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  1. DarkLight

    Night Hunter Infinite Spit Needs To Be Patched Asap

    Would be greatly appreciated by me!
  2. DarkLight

    Hunter Is Way Too Overpowered :(

    Just what I was trying to point out... the matchmaking is an absolute joke, including the lack of any kind of scaling algorithm. I'm absolutely for any kind of buffs for the hunter when taking on groups of survivors, however, I'm not quite sure if that should really be the case for 1v1s. Maybe I'm just lacking skill and / or experience but I still don't really get what good the fast recharge of the UV does me when I am blown to pieces by suicide hazmats and / or get pounced when trying to avoid the aforementioned fate?! And please, don't tell me that all I have to do is pop a flare and climb afterwards... those flares won't help me climb anything remotely high enough to evade the splash damage and not being pounced upon... But, maybe that's really down to my lack of "skill". @jcks: Could only take a short look at your vids right now.. I gather, you're playing on the PS4?
  3. DarkLight

    Hunter Is Way Too Overpowered :(

    Just out of curiosity: how do you define "a skilled player"?! And if there is any kind of skill level involved, wouldn't that still promote a kind of matchmaking system that takes "skill" into account, e.g. based on K/D ratio?
  4. DarkLight

    Hunter Is Way Too Overpowered :(

    Just as I said before: not in my experience concerning the 0HK, at least not since Saturday. Before it seemed feasible, hence my remark concerning the platform (PC). Or, to put it the other way around: has there been any kind of patching and if so, maybe not on all platforms? Additionally: has there always been a timeout counter if you stayed in a safe zone as the survivor? First time I noticed this was on Saturday, too. And yes, you can evade the tackle, but only if you get it right the first time. I'm not intending to whine but reather looking for a way out for all involved parties and - maybe - for some hints concerning strategies for those 1v1-situations...
  5. DarkLight

    Hunter Is Way Too Overpowered :(

    While I guess that it does not really help to trade accusations and / or lamentations concerning OP this or that... However, I have the slight feeling that the balancing of survivors and the night hunter is somewhat completely off when it comes to scaling with groups. I'm not quite sure concerning the exact intended PVP mechanics, but up until now I have only always been invaded by a zombie but never have I been joined by another survivor. And according to my experience - not considering myself a pro or something, just perfoming on a medium level of proficiency when it comes to competetive gaming - you get totally wrecked as a survivor on these 1v1 occasions (assuming, it is a leveled and no starter night hunter), despite all the assumed OP equipment I got: switching from UV light or flares to, e.g., the grappling hook --> pounce. Not being able to evade a spit and no immediately climbable building in the direction of the hunter --> pounce, since you have to turn around OR switch to the grappling hook (see above). If you are able to climb something, you should better make sure it is higher than a van or bus, since the bomber hazmat suit zombies have an AOE effect that easily gets you on those vehicles. Guns or rifles also do not work, since a moving target is not really easy to hit with the somwhat clumsy gun controls and the damage it does is negligible (entire rifle magazine does like 10% damage on the hunter, which is easily healed). When it comes down to close quarters fighting, the ram / tackle attacts of the night hunter can deadlock the survivor and as far as I can tell, weapon damage does impact the time needed to kill a hive (can be oneshotted, depending on the weapon) but it always takes at least 2 to 3 hits on the night hunter. As a result, in these 1v1 situations, you can - or at least I can - just stand in one place and wait until my 10 respawns are gone since it is no real fun to read "you are dead" 10 times in a row if you really tried to do something or be smart about it. Maybe I'm just not good enough, but it is no fun, either way. Nonetheless, I can imagine that you get similarly wrecked when trying to take on a team of 2 (very skilled) or more (maybe also lesser skilled) survivors. If, in this case, the night hunter's perspective becomes that of a survivor in 1v1s, than I've got to admit that something is really amiss here. However, I think it is simply not enough to demand a stronger night hunter. I would reather think it would be a good idead to find an implementation that takes the number of players in the invaded game into account. The way it is right now does not seem to be very fun for any of the involved parties, safe for some grievers on both sides of the zombie fence: those that love to wreck single survivors as night hunters and those survivor groups that love to wreck the poor hunter... BTW: I'm talking from a PC perspective, don't know how it's on the consoles. And my survivor is around level 17 or 18, hence no level 2 survivor with a 31 damage pipe... [edit] - Just for typos....