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  1. Cdawgkillinit

    Gold Weapons List

    Hey buddy any chance you're either willing to trade I have 11 new gold or tell me you're secret haha my gamertag is ephrata10
  2. Cdawgkillinit

    Gold Weapons List

    Hey man Ephrata10 is my gamertag can u trade or help I only have 11 from the following update please
  3. Cdawgkillinit

    Gold Weapons In Nightmare Mode.

    I have 11 new gold from following hit me up to help farm for more
  4. I am seriously am enraged at the amount of hours I spend on nightmare looking for you're so called NEW GOLD weapons on watertowers windmills and those red electric towers and even during night hunter I'll try to hit on and all I find are fantasy weapons and sometimes a loco!! That's it I'm on Xbox one and I know I'm not the only person bc all my friends have the same issue and I see on YouTube and this forum posting they can't be found on XBOX ONE please please look into this
  5. Yeah ur not the only one was ultimate survivor once and since the following got pushed back to prey........
  6. Cdawgkillinit

    How Do You Get The New Gold Weapons?

    Yeah all u people who are saying "variety" there are but none gold haven't found a single weapon gold on nightmare
  7. Cdawgkillinit

    How Do You Get The New Gold Weapons?

    Is anyone on Xbox trying to help out get new gold weapons I have a pretty good method
  8. Haha I have over 120 hours put into this game so try again and in no way do I suck? How can u possibly suck at this game it's so easy haha. And how hard can it chupacabra be? I remember respawn the titanfall devs were getting so many complaints with achievements not working and they responded to everyone saying they were working on it and were quick to fix the problems . No matter where the chupacabra someone posted it and not to mention they were a new dev!!! techland have been making video games for quiet a while now and they seem to be to busy making "tip videos" which are chupacabra useless by the way . So what do u have to say about u little chupacabra? And it clearly is broken when whenever I go on an online match people aren't even playing the game they're just duping everything they can weapons medkits anything u can think of. As well as people being stuck at 24 survival rank since day one and still haven't fixed that! Have a terrible day sir!
  9. And where did u get this 99.9 percent of people are enjoying it?! I encountered a game breaking glitch the other day where I couldn't jump at all?!? I was stuck in a safe house and it was fucked up!! And not to mention I am also pissed about the trophies that are glitched. The devs suck!!! Terrible support they said theres a hard mode coming but where the hell is?! And I heard pc is getting a hell of a lot of attention patches everywhere and they just got to option to mod...and all us console users are being thrown under the bus with absolutely no support at all. And the only time the devs respond to anyone is if they are praising they're game!!
  10. Cdawgkillinit

    Xbox One Update

    This hasn't worked for me and hundreds of other people get ur chupacabra together people!! Over 1 million people bought ur game it's an incredible game. Don't ruin it by not giving it the support that it needs. I hope to see this fixed soon.
  11. I completed this! And still no pop!!!
  12. Cdawgkillinit

    Ps4 Ahievement Hunters

    Did u complete the whole story Achievement?