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  1. vert

    First Dlc. Ripoff?

    TheShift Well, I don't agree with you on this and still stand on my last post that your only interested in increasing ur post count, TBH u haven't had an argument since before ur 1st post and a shame we couldn't meet face to face to discuss this bcos I think u would still lose in that situation. I don't mind discussing in forums but when u just out right lie (misinformation to present a fact that you know you made up), well to me that is manipulating the real facts and that isn't right. No worries fella, everyone knows now....
  2. vert

    First Dlc. Ripoff?

    I think you should make a new post for this m8
  3. vert

    Ultimate Challenge

    Good luck you lot, might take a peek 2 c how ur doing
  4. vert

    First Dlc. Ripoff?

    TheShift TBH I think your running up your post count to feel important at something. I can understand brown nosing for self-preservation, but brown nosing for no reason or to pay more in the future really sucks and you would have to have the arse on the end of your nose not to see that this 1st dlc was in the game and to short, the 2nd will be the extra content from combined offers that were pre-order bonuses. BUT, lets all hope the 3rd dlc will be the bread and butter of the season pass.
  5. vert

    First Dlc. Ripoff?

    TheShift So your talking chupacabra and still talking your way through the game argument but ok. So how is it relevant? and where is your source to prove the numbers? and are those numbers to do with the game, performance, season pass content or just made up
  6. vert

    First Dlc. Ripoff?

    Anyway TheShift, looks like u landed on your feet somehow, but still doesn't defeat the fact that your talking about something else and not the topic. ALL OF US HERE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE SEASON PASS AND NOT THE GAME, IM PRETTY SURE THAT EVERYONE LOVES THE GAME. lol, I'd love to look at your books sometime with those imaginary numbers you managed to come up with, I'm pretty sure that from sales of 1.2mil sold copies that there are more than 2,000 customers with a problem, but hey, I don't have my own business or think that money is easy to come by.
  7. vert

    First Dlc. Ripoff?

    2nd DLC is supposed to be skins and a few blue prints from what I gather
  8. vert

    First Dlc. Ripoff?

    TheShift ur a mug fella, to some people €60 is a lot of money and most of us weren't born with a silver spoon in are arse like some. Besides that, the point that was being made is that the season pass isn't worth €20 for the content, but u know what brown noses like u will be happy paying €200 or 300 for no content and that's what the developers want.
  9. There's no way of climbing down. Later in the game u get the grappling hook and u can use that to move downwards and there are 2 skills that reduce fall damage a little bit. Also u can jump onto trash bags, skips, shop canopies, cars and vans from various heights without taking damage. Hope that helps
  10. vert

    First Dlc. Ripoff?

    I agree with you on both statements, but the point I was saying was the content from what I've seen from Cuisine and Cargo is that it just isn't worth it and the gamestop description is nothing compared to the actual content, i.e it isn't hardcore or an Ultimate test. But you know maybe we just have a different value for €20. I paid €60 for DL and I think it was well worth it and love the game, but €20 for a 5min quest, some waste of time outfits I don't even see when I play and make no difference to gameplay whatsoever and The stadium (which by the way I'm looking forward to but a little less after Cuisine and Cargo) is a little to expensive for me.
  11. vert

    First Dlc. Ripoff? This image sums up the gaming industries view on DLC and extra content in my opinion The last few games I've bought I bought with the season pass, and to be honest the season pass has sucked for all of them. Looks like proper expansions are a thing of the past, soon we will have to pay per quest if we keep going at this rate. LAST SEASON PASS FOR ME, its just not worth it, just some very short game play stuff and a bunch of cosmetic chupacabra that involves very little time to create and adds very little to the game once u have played it a couple of times. LOL, if like me your not into the multiplayer side of games, you can't even see the outfits your wearing, so basically adds nothing from that point of view. Also if there adding all the pre-order bonus stuff as part of a DLC, well what's is the point of pre-ordering a game if your doing it to get that bonus stuff. The industry seems to be shooting its self in the foot with this tactic, soon more and more gamers will just wait to see reviews before buying or even worse for the industry, sit back and wait for the game to go on sale with all the free stuff and extras included. €20 to me would be a nice start to paying for my next AAA game that would cost around €60, so if season pass content is going to be as chupacabra as it has been for games lately my money will be going towards full games. Just my point of view, not here for an argument or interested in changing anyone's view on the topic