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    Crash [Cdt] At Tower Elevator Loading Screen

    Hi, I have just returned to say that the problem has resolved by itself. I just continued with the main story and I was able to access the tower again. Note: I have also switched off online, maybe that could be the reason alone?
  2. Is there a way to make your character to climb down from a ledge rather than just awkwardly falling down and then try to grab the ledge or wall feature? Most fitting example is when I was on top of one of those radio towers and I had some trouble going down with some agility rather than like a stone. at the end I dropped like a stone and died cheers
  3. As per title, I am getting a crash everytime I go inside the tower elevator from street level. It happens during loading screen. Windows error logs mention something like: Faulting module name: gamedll_x64_rwdi.dll Story line point is before meeting Reiss I need to turn in Gazi side quest Crash is repeatable, cannot do nothing atm, I will try to advance story or go by night. Anyone has any knowledge about this issue? cheers