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  1. angel129116

    Companion App Packages Not Working

    I can confirm package has popped in game! Does this mean problem has been solved? Didn't want to send anything else over until fixed.
  2. angel129116

    Companion App Packages Not Working

    Same thing here, i found the website and registered for the dockets - ever since then I am not receiving packages. Before this however i got everything fine. Could this dockets be causing the problems? I'm registered with the email cwinson83@icloud. I originally registered through the app on iOS but then uninked/relinked via the website.
  3. I've been using the Companion app for about a week now and linked my profile with my Steam account when setting up. I used to be able to sent packages over fine but about 4 days ago it stopped. I've tried numerous times now but nothing ever pops in game. Are you having problems? I've also unlinked and relinked my steam on dockets.dyinglightgame site but still no luck. Anyone else having issues?