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  1. wonderwizzard

    You Really Ruined The Be The Zombie Mode Devs. Gj :)

    HAHA!!! oh man, this forum has barely 6000 members, compared to 1million + people who played dying light. Yeah lets listen to 20 of them, who cry that the nighthunter is to weak. Gj again. GENIUS DEV's. Can't even unregister on this retarded forums. So, i'm going to do it on the banhammer style: chupacabra YOU ALL!!!!!!!
  2. wonderwizzard

    The Problem With How Strong Survivors Are...

    i wish there would be a link to your statistics, of all your played nighthunter matches, and the devs would see how many games you crybabies win in comparison to the games you lose. That way, the devs wouldnt believe every single word here. But unfortunately, it's not gonna happen, they rather believe bullshit like this instead of playing the chupacabra online mode by themselve with RANDOMS!!!!! like 99% do out there. So keep crying, the NOW ruined onlinemode will be even more of a failure in future 1..2...3.... no more survivor sense FTWW!!!!111!!11
  3. I just don't understand what made you change the be the zombie mode so drastically. It's literally impossible to win against the hunter with a group of randoms now. - 3 zombies attack you at once, you need to fight them if not you die! WHILE you fight them, you need now 10 hits per zombie, thats 30 hits. Obviously in that time the Nighthunter was able to pounce me with ease. If i would have concentrated to the hunter, the zombies would have killed me. ( happened before, they are ridiculous aggressive) - how the .... can the nighthunter kill me on 1vs1 closecombat? He spam groundpound and hit me faster with his paw than i can hit him now with my weapons. -also HOW can you dodge his spits if he shoot them at at you on closecombat?????? Please tell devs. I can't believe there are still people ( well obviously it's only a handfull, must be the chupacabra who lost a few games out of many against very skilled survivor ) complaining that the nighthunter is too weak. The worst thing is, the devs rather listen to 20 voices instead trying the game by themselves. DEVS. Move your [Moderated] to public servers, go play as a survivor with a group of randoms. it's the only way to see your failure of changes. @ every nighthunter crybitches, don't worry, the devs will lick your [Moderated] and soon the nighthunter will even be immune against the UV light, or shorten the UV light, or take away the survivor sense, some chupacabra like that. Since it's proven that the devs listen to you 20-30 [Moderated] here, instead of playing for once by themselves the onlinemode.!! Im done it was fun the first few weeks. Now the online is pure chupacabra (and people wonder why the online mode is dying and nobody wants to play against the nighthunter. CIAO!!!
  4. First of all, in this section, all i'm reading are complains or negative feedback about the zombie invasion mode. (Well, to be honest, there aren't really many complains or negative feedback. it's just a handfull of people compared to the thousand's of people playing the game) I wanted to create a thread to show the developers some respect and tell them how great their game is. Zombie Invasion IS balanced as it is! Of course we have people here complaining about being killed, either from the hunter or from the survivor. But that's part of onlinegaming, you kill and you are getting killed. I read in another thread: "I wanted to kill the survivor and i had very good chances, but he UV lighted me, the UV need's to be nerfed" You can tell in this example that some people are just bitter or bad at losing. If they would nerf the UV light, then you have your kill, right? The Hunter can basically "fly" around the map, when you constant circle your enemy as a hunter, then your chances to pounce him are much higher. Also, spits. Anyway, btt. Zombie Invasion is balanced, i for myself still lose most of the matches against the hunter, but i won't blame the developers or beg the developers to change the game. The mode is exciting as it is, there aren't easy kills on both sides, you have to be concentrated all the time, use your surroundings, your equipment etc. Now back to the compliment about the gamemode. I like how Zombie Invasion is taking place at night, it gives the whole mode a special exciting and a little scary feeling. The music once there is only one life/nest left, also adds more drama to the scene. The hunter can see the survivor all the time on the map, even through walls. It makes it easy for the hunter to target his opponent and trying to pounce or spitattack him. That's why the survivor has the UV lamp, it's his only way to avoid a quick pounce. That doesn't mean the hunter dies, no, he is only currently stopped from attacking you. All in all, this game modes has many situations like that, which can be counterattacked etc.. Spits, camouflage, flares, hordes, pounce, UV light, hook, hunter ability to fly around the map, sense and so on. It's a well balanced gamemode, keep in mind, you can't always win, and every person has different skill. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. People please don't beg developers to change the game to your own advantage. Enjoy the game. Thanks for reading :-)
  5. wonderwizzard

