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  1. Rabid Squirrel


    I know this seems like a patch job, but maybe you should duplicate each water box, and have one as the skin with the "underwater" skin set. That way, the player will see the underwater skin instead of the see-through skin.
  2. Rabid Squirrel


    Out of Curiosity are your Water boxes overlapping?
  3. Rabid Squirrel

    Audio & Subtitles/captions

    Yeah all the game files are really just .zip files in disguise, so extracting and taking a look isn't all that hard.
  4. Rabid Squirrel

    Customizing Common_Skills.xml

    Hey there, Have you tried importing the Data3.pak into your DevTools project?
  5. Rabid Squirrel

    Audio & Subtitles/captions

    Hey there, Cr1m3 put together a tutorial explanation of this (it can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/615085406655899969/?appid=239140) Post #7. Also if you want to take a look at it in a great map, (The Tunnel: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=441522577) used dialog throughout. You should be able to put together the pieces to get this right with the above information. Hope this Helps, Squirrel.
  6. Rabid Squirrel

    ,pvp <<Pvp Phase>> Not Working?

  7. Rabid Squirrel

    ,pvp <<Pvp Phase>> Not Working?

    Hey there, You shouldn't need to put a wait after the ,pvp phase. Does your map have the Necessary Scripts in the Directory to run the ,pvp phase? You are looking for this directory specifically: ...\<map name>\data\scripts\challenges There should be 2 .scr files in there (AutoCompetitions, CoopChallengesParams). I believe you need these in order for the ,pvp phase to run correctly. In case you'd like to debug script problems, here is my Don't Drown Quest Script for Reference: <<<?xml version="1.0"?>>> QuestsDefinitions -level=island quest Quest1 -final=true -- Comment to Second Block ,BLOCK _ -obj=&Quest1_Kill& --,weather _ -weather_type=storm -wanted_weather=1.0 -duration=-1.0 -interpolation=00.22 --,set_day_time _ 06.05 -day_stage=morning ,wait _ 60 ,enable_time_freeze <<Freeze the Time>> ,pvp <<PvP Phase>> ,movie <<Play Flood Movie>> floodMovie ,semaphore <<Block Game>> Hope this Helps, Squirrel.
  8. Rabid Squirrel

    Normal Maps For Imported Meshes

    Brilliant! Glad you came right!
  9. Rabid Squirrel

    Road Tool?

    Definitely Something I'd like to see implemented. +1 Here
  10. Rabid Squirrel

    Normal Maps For Imported Meshes

    Hey there again, You can see the definition better with the textures, Have you attempted to generate an envprobe surrounding your object and the barrel. I know a lot of the games basic rendering in terms of lighting uses the envprobes to gather environmental detail, a lot of the community maps tend to look very flat because of the lack of envprobes. It might be that the object lighting detail is suffering because of that as well.
  11. Rabid Squirrel

    Normal Maps For Imported Meshes

    Is your colour map solid grey like the Picture above suggests? Or have you got a proper texture colour map that you haven't added in yet?
  12. Rabid Squirrel

    Normal Maps For Imported Meshes

    Have you tried inverting the Y-Axis on your normal map? From the look of your pictures the light is hitting the raised edges as opposed to the lowered edges.
  13. Rabid Squirrel

    Random Night Spawning

    Adjust your 'Group Spawners' Night Difficulty to stop Volatiles from spawning. If I remember correctly 'Very Easy' Difficulty for night should do the trick. All of this can be adjusted in the attributes section of the 'GroupBox'.
  14. Rabid Squirrel

    Player Movement Speed

    Hi there, There is a quest phase to force the player to walk, and to remove their ability to sprint. Also, I believe that 'Mars' map on the workshop has altered player movement (low gravity), so that might be a good place to check. Cheers, Squirrel.
  15. Rabid Squirrel

    Dyinglightplayer.exe Hangs Since Latest Update

    Hey there, Have you steam validated both the game and the Tools?