ammo crates and weapons.
  6. Solostaran

    How The F! Can I Kill Those New Volatiles..

    But there is not much to grapple in the countryside of The Following !
  7. Solostaran

    Dying Light Bow

    Leveling through the extension, I suppose there will be better bows ? I got the first crossbow which is quite precise but not very powerful. Very effective against Toads. I just unlocked the new arrows and a better crossbow ... I will have to test it but it should be interesting. I suppose Crossbows and Bows are not supposed to be overpowered like in Crysis 3, you know what I mean ^^ And stealth seems to be against Dying Light philosophy I guess ... no sniper rifle with sound suppressor :-) I got a gold rifle which is too powerful ... at least it makes noise !
  8. Solostaran

    New Game Plus Hard Mode Pit Fight.

    Same here, done in hard mode without breaking my machete, so it was quicker than in your video of course. Hit him in the head when dazed, I suppose that was what I've done.
  9. This patch is exactly what people asked (with the exception of PS4 trophies ). And it's nothing to complain about IMHO. Of course, you can complain if the future DLCs will be seriously needy.
  10. Solostaran

    Why Do Hunters Invade And Quit When Losing?

    It's not about hunters, it is about standard people playing a multiplayer game that will never try to learn to lose.
  11. Solostaran

    No More Baseball Bats?

    I just watched an episode of Z-Nation. One of the main character purchased a modified baseball bat with spikes that is awesome If only ...
  12. Solostaran

    This Game Is Too Hard!

    First time also that I read "too hard" about this game. The thing is "run is better than fight" especially at the beginning of the game, if you can't beat it then you must flee it. And in fact, this game tends to be easier and easier with each new skill and high-end weapons. I hope for a configurable hardcore mode, either in NG+ or in a future mod or patch.