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    Bozak Mask & Together Till The End Not Unlocking

    Hey, Can you please provide us with more information ? Like, what platform are you playing on ? Were any of your playthroughs more than 2-person coop ? Did you, or any of your coop partners had connectivity issues (especially during pvp) ? Did your friends recieve their skin and achievement when they won ? Have you unlocked the bow and additional arrow types on your victories ? What about other Bozak achievements ? Did they unlock for you ? We would be very greatful if you could provide us with info like that as it could greatly improve our chances of figuring out what went wrong there.
  2. Hey, You should create a ticket with your problem following these instructions: http://forum.techland.pl/topic/2352-dying-light-technical-support/ Someone from the support team should contact you with possible solution through e-mail then.
  3. Karol Langier

    Cant Matchmaking Or Invite Player

    Hey, Did you finish any story missions ? The multiplayer component of the game unlocks after First Assignment quest (tutorial missions) - that is maybe why you cannot invite your friend to the game.
  4. Karol Langier

    No Waypoint On Hud

    Hey, Not sure why there is no waypoint - it should appear after running away from Rais' building. Depending on how far along you are in the quest the spot where you should go would be within one of the red circles I marked on the screenshot. Both are prompted on top of the train carts. (http://oi61.tinypic.com/33kwqw8.jpg)
  5. Karol Langier

    Season Pass - Not Installed?

    Hey, It seems that this problem is Steam related as there are reports on Steam of some other games having similar issue with DLC's. We will try to investigate, however we will most likely know more when we release the next DLC that is included in Season Pass.
  6. Karol Langier

    "do You Believe?" Side Quest Not Triggering (Ps4)

    Hey, Mufid not spawning for you is indeed strange however, you can also trigger this quest by finding the Prophet's house yourself. You will hear strange music when nearby.
  7. Karol Langier

    Dying Light Does Not Download From Steam

    Hey, This issue usally occurs when trying to download and launch Dying Light on 32-bit system. If your OS is 64-bit then I would recommend creating a ticket with more info on our support site (additional info about that: http://forum.techland.pl/topic/2352-dying-light-technical-support/)
  8. Karol Langier

    Season Pass - Not Installed?

    Hey, It is indeed weird, the Season Pass did not end yet - there is still one DLC that is coming and will be included in Season Pass. Even though Steam tells you that your Season Pass is 'Not Installed' you still have access to Cuisine and Cargo as well as Ultimate Survivor Bundle so everything seems to be working properly. The only way to check if anything is wrong with your Season Pass would be to either uninstall the dlc's and try to install them again or to wait for the 3rd DLC and see if you have proper access to it. We checked that from our end and it does say 'Installed' on our version. So it seems to be some kind of mixup. Can anyone confirm that they have similar problem ?
  9. Karol Langier

    List Of Glitched Trophies And Achievements

    Hey, Can you guys help us narrow the problem ? Can you tell us platform you are playing on ? We want to make sure on what platforms there are still problems reported. Right now it looks like it is mostly PS4 that still has issues after patch. We want to make sure.
  10. Karol Langier

    Voicemails Not Appearing Ingame.

    Hey I'm not sure why this occured in your game however you could try creating a game on a new save state with 'Start form Quest' option. Simply choose the quest where you have access to Old Town and Slums like Higher Education. You should be able to run around and collect voicemails. Since throphies are connected to profile and not save state, you should be able to get it this way. Hope it helps!
  11. Karol Langier

    Extremely Poor Performance, Unplayable.

    Hey, We are aware of some people still having issues with PC version of Dying Light - we are gathering feedback(dxdiags/crashlogs/etc) from both our support site and steam forums. We will keep working on optimization and hopefully those issues will be resolved with future patches. As to when the next patch will come - we don't know yet - however from the video that appeared with a hard mode patch you can see that we are still hard at work so you can be sure that we won't ignore this.
  12. Karol Langier

    Hard Mode+

    Hey, Glad to hear you managed to get your outfits! How it works: When you start a completely new save - the game asks you if you want it on normal or hard - you don't need to beat it to have the option to play on hard mode. If you complete the game on hard mode then you will be able to start a new game + on hard. However if you completed a game on normal mode and wish to beat new game + on hard mode to get the outfits you need to first convert your completed game to hard mode and only then start new game +. It is always better to start a new game than using restart from chapter etc when changing game dificulty as the game may think that you were trying to cheat your way into the outfits by changing difficulty mid game As for starting a new game on already created save file it is also better to convert it to hard mode beforehand - if you don't want to create a new save file.
  13. Karol Langier