    Hunter Is Way Too Overpowered :(

    Im not the type of guy who spam throw flares, that's unfair. Also why are you all suggesting that i'm a noob or level 2? This isn't fair, since there are also people here who complain that the nighthunter is too weak and the survivor is overpowered. Couldn't you guys then say "you are a noob cause u can't kill the survivor" ? You see, it goes both ways. Also there are rounds that i win, but the majority i lose, it's ok, i accept it. In the end i am very happy with the mode zombie invasion, and i do think it's more or less balanced. I still think the nighthunter (once he is fully upgraded) can be very powerfull and difficult to beat. But i won't please the developers to nerf the nighthunter. I accept that the nighthunter is very challenging. I just would like that the nighthunter won't get any harder anymore with further updates. Like i said, for normal players, the hunter is already hard enough to beat. That quote is way out of context, i never said it like that. Please read the full sentence. it was: "first im using my uv (which drains very quickly) then i have to use my flares, and the hunter spit me once and the flares also goes off? " i simply assumed that when i use my flares, it will protect me from his spits. But i figured out that the hunter can also spit off my flares, and immediately pounce me. How is that trolling?
  6. wonderwizzard

    Be The Zombie Is Horribly Unbalanced

    Wow, this is gold O.o You want the human to have his survivor sense to be removed, although he can only see the hunter on the minimap. But the hunter at the same time has a wallhack who sees the human on the exact positions behind walls? in his nightvision? Really??? The hunter is already hard to see in the night for the human, even if the human uses his sense. Wow, really, just wow. Its like you want to play with cheats, so you can win even more? UV light drains very quickly. Same can be said about the hunters UV protection, it recharges very quickly. So??? it's even! On spawning: Sorry but, bullshit i got spawned almost 300m from a nest a few times, how is that close??? U want me to spawn 1km??? About "a group of 4 hide" HAHAH and this cant be said about the hunter??? He is doing the same on his nest, and once a human comes close, he just spitspam them. With all respect, your points sound bitter, you whiners already got a stronger hunter after the patch ( which is almost impossible to beat for a normal player) and now u want a stronger one? Im already having a hard time beating the hunter, i beat him with a team maybe 2-3 out of 10 matches. (talking about a leveled hunter) Making the hunter stronger again, or weaken the human, would totally ruin the balance. You guys should rethink why its so hard for the hunter to find a match, its because most humans deactivated the zombie invasion, because its already too hard to beat the hunter. Take a look at the closed games vs the open games for hunter. 90% are closed.
  7. wonderwizzard

    Hunter Is Way Too Overpowered :(

    hello techland and forummembers, first of all, congratulations on dying light, its an amazing game with endless fun. but i have one concern about the multiplayer, im losing fun playing the zombie invasion mode. I think the hunter, once he is leveled up, is extremely overpowered, especially after the latest patch. My points: 1.Even after i UV blocked the hunter, he: A) is still able to flee right away and fly around the map until he is fully charged again. he puts his block on, and start to charge me and groundslam me until i die. i tried to closecombt fight him, but its nearly impossible when he charge you with his block on and at the same time spam you with its spits 2. The zombie horde, also very unfair, you have to climb up a building, but if you do, meanwhile you climb, the hunter obviously catch you :/ The horde shouldnt explode right away, they should be normal zombies. 3.The hunter is constantly using "wallhack" always knows exactly where the survivor is, meanwhile the survivor only see the position on the minimap. Kinda unfair, the hunter is able to hide behind walls and houses without us survivors knowing exactly where he is. Yes we see him on the minimap if we use sense, but we cant see him through walls like he can. 4.Once the hunter is fully leveled up, he is able to spitspam you :/ this is the worst, first im using my uv (which drains very quickly) then i have to use my flares, and the hunter spit me once and the flares also goes off? why is that? arent the flares supposed to protect me? how can he spit them off? Obviously he attacks me right away when my uv light and flares are off, i stand no chance. it goes behind my mind how there are still people telling, the hunter must be getting stronger with next update. Please techland take a look at the statistics, and you will see that most rounds played, the hunter wins most of them. I just can hope you dont make the hunter stronger AGAIN after a new patch. its already hard enough for a normal player to stay barely alive against a hunter who is able to fly around the map and wallhack the exact position and camp on the nest and spitspam you right away once you are getting close to the nest. Yes, i understand there are a few hunters here who are annoyed they lost 1-2 out of 10 matches to very good players and come to the forum and insist a stronger hunter or a weaker survivor, just so they can win 10 out of 10 matches :/ AGAIN, please techland dont make the hunter stronger again, he is already overpowered for most of the survivor players out there. I really like this gamemode and i still want to play it, but if he gets stronger, i wont even win 2 matches out of 10. Then it will be 0 out of 10. And no its not just me, i played with at least 50 different people, i constantly play online. I collected information from many matches. Yes, a wall of text, i know. TLDR: Please techland, dont make the hunter stronger again, for most survivors out there, he is already almost unbeatable once hes leveled up. thank you for reading, and thank you for your amazing game :-)