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    Why Did That Happen To Jade? - Spoiler Alert

    Retrieve inventory when stripped off was a conflicts maker. I did choose to leave it and start empty but there is no real decidion and consiquence here so it made me wonder what would happen. The most sad thing to me was: Personally, id make a good and bad ending sequence. The way the total character development has gone, they could make it out any way they wanted. They could have made it matter dafuq u do in the world while making it open sandbox rpg like. And it had that part set up pretty awesomelly for a action vs consequence sequence. Ranging from saving Rahim to Loosing Camden in the science lab via a lockdown failure and the lab getting overswarmed by infected ect. And it would be awesome if they would hide those side quests randomlly along the normal side quests giving u the chance of luck and persistency and some other stuff along the way. Hell, they could have made a few choices with Leda regarding Rahim and more stuff u do. Like, if Rahim lives, she could be skipping the kidnapping part and lives no matter what but if Rahim died, she gets kidnapped and U have one last chance to save her via a route U take. Ambush free route if ur stealthy and patiance, rewarding u for it to actually do that chupacabra within missions more activelly or directlly in the ambush where u get stripped off ur gear to fill in the gap with the Cranes antizin he took, with a line if possible with Rais saying - Look what we found - showing him the antizin that he holds in his hand or saying that the antizin in the pistol where lena dies says its from his own hidden stash. I mean, cmon, if i was a bad guy and found that dose, id say that too him. Also, regarding other matters, u could have killed Rais or die with him or even sacrifice urself or something like that. So many opportunities could have been made that would scrach ur head and make u think hard how u gonna do stuff. I surelly would actually safe those ppl that were in distress. But since it really didint matter in the end, i just skipped the annoyance. Yup, im a bad person if i dont get something out of it. And i dont rly need money since i get all that s*it along the way anyway so no point in buying stuff, cuz its a cheat for me and also no point of buying stuff cuz u loose it. Unless ur a b*ch and click the recover invenotry. Shame on U, u spineless creature! XD Prob is and lets be honest, devs are way too lazy now-a-days. All of em, im pointing at all of them lazy devs/game companies out there. XD
  2. theimmersion

    Why Did That Happen To Jade? - Spoiler Alert

    Thats what im saying. XD Hes there but pretty much worthless. No sotry connected what so ever, hes just there to be called there. Theres no relevance what so ever that the story demands his expertiese and other matters and missions he surelly has going in this mess. Get what im trying to say? Come on, introduction to a character as a start up guid resulting in one f*cking mission? Where is the character development? What happened to that? Devs are just forgetting that.
  3. theimmersion

    Why Did That Happen To Jade? - Spoiler Alert

    To expand a bit. I was convinced that Jade would die in general, was only a matter of time, than the sequence with the Antizin taunt started and i was for once surprised that everyone would go out of there alive and was a AWESOME realisation but than got smacked back down a third time when there was no mention about the hidden antizin Crane took earlier in the game. Was a WTF?! moment. Like, DUDE! U GOT A F*CKING SPARE ANTIZIN DOSE! XD Also, from all of em, i connected with Rahim the most but sure wish there was some going togheter or something on missions and such and instead, he dies. His death was cool but way to obvious for me so it should be EXTREMLY obvious for Crane as well. Hes a field operative FFS, is he not? And as well, the fact that Rahim did the tower bomb planting attempt was EXTREMLY obvious as well. Seriously, that fact is bothersome. Cuz its about immersion = real world like. XD aaand u made us look like a s*upid motherf*cking m*ron cuz no normal dude would just trust on a suspitious acting kid saying: "ok, i wont do it." like,rly? u just ended it right there? Cuz we all know its gonna happen in the quest line. XD Was WAY TO EASY to convince Brecken tho to sit tight, when he really shouldnt. BUT, BIG BIG KUDOS for the small random sequences of aggressive zombies doing that human like mimic and even sometimes saying "dont" or "no" or something like that. Its the single most nice touch and detail i ever saw to a zombie game and God knows theres TONS of em latelly. DEVS, its the small details that matter but always seem to slip. Pay more attention to such small details please. And bring this game back in the next one, cuz as it stands, its BS. Srsly, we must connect to something to have a reason to fight for, and in here and with this story, there was nothing worth fighting for or to survive. The fact that this was a more serious attempted aproach at a zombie game against Dead Island, this was a total miss with the story. Fact that u got more scary zombies doesnt make it more serious, its the story that makes it, and making everyone die is actually NOT the way to go. Theres the catch! If u can make a deep story without killing the ppl and have same effect, thats a MASTER PIECE and thats what separates the Epic games from this and these games with that simple - ppl u care die anyway, no matter what u do and how hard u try- approach that are way too common latelly. So... verdict?... take a shotgun and start shooting at the writer or writers cuz they got TONS to learn. And you for not seeing dafuq the writer did and just went along with it. Srsly, at this point, gamers have much better aproach, ideas, understanding and ways of writing a story than "legit paid writers" that are in that bussiness and went to school for that etc. Look at the modding community in all the heavy mody-friendly games out there and you will see that there are people that have much better talent than ppl that are profetional writers. Kill the Cliche writers! or fire them if ur into that kind of s*it. XD Yup, still p*ssed off at this game. XD
  4. SPOILERS! DONT READ IF U DIDNT COMPLETE THE GAME! When your in the beginning of the game and you get the mission from Brecken to get the Antizin Air Drop but later get the order from GRE to destroy all the Antizin instead. Well... he took one dose of Antizin before he put the rest in the fire barrel. At first, i totally forgot about it. But than... that moment of flash back. It was cool! I remembered i had a spare but nobody else did. XDDD SRSLY! U killed a perfect moment here! I was convinced that when Jade and Crane were fighting with who would get the antizin, that Crane would trick her and give her a shot and than take out the spare one out of his pocket and inject himself a dose. First, was brilliant when the sequence started, kinda of like, he put it aside for himself (as in, just in case) but ended up saving her life with it, and i never saw him use that hidden antizin. Unless i missed something. Than again, he got stripped off all of his gear a few times. That messed up the anticipation of the moment and just gave me the, AWWW BS! moment. Also, i assume TL didnt plan a Dying Light 2, since they killed basicly all the major characters? Like this: there were a few major characters IMO and a few others that were semi-worth noticing / mentioning. Tower Boss (Brecken), u see him a few times and than its all radio chatter. He doesnt even slightly matter at the ending. Nor does anyone else it seems. Only You. "The Hero" One u see at the beginning and never again (Spike). Introducing someone that looks and acts important, well, dont seem like it. Maybe he died in the kiddnapping explotion tho? To much going on in this game and maybe i didint actually notice it. 3 of em (Zere,Jade and Rahim) not much contact but most contact of em all But they all die. Than theres the bad guy that dies ofc. The other tower boss and his tech advisor, same like tower one style (Troy and Savvy). I saw them like 2 times that were mandatory i guess. U can see anyone as much as u want but i mean like directed contact that is mission specific and not hanging out in the tower all day long. XD Aaaand a doc who u see one time at the end. And thats pretty much it. Thats my fresh end game understanding of the game. (Thats not a good impression btw - its a MEH impression.) Pretty much the hopes of Dying Light 2 continuing the plot or something went down the drain. -.- The writing was meh in any case but i was acutally hoping that this is character development for DL2 one day with perhaps better writing. Well... NOPE. XD So... essentially, was wondering what you ppl took from the game. Cuz i sure as h*ll am confused. Its all fresh, just finished DL and am disappointed. Didnt perhaps give my head enough time to process all that DL stuff.