    Hard Mode+

    Hey To unlock the costumes you need to make sure you start new game as a hard mode. Changing normal game to hard mode even at the very beginning will sadly not work. To play hard mode+ you need to first change your save with 100% main storyline completion into a hard mode and then start new game+. Otherwise the game will think that you played the new game+ on normal and changed it to hard mid-game.
  14. Karol Langier

    I Cant Start Steam Dying Light

    Hey, Best way to try and sort this issue out would be to submit a ticket at our support site with as much info as you can provide us. For more info check: http://forum.techland.pl/topic/2352-dying-light-technical-support/
  15. Hey guys FYI, The promised 'bigger patch' is coming within a week. To avoid confusion: yes, sadly it won't be available in every region at the same time, so if someone writes about new update that you don't have don't worry - it should be available to you soon. The major focus of the patch is Hard Mode, adding even more challenge for those that thought Dying Light was a bit on the easier side. Hard Mode will be available through Advanced option in Play Campaign - You don't have to beat the game to unlock it. Also coming is bigger weapon variety, so those heavier-weapon enthusiasts can finally be at ease when they are bashing their way through Harran at higher levels. It wouldn't be a patch without some fixes and the most awaited according to your feedback is the achievement/trophies one. PS4 users that update the game and launch it should have all the thropies registered properly. Xbox One users however will have to launch the title and do something in-game to update their profile (like doing a quest/safezone for example). That should be enough to get the achievements you were supposed to get. Obviously that is not all the patch offers but this post is more about keeping you guys informed then presenting it's features. I'm sure that as the patch releases there will be some official info with more details.
  16. Karol Langier

    Patch Incoming - Hard Mode And Achievements/trophies

    Hey, Sadly, I have no new info on the matter yet. We are still working on figuring out the issue. As soon as I learn anything new I'll try to inform you guys.
  17. Karol Langier

    Lag Update 1.5 Freeze Fps

    Hey, Just as an FYI, we know about some people having issues with FPS on PC after patch. Right now we are gathering all the feedback we can get (dxdiags, crashlogs). Hopefully we will come up with a solution for you guys soon.
  18. Karol Langier

    Coop Not Working?

    Hey, To unlock coop you need to make sure to complete all tutorial missions. The coop should unlock right after sleeping tutorial at the end of 'First Assignment' mission. If you are still during this mission the option to play online will simply be greyed out. Also make sure your online options are set to public/private.
  19. Karol Langier

    Eu Version Dying Light Still 1.01?

    Hey, EU version of the patch for PS4 was released yesterday.
  20. Karol Langier

    Patch Incoming - Hard Mode And Achievements/trophies

    Hey guys, The XBO patch released yesterday (10th March). The PS4 US/BR was also released at that date, however sadly there were complications with EU version of patch on PS4 and it was delayed. To my information it should release between 14-16th March but we are still not sure which day exactly. This led to my vague statement of 'within a week' (along with the fact that I didn't know the hour of patch release for different consoles and regions), I was trying to avoid confusion as to why some of you have patches and some don't. Also was not exactly sure of the date for the delayed patch - today it is a little bit clearer though that is why I'm trying to clarify now. The Windows/Linux version is already available on Steam too. As for the trophies situation - I've informed the devs. Now we will need a little more time to see what exactly went wrong there and hopefuly provide you with solution ASAP.
  21. Karol Langier

    Will Not Give Me Last Skill Point ? Ps4

    Hey, There is a major patch incoming on all platforms and for all regions. We have sent it already to our partners and are now waiting for a green light. We don't know exactly when it is going to release yet but we are hopefull it will be soon. The patch will mostly be aimed at fixing all the major issues coming from your feedback (like achievements/survivor rank/weapon variety/etc.) as well as adding some new things. I'm sorry if all the waiting is frustrating however I would like to assure you that we are still working hard on improving the game and we are not trying to exclude anyone from the fruits of our work. If my responses seemed confusing to you it is because the patch situation right now is very confusing (it depends not only on the regions but on the platforms themselves too) and the forum is international and multiplatform. But hopefully the big patch will stabilize this situation so there is no more confusion.
  22. Hey Don't worry about the endgame loot - we are already working on a major patch that should address those concerns. Could you provide me with a ticket number so I can check what is wrong exactly ?
  23. Karol Langier

    I Am Stuck At Level 24 For Survivor Rank!?

    Hey guys The previous patches should have fixed all the problems concerning survivor rank however we will still investigate this issue and hopefully come up with a solution for you guys in one of the upcoming patches.
  24. Karol Langier

    Can Not Level Up On Survivor To Level 25

    Hey, The previous patches should have fixed all problems with survivor rank however we listen to your feedback, and I would like to inform you that we are looking into this issue.
  25. Karol Langier

    Missing Electric Fences Traps

    Hey, Thank you for all the info provided, we narrowed down the issue and it should be fixed come major patch.