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  1. HaNYolO

    Hello, it is me.

    Godly devs. I need a Techland game ASAP. D:D:D:D: Any news you can bring us?
  2. HaNYolO

    So No Mods To Kill The Spaming

    Me and Bartosz will deal with it if we have the time. And quite frankly, i'm at work right now.
  3. HaNYolO

    Hunter Is Way Too Overpowered :(

    Keep your posts mature and constructive. Thank you.
  4. HaNYolO

    Forum Spammer

    I am, i'm locking this topic. Please, do not start any topics that are unrelated to Dying Light. If there are issues, post them here: http://forum.techland.pl/forum/5-general-discussions-questions/.
  5. HaNYolO

    Please Do Something About Spam In Be The Zombie Mode

    I've tried contacting the Techland team about this subject already, but i'm afraid it didn't help. I'm being left in the dark just as much as you guys. It is true that lag can be a real game changer, and result into having a negative effect on the Night Hunter. Though at the moment pretty much the only thing they could do is change the match-making so that it would only match you up with other low ping users. Though that would limit the players you are able to play with on Be The Zombie. And i'm confident to say that that would not be such a great move if you consider how messed up the match-making already is. :/ Once they fix that issue, they could look into changing up the way match-making is done. But i could be wrong.
  6. HaNYolO

    Please Do Something About Spam In Be The Zombie Mode

    This forum is to have discussions. Whereas you simply respond with a not so very constructive reply. In the end, the point he is making is valid, and sadly true. The Night Hunter is bound to animations, lacks dodging capabilities, is everything but stealthy, and last but not least, he is prone to certain animation locked moves like the drop attack and drop kick. These issues render him ineffective when facing just one, or more players. Now while we are talking about the Night Hunter subject. I do want to ask you people if we are talking about the console version, or the pc version. You might wonder why i'd ask such a thing, because normally this wouldn't matter at all. Though i'm afraid this is not the case at this moment. Thanks to the precision and high speed rotating on M&K, you are able to do certain feats that could be slightly too difficult to perform on a console. Don't get me wrong, i am not trying to bash console here, but i'm just pointing out that there can be different outcomes due to the system played on. So my next question is the following. On what system do you people play Dying Light? You could see this as a neat little experiment. Though in the end it might not prove anything, but it could change the way we think on this matter.
  7. HaNYolO


    Okay, i'll be locking this topic.
  8. HaNYolO


    Sorry for having a personal life. I'll make sure to be chained so i can keep my attention on the forum non-stop. Sorry for the inconvenience.... But all sarcasm aside, reporting the spammers is no use. Not only do i now have to look through the reports, i also have to remove all the spam. This will both have to wait, because i'm waiting for my dinner to arrive.
  9. HaNYolO

    "night Hunter" Don't Make Me Laugh...

    Let us start off with a 1v1. If you're on pc that is. I honestly doubt i'll lose, but we'll have a go at it either way. http://steamcommunity.com/id/woopgamer/
  10. HaNYolO

    "night Hunter" Don't Make Me Laugh...

    Just because you haven't had problems playing as the Night Hunter, it certainly doesn't mean that he isn't UP. If any of you people play on PC, please do add me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/woopgamer/ I want to see if any of you are able to do anything versus my Survivor. I want to see if you people can change my mind. EDIT: Some crappy footage i got while playing. Sure, the dude i was fighting wasn't all that good. But even if he was, i could've used flares. And flares render the UV Block completely useless. Warning: The video includes swearing, and stupid humor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mz3C6MscmAg
  11. HaNYolO

    Chrome Vs Unreal

    Chrome has been cutting edge since the early days. It's a shame they didn't get as much attention as Unreal. My personal preference would go to Chrome, because even with the huge amounts of detail on screen, i still get a steady 60+ fps.
  12. HaNYolO

    [Spoilers] One Major Let Down.

    I do gotta admit that i was sincerely disappointed when i came up to the QTE. I was hoping that Rais would somehow inject himself with the virus, and turn into a super mutated Rais, but i was wrong. D:
  13. HaNYolO

    "night Hunter" Don't Make Me Laugh...

    What you guys don't mention is that the Night Hunter can get insta-killed vs end-game survivors. :3 I've experienced this first hand on both sides. (Yes, i've got a high enough Night Hunter level to back it up.) However you look at it. The Night Hunter is under-powered at this moment. And just because you managed to kill a few groups which possibly weren't all that good at the game. You can't imply that the Night Hunter is not UP using this as a reason. I also like to mention that me and my crew haven't lost to a Night Hunter yet. And this is not to boast, but merely an indication that something is wrong. Though it could've been us just being lucky with getting matched up with inexperienced players. Though my 1000+ damage one handed weapons are just out of place, and it is sad that the Night Hunter doesn't scale up with the amount of players in one game. Please, do prove me wrong. I'm willing to take on some of you, and see if your tactics actually work. (PC)
  14. HaNYolO

    Night Hunter Needs A Buff

    I agree that playing the Night Hunter at this moment is not worthwhile. During the first few stages of the game, there really isn't an issue with the the balancing on the Night Hunter, but during the later stages (Think end-game), the Night Hunter is under-powered at such a level that survivors can pretty much insta-kill it using certain weapons. The main issue is that the Night Hunter doesn't scale up with the survivors. And the secondary one is the lack of stealth capabilities on the Night Hunter. Sure, there are many other issues with the mode in its current state, but tackling these 2 problems first would improve and allow for actual fun matches.
  15. HaNYolO

    Thoughts On Child Zombies?

    Like i said. In the end it's subjective.